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How to attract women without talking

How to attract women without talking

Impressing a woman you don’t know can seem like an impossible challenge. You might say the wrong thing without knowing and experiencing an emotional block. Or you might run out of exciting things to say and appear boring or lame.

In this blog, I’ll show you different techniques of how to attract women without talking. It’s a subtle art of attraction that relieves the pressure of having the perfect conversation starter that will trigger attraction.

Attract women without talking

One fun fact that makes nonverbal cues a very compelling strategy of attraction is most women make the first impression of a guy from what they can pick from nonverbal cues. A disconnect between your verbal and nonverbal cues can trigger feelings of mistrust and discomfort.

Nonetheless, attracting women with nonverbal cues means that you also have advanced skills in interpreting nonverbal cues. It’s an aspect that most guys struggle with because of personal biases of the situation or fears.

Let’s explore some of the nonverbal cues and how you can use them to attract any woman you want:

1.      Work on your wardrobe

Your physical appearance might not be put into much consideration when trying to attract a woman but your style might. Your wardrobe allows you to attract the type of woman you want. For example, if you dress like a homeless rapper, you’ll attract a homeless fan.

How you look is crucial to facilitating attraction because it creates your first impression. You’ll have a challenging time trying to impress a woman if her first impression of you inspires mistrust or immaturity.

When you are working on your wardrobe, don’t go broke trying to look like an A-list celebrity. You still have dinner to pay for. Create a style that compliments your body and personality.

Furthermore, how good your style is dependent on how appropriate it is for the occasion. You’ll attract the wrong kind of attention when you are out clubbing but dressed like you are going for a Halloween party. Once you attract the wrong kind of attention, women tend to avoid you.

Tricks to make your wardrobe dope: 

  • Try and accessorize your outfit with subtle bracelets or a watch.
  • Get sunglasses.
  • Understand the proper layering of clothes. This is crucial especially during the cold season because you have more than a layer.
  • Get jackets that would complement a casual, semi-casual, and official look.
  • Get plain white and black shirts and t-shirts.

Keep in mind that when it comes to dressing, less is always elegant.

2.      Display attractive body language.

You’ll have smooth sailing on how to attract women without talking if you know how to speak with your body language. Women look for certain personality traits that can be derived from a guy’s body language.

For example, a woman can tell how confident you are based on how composed your body language is. 

Displaying powerful body language can look superior to guys around you. You’ll attract attention from women around you which can be instrumental in getting you the woman you desire.

Here are tips to build powerful body language:

  • The alpha posture: Open your chest and build an upright posture. Slouching can make you look uninviting and less confident. Avoid rapid movements and fidgeting that will make you look uncomfortable and restless.
  • Lean back when seated: Leaning back gives you a calm and relaxed look. However, avoid crossing your arms as it shows a disconnect from the social scene.
  • Occupy your space: How you occupy your space tells a lot about you. Placing your arms on the armrest when seated can make you look confident and composed.

3.      Use the power of your eyes.

You can tell someone’s story by just looking at their eyes. You’ll know if they are sad, happy, sleep-deprived, dishonest, and so much more by taking a sneak peek into their eyes. Your eyes hold a significant power of how to attract women without talking.

Maintaining brief eye contact with a woman you like will show them your interest. She’ll be open to coming where you are if your eyes already invited her.

However, eye contact doesn’t work on its own. Just looking at a woman with a straight face will make a woman cautious around you. That’s what stalkers and kidnappers do.

How to attract women without talking

Accompany your eye contact with a light smile to show approval and appreciation. It’s also important to know when to break eye contact.

Once your eyes have met and locked for a few seconds, give a smile before looking away. It’s a subtle act but it raises the woman’s curiosity in you.

Winking after you have built a nonverbal rapport can inspire things to go in the direction you desire. It brings out the right level of naughtiness while remaining playful.

4.      The social proof technique

One of the best techniques of how to attract women without talking is in social proofing. One thing that women love more than themselves is a guy that can guarantee them a good time. Oops, it’s still about her.

When you are using this technique, spot a woman you like and observe her environment. The point is to isolate her without making her feel isolated.

Engage with people she already has a good rapport with and the aim at this point is to have a good time. Gradually, the girl will start closing in because she doesn’t want to feel left out.

Lack of trust and comfort are some of the obstacles that make it hard for guys to attract girls. However, most women are ready to trust and be comfortable around guys that other women are comfortable with and trust.

The social proof technique silently builds a rapport between you and the woman you like. The woman will see how you interact with other people and be attracted by your personality and charisma.

5.      Nonverbal banter

Another genius way to get a woman attracted to you without uttering a word in nonverbal banter. Banter is a good way to break the ice and start a conversation with a woman.

However, sometimes a girl fails to pick a verbal banter and that’s when everything goes down the drain. Most guys with a good sense of humor are successful with women because the humor unleashes a wrecking ball on the emotional barriers.

Banter can be annoying if you don’t have an existing rapport. If a woman is across the room, build a slight nonverbal rapport before you unleash a banter.

You’ll know there’s a good rapport if the woman smiles back at you when you lock eye contact. Make goofy facial expressions or gestures that will get her smiling.

Nonverbal cues that will kill attraction

When you are trying to attract a woman without talking, it’s important to note that all your actions will be put under a scope. Understanding some of the nonverbal cues that kill attraction is instrumental to avoiding sending mixed signals or unintentionally communicating a lack of interest.

Here are some nonverbal cues that will kill attraction:

  • Looking away without a smile after locking eye contact. It can be a sign you are not impressed with what you see.
  • Displaying the same nonverbal cues to other women. Attraction is triggered when a woman feels she’s more special to you than the rest.
  • Appearing withdrawn from the social context. One common way that this is displayed is when a guy is on his phone throughout.
  • Trying too hard to get noticed. Attraction at its best takes place organically. You’ll appear desperate when you try to force things to happen.

The transition

Attracting a woman with nonverbal cues is just the beginning. It helps you build a rapport and facilitate an interesting conversation.

Most guys lose the women they’ve attracted nonverbally at this point. The transition is crucial because it connects nonverbal attraction with verbal attraction buildup which is also crucial in making you irresistible to a woman dating coach for men.

If you take too long to approach a woman after you’ve triggered attraction without talking, she might feel she misinterpreted the cues. The woman might conclude you’re not interested in her which will trigger an emotional block.

The perfect time to transition is when you notice the girl is also engaging you during the nonverbal phase. Look out for signs that signal invitation or comfort.

Final Take

Understanding your strengths when it comes to attracting women can help you when trying to figure out how to attract women without talking. You’ll silently display your strengths which will bring the woman to you.

You’ll find that attracting women is not complicated once you’ve mastered how to create sexual tension with your body language and nonverbal cues. The skill lies in mastering different ways of how to blend nonverbal cues to get a woman hooked on you.

Approaching and scoring women becomes seamless when you master techniques of attracting women without talking. It gives you a heads up of how difficult a woman is and if she’s interested in you.

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