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What do you do?

Asked Questions

We show you how to approach, meet and attract any person you choose and create successful relationships.

How do you do this?

We achieve this by coaching you in two areas. The first is Confidence. We give you the correct mindset and the ability to approach anybody, anywhere with ease. We also give you techniques to be able to create an incredible connection with somebody new and the tools to create a relationship with that person if you choose. Once you master these two skills, you will have abundance in your relationships.

Where do you do the courses?

Our Courses are divided into two parts – Theory and Practice. The theory element takes place in our office in the IFSC, Dublin and London. The practical part is held in the bars and clubs around Dublin and London. We will bring you into any social setting, day or night, and you how to create attraction with anybody you choose.

What happens in the Bars and Clubs?

Once you have an understanding of the theory and your confidence is increased, we will bring you into the bars and clubs of Dublin and London. If you are familiar with Dublin and London. you can choose what venues to visit. If not, we will pick the best ones for you. Once we arrive, the first hour is demonstration by the instructors. In this hour, you can pick any person you choose and we will approach and build attraction. You will see exactly how our system works. This is, without doubt, the most impressive part of the course. Once you see how easy it can be to create attraction using the Kama Lifestyles system, you will be inspired to try it out for yourself. We will then work with you as you fine-tune and perfect your approach until you master the ability to present yourself in your best possible light, and you to create incredible reactions with every interaction

This is all very new to me. What Course should I start with first?

Depending on your ability and experience, your choice of course may vary. However, 90 per cent of our clients start with the Confidence Program as it is vitally important to be extremely confident when using our social skillset. The second course people usually take is the 1 on 1 private coaching. In this we give you the tools and techniques to create an amazing first impression and to present yourself in your best possible light. Finally, to perfect your technique, we recommend the in-field coaching. Over the course of a month, you will truly master our system and you will suddenly find your life filled with opportunity. We also provide a fashion consultation and the charisma course as well as the annual Ibiza Bootcamp. We are building up a lifestyles here and once you develop these skills, they will be with you forever.

Where do you run your courses?

All of our courses are held in Dublin City and London.With more than one third of Ireland’s population living in the capital, it really is the perfect place to develop these skills. Accommodation is very cheap, you can easily find a B&B in the city centre for around €40. London B&B prices are starting from £ 40.

What should I wear or bring to a course?

For the theory part, you can bring a notepad and pen. Alternatively, we can provide this for you. For the infield training, simply dress smartly. Jeans, shirt and suit jacket always look well and make sure you wear shoes as opposed to trainers.

What types of people attend your courses?

Over the years we have trained people from all aspects of life. In terms of professions, we have trained doctors, lawyers, accountants, tradesmen, teachers, radio presenters, taxi drivers, retail assistants, bankers, company owners etc. We have basically coached people from all professions and in terms of ages, we have trained people from 18 to 67. We have coached people who have been in multiple relationships and marriages to people who have virtually zero experience. Some people who have attended our courses are very confident and have great social skills and they want to really reach their potential. Other people are just starting to learn the basics of attraction for the first time. In conclusion, we work with a huge variety of different people from all types of backgrounds.

How quickly will I see solid results?

Almost Immediately! If you choose to invest in the 1 on 1 private coaching then within a few hours you will notice a change in the way people respond to you and you will start to recognize the signs of attraction and begin to identify your own body language. Many of our clients say that they have approached more women in one session of the infield training than they have in their entire life. The confidence program takes place over the period of 8 weeks but usually you will notice a whole change of mindset after 2-3 weeks. Once you experience these changes in your own communication you will begin see and take opportunities that were hidden to you before. It generally takes 2-3 months to totally master our method.

Is there a guarantee that I will benefit from these Courses?

Yes, there is. When we meet you initially we will discuss your goals with you in detail and what you want to achieve. We will the construct a tailor made plan based on your needs and tell you exactly how much it will cost and how long it will take you to achieve your aims. If for any reason you do not achieve these goals, we will be happy to offer you a full refund. With all our courses there is a 100 per cent money back guarantee.

Why is our company different to other dating companies?

The main difference is that our company offers a practical element – The Infield Training. Unlike other dating courses, we do not simply give you a book to read, give you a lecture on attraction or set up an online profile. We teach you the life skills of attraction and then we bring you into live social situations and show you exactly how it works in full view. You will learn what truly works and once you develop these skills, you will have the ability to connect with not just beautiful women, but indeed anybody, anywhere.

What if I don’t want to approach when I go out with the coaches?

That is one of the reasons why we recommend that you do the confidence course first. When your confidence is at a high level then you can utilize our tools and techniques so much better. However, if you still wish to do the infield training first, and you experience anxiety, we will talk you through it or make the approaches ourselves and bring women over and introduce you until you start to relax. After all, the whole course is about enjoyment and we will make sure to make your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Some people take longer to step outside their comfort zones and we accept and realize that and act accordingly.

I don’t have a social circle who will approach women on a night out. What should I do when the training is finished?

One of the great benefits from working with Kama Lifestyles is that we will create a social circle for you. We have trained hundreds of different people from all walks of life. When you are finished your training we will set you up with a social circle of 4 to 5 people who are around the same level as you and you can work together to improve your skills. One of the issues facing people in their late 20’s, 30’s and 40’s is that most of their social circle are in relationships and they have nobody really to socialize with them to meet new women. You will get to know so many people through working with us and you will quickly and easily build up a new social circle.

I feel ashamed that I have to pay to learn how to attract women. Should I have these skills naturally?

Like every skill, your ability to build attraction and create relationships is a skill you can learn and develop very quickly. What people don’t realize is that your personality is the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. If you are lucky enough to have close friends that are really charismatic then it will rub off on you. However, it is always better to learn these skills yourself from a professional. Once you master these skills you will realize that they should be thought in every college in the country because what we are teaching are essential life skills.

But I’m not good-looking or rich. Will I still be able to attract women?

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they think attraction is based on looks, money, status etc. These things may create a few minutes of instant attraction but real attraction takes longer to develop and is far far stronger. Real attraction is based on how you make a person feel. People are attracted to you based on how they feel around you and once you learn how to make people feel amazing around you, they will be attracted. This includes your body language, communication skills, understanding of male – female psychology and your own beliefs about yourselves. At Kama Lifestyles, we cover all of these elements.

I want more information before I commit to anything. What is the best thing to do?

Yes, this is certainly a good idea. We always recommend that you meet us in person before signing up to any course and discuss what your goals are in detail with us. We will meet you for an hour, absolutely free, and we will tell you about our services in more detail and get an understanding of what you want to achieve. At all times, you will be under no pressure to commit to anything and if you simply want some advice for the moment, that’s fine with us. We are there to help.

How do I book my place?

You can book your place by signing up on the website using a variety of different payment methods, including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard etc. You can also post us out a cheque or postal order. However, before making any payment we encourage you to speak to us first.

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