“Gentleman’s Ultimate Online Confidence Programme”

  • Do you feel nervous when you see beautiful girls and meeting people in general?
  • Do you feel the fear of starting conversations and approaching women?
  • Do you have hard time speaking up for yourself and go quite?
  • Do you feel sad that men and women don’t value your ideas and appreciate you as a person?
  • Are you always self-critical and feeling embarrassed in social settings?

Confidence Booster Programme

If you said yes to one or two of my questions, listen…I am glad that you have shown interest in learning more about our confidence booster program. It means that you are the kind of man that is committed to ensuring that you are the best version you can be. The reason you are interested in learning more about the program is that you want to because you want to be sure without a doubt that this is the program you need to change your life;

“why should I sign up for this programme?” I am here to answer that question”

Well, I know you are familiar with me from our YouTube channel Kama lifestyles. A lot has been said here and all over YouTube about confidence in a man; the do’s, the don’ts, how to master it and even how to project. All which is pleasant and helpful but in all honesty is not everything you need to know about growing your confidence as a man. In addition to that, it is practically impossible to be able to incorporate everything you learn on YouTube in your daily life. It can be extremely overwhelming; I mean, a single YouTube search can provide you with over forty ways of doing the same thing. In such cases, it is hard to keep everything in mind, which results in you forgetting to practice some of the ideas or steps you learned. The confidence booster program will, however, be spread over eight weeks with one merge or module each week. It, therefore, means that you will have ten to fifteen minutes every day of working on a single aspect of confidence for a whole week. It will ultimately handle the issue of feeling overwhelmed and leaving some essential elements out. It will also ensure that you have in-depth about everything that you need to know about confidence as opposed to our regular YouTube videos.

Not to brag; if you are not new here then you know that my reputation of being a man that has trained many men on being more confident, more charismatic, how to approach women, how to make lasting first impressions and how to start and keep conversations going with women among other things precedes me. It is an excellent reputation to hold that I more often than not soak in and enjoy. What most people do not know is that it has not always been like this for me. I wasn’t born or even grew up knowing and executing all the things I train today as far as dating as a man is concerned. I have struggled with getting my way with women for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I was the depressed child. I was always reserved. As I moved on to high school and college, I could make friends with girls but could never really express my feelings. I mean, comparing myself to the most popular and handsome classmates, no girl would want me for a boyfriend especially because I had depression and anxiety which lowered my self-esteem.

I was the shyest in the class and deep down; I knew that I had low self-esteem. I am sure that others knew that too but couldn’t say it to my face. The series of low self-esteem continued even as a young adult. I still couldn’t approach a girl even when I had crushes on them. It was more about not feeling good enough and worthy than it was about avoiding rejection. I just wasn’t confident enough, and this affected not only my romantic life but also my job. I had a hard time engaging with female clients, which almost cost me my workplace on several occasions.

How did that guy become the man who is talking to you right now? How did he become CEO of one of a dating training company? How did he gain recognition as a dating coach who has trained many men? How did he become so confident, charismatic and outgoing? I have sat with people who are curious to know where I taught in giving speeches. I have had women tell me that my confidence and charisma is the thing that attracts them most to me. Men walk up to me and ask for help.

Trust me; it feels terrific to have this happen to me considering what I have faced. Fortunately, these are moments that occur quite often in my life. I recently had a business networking event where I met so many business owners and one of the well-known business owner offered me a job and a flexible working plan all because he saw how much I can bring as far as confidence & motivation is concerned…

But it is not about me today. It is about you. The fact that you took the time to learn what stand to gain from our confidence booster program shows that you are the kind of person who will give themselves the best shot in life. I developed the program so that you, too, can have such moments in life.

However, there is a single truth that is likely to sabotage your efforts of living life at such a level. Growing up, you have been made to think that hard work is directly proportional to success. That all you need to be wealthy is to do a good job and put in the time. Such thought patterns result in one having a forced feeling of entitlement: that as long as one is a nice person, your dream girl will walk into your life one day, from the blue simply because you deserve it. Unfortunately, it does not work like that. The world never rewards anyone who chooses to put their head down and work. It is why people who are not better than you are getting the girls you have been trying to get for some time now and the dates that come with that. It all comes down to who you are and not what you know. Honestly, if you lack confidence, you are going to lose out on life to people who should not be defeating you.

It is the sole reason why I developed our Confidence Booster Programme. Confidence is such an integral part of our lives. It cuts through every aspect of our lives and not just the dating part of it. Imagine how it would feel if you were able you acquired the confidence that you needed to start a conversation with a stranger who has gotten your attention and keep it going. Or if you had just enough courage to approach any woman at any given time, talk to her and ultimately pick it from there? I know it would be the best feeling in the entire world.

