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How to chat up British Girls

How to chat up British Girls

Talking to girls can be so difficult, you just don’t know what’s going through their head. Girls always give mixed singles and you may think they don’t like you but really, they do.

Every girl just wants their dream guy to come up to them, wherever they are and ask them out just like a scene out of a romantic movie.

In order to chat up British girls you have to be in possession of a great quality called CONFIDENCE. You will find that some girls have superpowers when it comes to guys they can tell if your shy, and no one wants a “Shy Sam”.

You need to have “the chat, the Banta”, “the gift of the gab”. You need to able to use all the right words in the right order.

This comes with a great deal of confidence. But first before chatting up any girl you need to be prepared for rejection, not every girl will want you and that’s a fact.

No matter how good looking you are or how on point your flirting skills are they will still say no. No point in trying to figure out why, women are impossible to figure out. Some women like guys and yet ignore them. The understanding of a women’s mind will forever be unknown.

Moving on, one of the first things other than having the confidence to chat up a British girl, is knowing when to go talk to her, to make your move.

Timing is everything!

Let’s say she’s alone. THIS IS THE BEST TIME! No one to distract her, none of her friends around to judge you, or for her to act cool, it’s just you and her.

If she’s not on her own but with her friends and it looks like she’s not separating from them, you’re just going to have to pluck up the courage and go over there, because most girls are not going to come to you and try to chat you up!

Maybe ask to speak to her alone! Whatever feels right in the moment.

You need to choose your setting wisely, you need to know when to approach and when not to, she might reject you in one surrounding but that would not of been the case in another, this is always linked with body language.

Let me set the scene so you can understand, say you’re on a bus and she’s alone with her headphones in and has a straight face and you want to chat her up, DO NOT.

Firstly, let me tell you what can go wrong. You’re on a bus, buses get busy, loads of people listening in and watching you, this can affect the way you project yourself and the way she responds.

Secondly, if she has headphones in and has a straight face its most likely she wants to be left alone, she is clearly not in the mood to talk to anyone, this will have an effect on how she responds.

Best places to approach a girl, is at a party, while shopping and at a café or restaurant. These are more social places and she is more likely to give you the response you want.

Do not approach if she looks like she is not in the mood. Trust me, girls can’t hide that feeling you can tell by their expressions, you will just know!

Chat up British Girls

Some British girls will make it easy and let you know they are interested in talking to you before you guys even meet. Classic example is a girl staring at you up and down, looking at you then looking away, smiling at you etc, you get the point!

This is a green light; GO CHAT HER UP. Evetime a girl does this they want you to come over to them.
So, go over, nothing should be stopping you, it is unlikely that you will be rejected if they are giving you the look.

But one rule at all times when trying to chat up a British girl is to act like you know what you’re doing!

Key point when chatting up a British girl:

THINK before you speak to her, think what you’re going to say and do, but don’t overthink or plan too much.
It will sound rehearsed, as if you do this with loads of girls. But you need to half plan what you are going to do because the last thing you want to happen is for you to freeze on the spot.


Every guy needs help when chatting to girls, so here are some little secrets on what to do!

1. Make eye contact when talking, every girl likes eye contact, it makes them smile. It makes them feel
uncomfortable in a good why like they need to impress you in the sense that they can handle it and you will get eye contact back!

2. Ditch the cockiness, that’s if you have any, every girl hates cockiness especially if they don’t know you and you are trying to chat them up. BE KIND, BE NICE and most certainty don’t act like the only reason you are chatting to them is because you want to get them into bed. They will pick up on it and they will reject you. GIRLS HAVE PRIDE TOO.

3. While you are talking to her be polite the first thing you say is very important that’s what will be the deal breaker. Classic first liners or pick-up lines could take a turn for the worse, every girl has heard them before so be original don’t be boring.

4. Make her smile while you are chatting to her, crack a joke or say somethings funny, another way to make her smile is to HAVE YOU’RE A GAME ON AT ALL TIMES. Be a flirt, flirting has never hurt anyone but don’t overdo it, it will seem fake, act interested at all times and complement her but don’t overcompliment her that can get sleezy.

5. Watch what you say, don’t disrespect other women when talking to her, this can be a huge red flag, saying stuff like “ your nothing like the other girls here, they all seem loose however you seem wifey” or “your so much smarter than other girls here”. Don’t forget she may know people around you, you could be disrespecting her friends without realising. You get the point?

6. Think about what makes her different, is it something you have in common, like is she reading a book you like? This is a common interest you have, if she’s reading a book you like, this also gives you a good sentence starter, like “great book”? Find common interests is she doing something you have done. Think about things that make her different and why you like her.

Main rule:


You do you, just be genuine at all times.

One thing to keep in mind is, if the girl does not seem interested when trying to chat her up, leave her alone this is where guys fail, you need to give her space.

Signs to look out for:

    • Short replies
    • Not giving eye contact
    • The tone of her voice
    • Body language
  • Is she rolling her eyes?

If she says she has a boyfriend, this is a classic reject line, half the time they don’t have a boyfriend, but they don’t want you!

So above are the signs for girls not interested when your chatting to them but what about the sings when she is interested?

Here is what to look out for:

    • Body language, is her body facing you, is she getting closer?
    • Eye contact
    • Is she smiling?
    • Is she carrying on the conversation?
    • she asking you questions about yourself! MOST IMPORTANT ONE means she wants to get to know you!
    • Is she fidgeting? This may mean she’s nervous, like touching her hair holding her arm?
  • Is she touching you eg touching your arm while talking?

These are all signs to know she’s interested in you, and you have been successful in chatting her up.

Just don’t ruin it mid-way by saying or doing something stupid. Like complementing her body but instead she takes it as an insult. Eg “I like how you have muscly legs”.

You could think this is a complement but you wrong, this to girls is an insult, in her mind your calling her legs big. You would be surprised how many times boys think they are complementing a girl on their appearance, but girls ultimately take it the wrong way.

Things that guys get wrong when complementing a girl Is very common so here are a few things not to say when complementing British women.

    • I love how you are slim thick
    • Nice bum
    • I love your muscly legs
    • I love skinny girls
    • I like how you have big tits
    • Your face is so unusual I’ve never seen a girl look like you
    • I love how you don’t wear makeup
  • You don’t need to go to the gym you are so hot

Complementing on women’s appearance can be very tricky best to leave it out when chatting them up. Women might take it the right way, but they might also take it the complete wrong way.

One thing to be very careful of when chatting to a girl is teasing her, having a little tease with someone never hurts, but saying certain lines you think are funny can be tricky, you need to think very carefully before saying it because she may not find the humour in it.

These are certain things guys always say that turn women off:

    • You need to Smile
    • You are not like other girls, don’t talk about other girls especially your exes
    • You are definitely the prettiest out of all your friends
    • I didn’t know you were smart
    • That’s pretty good for a woman
  • How are you single

If you avoid these topics when chatting up a British girl, you should be okay.

British girls love Banta, if you don’t have any GET SOME!
You can’t be dry when talking to a British girl you will get rejected and that’s a fact.

Whilst chatting up a British girl, make sure your appearance is on point, no girl wants a guy with a “dead trim” and awful fashion sense.

You just need to be you, be kind, be polite and be confident. If you’re not these things at least pretend to be!

As long as you watch what you say, have Banta and you are original in your lines you’ll be fine!