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Why Do Women Choose The Wrong Guys?

Why Do Women Choose The Wrong Guys?

Now, a woman choosing the wrong man does not mean that the man is abusive.

It just means they don’t go well together.

Good people can be toxic partners if they are in wrong relationships.

But how can a woman choose the wrong man if she’s attracted to him?

And how does a woman choosing the wrong man affect you as the man in the relationship?

Women Choose The Wrong Guys

In the text that follows, I will take you through the reasons why women may choose the wrong man.

She is afraid of being alone

A woman can decide to be with the wrong guy to avoid feeling alone.

A recent study shows that most women are very willing to be with the wrong man only because it looks better than being an alone dating coach for men.

But this is so wrong in very many ways.

First of all, it will affect both her physical and emotional well-being.

Secondly, it gives her a false sense of comfort by being in a “wrong” relationship.

The problem with getting into a relationship from a desperation point is the unstable foundation.

She might leave when Mr. Right comes along.

And that can leave you in emotional turmoil.

Women think they can change a guy

Another reason that a woman many choose the wrong man is seeing his potential.

The truth is potential can be part of exaggerated expectations.

Some women get into relationships with the idea of the man and not the actual man.

They aim to mould the man into the ideal man for them.

Such a relationship can be frustrating for you as the man in the relationship.

You’ll encounter countless arguments that revolve around your personality, beliefs, and practices.

The woman might try to change you into someone you are not.

That’s already a red flag that the relationship is toxic!

She is a drama queen

She likes relationship drama.

She lives for the adrenaline rush of toxic relationships.

I can’t lie; it is within us to act like drama queens sometimes by over-reacting, over-exaggerating, and overcomplicating various situations.

But drama queens just want the kind of attention it attracts to them.

As a result, they subconsciously opt for men who are disrespectful to them or immature in a way that provides a perfect opportunity to go into full mode drama queen.

However, their drama is only a way of proving to themselves and others that they are essential.

This is a question of self-esteem.

The problem with dating the drama queen is they are unpredictable.

The drama hides their real emotions, and so it’s hard to know their commitment to the relationship.

Fear of commitment

A woman may choose the wrong guy because she’s not ready for commitment.

I know that sounds unfair, but it’s the games men and women play.

A woman will want to have fun but not invest too many emotions to leave her broken when the relationship is over.

You’ll know a woman does not believe in a future with you when she wants to keep things “casual.”

Her choice affects you as a man in the relationship because you are in the dark.

When she’s ready for commitment, she’ll move on to Mr. Right.

Where does that leave you?

The dad theory

Then lastly, there is the dad thing.

I have heard people repeatedly joke about how a woman will most probably choose a guy that resembles the father.

And that women are mostly attracted to a wrong man based on the influence of their dads.

It is her way of unconsciously trying to right a wrong that she faced in her family life.

But one thing is clear enough… However she is handling it so far is not working.

Her father’s traits are not what she needs because things are different when it comes to a partner.

A woman’s choice in a relationship is crucial because it carries the other half to make a relationship work.

Don’t get comfortable in a relationship until you understand your partner’s emotional and mental space and their intention.

What do they want to achieve in the relationship?

That will give you a solid idea of how to invest your emotions in a relationship.

Lots of love,

Gaby ✨