I have already shared with you how I struggled with confidence and low self-esteem for the longest time. But where exactly did the thought of developing a program that would allow me to help others work through their confidence issues come? It all started when I realized that:

  • Many other men out there were being held up in their dating lives and careers by lack of confidence.
  • That even the little confidence people who are struggling have is situational and does not come through for them when they are outside their comfort zones. For example, when in the presence of attractive women.
  • That lack of confidence has prevented very many people from living life to the fullest by taking risks like following their passion or talking to ladies they have had crushes. Low self-belief prevents them from going for what they truly deserve.
  • Have you found yourself caught up in waves of such feelings? It could be;
  • When you fell so hard for a girl and yearned to connect at a deeper level but did not even try or even hint how you felt about her.
  • When you had a straight up chance to approach her or also apply for that promotional opportunity at your job, but you were hesitant, and the opportunity passed you.
  • It could be a beautiful lady in your hood who gives you butterflies and thrill chills whenever you see her, but you have never gathered the courage to say a simple hello.
  • It could be someone successful you know and look up to who you could be dying to talk with so that they can mentor you, but for some reason, you just let that one in a lifetime chance to pass you by.

A good number of us if not all of us have been there. Lack of confidence has stood in the way of us meeting our potential mates as well as people who could have impacted our lives massively. Anyway, all these could have been that we cannot do much about. Do you want to know what you can do, though? Do you want to know what makes a whole new difference? Making conscious decisions to change your situation is the first and ultimately, the only thing you need to do. Committing to doing something about your lack of confidence is what turns you from the person who says nothing the person who talks and leaves ladies thinking to themselves that they need to link up with you again because of the positivity, charm and charisma you project with your confidence. Would you want to be that person?If my life could change from something I was dissatisfied with to living my dream life, then yours can too. Throughout my transition, I have consistently confirmed one fact over and over again; that our relationships are everything in life. I mean, we are social beings and our success in life as far as dating, business and friendship are concerned all comes down to the quality of relationships we have as well as our ability to make new ones along the way.

Being able to have quality relationships with the people you admire and look up to or a person you have fallen head over heels for and want to date is the kind of power that you need to transform your life. We are here to help you create such relationships and finally have the kind of life you have always wanted.

Like I have already shared, I wasn’t the most popular or likeable guy in my school years. Most people thought that I was shy and depressed, but I lacked confidence. I could suddenly go numb in a room full of people or whenever I had to have a one on one with a girl or a client at work. One day, however, I decided that I had had enough of this kind of life and that I wanted to live differently.

As a result, I started studying the science behind confidence. I have attended so many seminars on confidence and including a Neuro linguistic programming training. Through commitment, I got to a level where everything came naturally, almost unconsciously. It reached a point where I did not need to flip any switches anymore as confidence became my way of life. I was gradually able to face anyone and any situation that came my way.

It became so easy for me to strike conversations with strangers in bars, public transport, libraries, stores and even forums. Since then, I have sat in board meetings of multi-billion companies and attended conferences where I left with lifelong connections.

Also, I can confidently walk up to a woman I want to know more anywhere because I know that I can easily make a lasting impression that will make her want to see me again.

You can do this too. It is all learnable. When you have everything laid out to you in our step-by-step training program, it will be easy to absorb everything and make it a habit. It will become natural, and you will find yourself doing things that you thought were ones impossible.

With that said, what is the Confidence Booster Programme?

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Confidence Booster is an Eight module online training programmedesigned to provide you with all the tools you need to take your confidence to the next level. It is an over nine hours training videos to provide you with all the material you need to move your confidence game a notch higher. It is all useful stuff that you will be able to implement immediately, which means that you can be able to track your progress.

You will also get an actionable guide that will help you know how you will incorporate everything you learn into your everyday life. You will give the exact formula to master confidence, that is, you will be able to know where you are versus where you want to be.

With that in mind, what are some of the issues you will find expounded on in our Confidence Booster Programme? In the program, you will be able to find expert training on how to:

  • Identifying and Eliminating Negative Beliefs – A negative or limiting belief is roadblock that prevents you from approaching and connecting with women. It is a belief about yourself or your abilities that causes you to doubt whether or not you can achieve success with women. I will show you the quickest and easiest way not only to identify your harmful beliefs but, more importantly, eliminate them completely so when you see that attractive person, you will be able to easily approach and create a natural connection.
  • Be excellent at conversation: you will be able to learn how to start and maintain communications. By the end of the programme, you will learn how to be better at being engaging throughout your dialogues such that you do not have awkward moments of silence. Generally, you will learn how to strike a balance between talk and turn taking.
  • Develop an unforgettable first impression: your first impression on a woman is what makes her want to either want to see you again or not. We will, therefore, guide you on how to make a lasting imprint on her such that she wants to see you again.
  • Foster assertiveness: Knowledge on assertiveness will guide you on how you should assert yourself romantically so that there is mutual understanding in your relationship. I mean, what better to start a relationship than being on the same page?
  • How to be charismatic: You will be able to up your natural charm such that you will be charismatic without even trying.
  • Identify your self-worth: you will be able to learn how to value yourself by identifying your strengths and weaknesses and learning how to deal and accept them. You will also learn how to engage in positive self-affirmation. As a result, you will, in general, learn how to love yourself first before you can love others or wait for their love.
  • You will also learn to improve your dating game: After this programme, you will learn how to engage girls in ways that make almost irresistible as opposed to picking them up for the sake of doing it.
  • You will also learn how to keep girls interested by keeping them on edge: it becomes boring for women when they know that they have you stuck on them. However, keeping her in suspense and sending mixed signals such that she is not sure where she stands with you keep her interested.
  • Approach: How you approach a woman matters a lot. It can make or break the deal.

As you can see, the Confidence Booster Programme will give you the future you envision and will walk with you through it, one step at a time so long as you stay committed to the program.

Like I stated earlier, the programme will be in Eight Modules that will train you on everything you need to know about confidence. Our pace for the modules will be one per week to give you enough time to internalize and integrate everything you learn into your life.

Each action will take a few minutes to watch as well as implement, and we allow you as much time as you need to repeat until you take it all in.

Module 1 – Negative Thinking

  • How to deal with limiting beliefs to be a successful dater and a person?
  • I am not good enough! Are you really not good enough? What others think of you? Is she really out of your league? Do not worry as you will learn all the strategies to stop self-negative talk.
  • How to get a control of your thinking to influence?
  • How to get a control of your thinking to influence?
  • Discover easy ways to get rid of anxiety and nervousness

Module 2 – Motivate and Empower Yourself

  • Empowering beliefs
  • Learn how to manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours
  • Discover ways to replace existing limiting beliefs with a new, empowering belief!
  • How limiting beliefs & thinking effect women and dating?
  • How your behaviour effect women? What women observe on man?
  • Reasons you need to change your limiting beliefs
  • Learn to gradually switch from your old limiting beliefs to your new positive beliefs.
  • Undercover the strategies and deal with shyness

Module 3 – Self Sabotage

  • Learn how to value yourself
  • Guaranteed methods to crack the comparison mode
  • Learn the proven methods to get you focused on your life and take action
  • Set goals: Look at Your strengths and identify your weaknesses to become a master dater.
  • Uncover all the strategies to build your skills to date beautiful women
  • Think, feel and act (TFA): Reprogramme your mind to eliminate competition and date the women you have always wanted.
  • Learn all the strategies to stop the self-attack and start controlling your negative inner voice
  • Are you self-sabotaging your success in dating? Discover the ways to identify healthy replacement behaviour
  • Learn easy and applicable ways to practice new behaviours in your dating life until habit is formed
  • Inappropriate statements – represent the final common pathway to your guilt. No more feeling guilty! Learn strategies to deal with your guilt and move on.
  • Magic of Affirmations

Module 4- Fears

  • Learn proven methods to deal and overcome all your fears to become a confident man.
  • Easily deal with the consequences of fears and change opposite sex perception
  • Discover all the secrets to eliminate the fear of meeting girls and overcome fears.
  • Get rid of fear of being intimate and become more social
  • Why people don’t take action and procrastinate?
  • Why you must confront and face your fears?
  • How you can transform your fears into your greatest strengths?
  • Challenge your fears
  • Controlling your fears and emotions
  • Breakthrough strategies to live a life without fears. Think about it; how would your life be without your fears?
  • Free yourself from the fear trap and take action

Module 5 – Building up a Confident Identity

  • Easy methods and exercises to fix your inner game and identifying your worth
  • Powerful ways to create positive self‐Talk and identifying& addressing strengths
  • Personal weaknesses and how to deal with it
  • Dealing with the inner child
  • Discover the power of your own identity
  • Why should you live in present? Are you living in the past or in the future? Discover the strategies to be present and start living your life.
  • Why do you need to forgive yourself and others
  • Perception as reality
  • (Neuro Linguistic Programming) NLP timeline technique &
  • Learn to timeline therapy yourself and be your own coach and coach yourself going forward without needing anyone.

Module 6 – Being Assertive

  • Immediately become more assertive- stand up for who you are
  • Learn assertive communication
  • How to say what you mean, mean what you say and not say it mean?
  • How can you be more assertive in dating?
  • Discover your assertive side
  • Advantages of being an assertive man and disadvantages of not being assertive
  • Do you allow yourself to be pushed around? Learn easy methods to build up an assertive identity.
  • The Importance of Appearance
  • The Role of Body Language
  • All you need to know covered about assertive first Impression
  • Challenges and life of an assertive man and how to live your own life

Module 7- Charisma & Confidence

  • Best strategies to practice to be self-reliant
  • Break the limits and free yourself from others & be independent
  • Discover the secrets of being charismatic
  • Learn to affect others positively
  • Proven strategies to Install confidence and earn the trust of others
  • Have you ever asked yourself what motivates you? Find out the hidden treasure in your life and go after it.
  • Practice being accountable and disciplined
  • Discover your creative side and foster
  • Physical health and diet

Module 8 – Set Goals

  • Set SMART goals for your confidence
  • Plan your confidence and look a head
  • Maintain your confidence
  • Learn how you can continuously work towards improving your self-confidence and make it a habit
  • Proven strategies to build social circle
  • Develop strategies to deal with confidence killers
  • Set the outcomes that you want to achieve
  • Work towards resolutions that are in your interest
  • Easy methods to take personal responsibility for implementing change

The reason we are sure that your story will change after going through the program is that before we made the Confidence Programme known to the public we were able to select a few volunteers and old clients for our pilot programme to ensure that everything in the program was at par with the issues that revolved around lack of confidence. The volunteers were randomly selected from our large pool of subscribers who had sent several emails to us requesting training on confidence as far as dating was concerned. Here is some of the feedback they gave after completing the programme;

Here are a few text messages! They texted to appreciate the change the Confidence Booster Program has brought to their lives as far as dating is concerned. Here are a few:


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I was struggled with striking a balance between being confident and coming across as arrogant. I often came across as arrogant, even when it was not my intention. However, after going through the eight modules, I have had several girls, I approach comment on my confidence and how it is what attracts them to me. You will be surprised to know that sometimes our interpretation of what confidence should look like is what makes us fail at it. Sometimes all you need guidance in the right direction.

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The thing I liked most about the confidence booster program is that it addresses real confidence issues that affect every man as far as dealing with women. Everything it highlights builds up onto each other, resulting in concrete and workable solutions that enable you to experience life from a whole new perspective. I would recommend the program to anyone anytime.

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The fascinating thing about the program is that it truly inspires confidence. It opens your mind up to the endless possibilities that are within your reach and gives you the conviction that everything is within your reach and that you can do it all if you set your mind to it. You guys should sign up; it is the best way to develop yourself and your self-confidence. I easily engage women with my confidence and take it to the next level.

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If this program launched two months earlier, I would be in a relationship with my college crush. Unfortunately, she is already taken now. Guess what though; I am confident that I can now have any woman I want now. I mean, I am the best version of myself I have ever been. Nice job, guys.

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I am a firm believer in personal development, and the confidence booster programme offers you a chance of doing precisely that. You cannot know everything, sometimes, guidance from people who have been where you are and came out strong is all you need to see yourself become someone you never thought you would be. The confidence booster does precisely that.

The feedback got from our pilot (test group) study allowed to address everything that surrounded the lack of confidence. We are therefore confident when we say that the programme is custom made to serve any man out there who feels that they are struggling with confidence issues. It is the real deal. It is an absolute value for your money. It will all be worth your while after the eight modules since you will be able to:

  • Have girls emotional hooked to you
  • Effortlessly keep your conversations going.
  • Command other’s attention.
  • Project masculinity and dominance.
  • Become an alpha male.
  • How to up your inner game.

YouTube provides us with a lot of information on practically everything. But like I said earlier the volume of information you find there makes it very easy for you to become overwhelmed. Also, the fact that you are not getting information from one source, the chances of it all being harmonious in such a way that you can easily incorporate everything into your daily life are shallow. You will, therefore, have to try and synthesize all the different pieces of information which makes it very possible to forget a ton of things.

Our Confidence Booster Programme is the only thing closest to a harmonious and comprehensive outlook on how to become more confident you will find on internet. . It will be hard not to grasp everything with the way we have broken it down to you. You can go through the modules at the recommended pace of one per week or you can go through the program at your own pace. It’s a lifetime membership and you have no time limit. It is an unlimited access. You can complete module exercises on a daily basis at your own pace each day of the workweek. All you need to do watch your videos on a daily basis for 10 to 20 minutes that is enough. It is all about taking small actions and following the steps every day so that after when you finish your course, you are more confident than ever before!

I look forward to meeting you inside


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Once you’ve purchased the product, you will be registered into an exclusive Confidence Booster Programme in the next 24 hours. We will then send you an email “that contains the link of  the programme and your login details”.