Get Her Crazy in Bed

The Gentleman’s Ultimate Guide to Giving Her Best Orgasms in Bed

  • Do you want to make her sexually addicted to you?
  • Do you want to learn all the orgasm tips and secrets that will drive her crazy in bed?
  • Do you want to make her fall madly in love with you and fill the nights with passion?

Gents listen, I will admit that we are not the simplest species to understand, but we are not that complicated. Men perceive that trying to understand us is like trying to find the reality in Sci-Fi movies. Understanding your woman’s bedroom needs is one of the easiest things to grasp yet, seems like the toughest task of all for most men. Some women are bold and will tell you exactly what they need or take the lead and show you, but that is only a small percentage of us. Alpha males take on the challenge to discover how to get their women crazy in bed, and that makes them a chick magnet. In the book Get Her Crazy in Bed I try to level the playing field for all men by giving you the unbridled truth. This book will not only make you get her crazy in bed but also make you laugh while reading it. I take you through a journey of the simple things that men overlook that can get her screaming your name to the sophisticated techniques that will make you seem like a captain for the alpha male species.

Let’s get this straight before we go any further. Not all women will scream your name to the same technique. We are like a guitar to a delicate song. You need to understand the rhythm then tune us to it. Taking the time to understand your woman is the key to having any success with her and trust me… it will be time well spent! Once you know your woman, you can make her fall head over heels for you, get her screaming your name, and even get her obsessed over you. In my book ‘Get Her Crazy in Bed’, I will give you the pointers that will help you identify the unique traits in every woman that make us different and “complex”.

This book is not authored just to get her dancing to your tune in the bedroom but to also build a bond and chemistry between the two of you. Sex is more pleasurable and outstanding if it’s not only based on the biology but also your chemistry is incorporated in it. I’m going to touch on all aspects of Sex, whether it be foreplay, orgasms they myths and the classic pitfalls. You may fall short in more than one area with your current game, but do not fear lads… how are you supposed to know the right way about it if no one tells you! That’s why I’m here; to make sure you get the uncensored truth on how to make us crazy in bed. Here is an insight into what you will get in the book:

The ultimate foreplay techniques

Most men will kiss us for a few seconds then rush to dip their hands into our cookie jar. I wish it was that easy but it’s really not, we don’t just jump to action like you do. A woman’s sexuality awakens like a slow burn and when you get us hot we can be like an inferno of sexual intensity. Now kissing can be a strong foreplay technique, but it needs someone who knows how to do it right to give the optimal results. However, that is only testing the waters at the shores. Kissing should be blended with other forms of foreplay techniques to get her begging for you inside her. Alpha Males know that foreplay is a game of tango and before he takes you to the dance floor he has prepared you for the dance.

Good foreplay can last the whole day, yes… THE WHOLE DAY! Not the five minutes thing you give us then imagine we are ready. Women don’t just need the physical to reach our peak, we need the emotional. We have the need to feel beautiful and loved and if you start the morning with a cheeky erotic compliment or two you’ll see how the day follows that path. Our minds are our most significant sexual organs, and if you manage to get us thinking about your hands in our cookie jar, you sir, are in for a treat. Learn the power of touch and the areas that will make her curl to the lightest caress. Learn the subtle, sensitive areas that most men overlook, and discover their importance when on your mission to get her crazy in bed.

Have you ever wondered why bad boys keep getting more women? Dirty talk is one of the top secrets in their playbook. When you know what to say and when to say it, you might not just get laid but have the best sex of your life. I don’t want you to just get laid lads; I want you to have MIND BLOWING SEX! And talking dirty is one way to get it! We are one the few species of mammals which has sex for pleasure and my oh my, can it enlighten you to what it really feels like to be alive. But men underestimate how personally pleasurable they can find pleasuring someone else; it really is a game changer. But I can’t tell you everything now, get your copy and get all the juicy details.

How to give her multiple orgasms

I don’t see why I should bail on my friends and drive all the way to your house if you didn’t even make me cum in the first place. You want me to come to your place, make it worth my while. Men complain that our G spot is not the same on every girl while theirs is located just on the same spot. Alpha males love to take on a challenge, and if you think it’s an impossible mission, then this is not a league for you. Luckily, I got you covered in the book ‘ Get Her Crazy in Bed’.

When you treat a woman’s body as a challenge, a mission you need to conquer, a puzzle you want to solve you will have fun. You need to be selfless and patient if you want her cookie jar to overflow. Take it from me; penetration does little to make a woman reach multiple orgasms unless you have exceptional skills. You can get her to have her first orgasm without even laying a figure on her. Paint the picture for her of what you will do. Let her imagination do the work for you because in our imaginations everything is done the way we like it. Learn how to give her orgasm from just your touch and tongue.

In the Book, I focus on various regions such as vaginal orgasm, clitoral orgasm, deep spot orgasm, and sex position orgasm among others. Each region takes a special set of skills, and I take you through all of them in details. It isn’t impossible to give all these orgasms during the same session, if you can achieve it, it’ll make you the master of bedroom game.

What turns women on?

So many men have asked me, Annabella, what turns women on because sometimes it seems impossible? I have your answers, and I’ll also teach you how to get her in the mood so you never hear those dreaded words, “not tonight”. After reading this book, I think you will be the one using that statement because she will never get enough of you. This takes us back to our main principle which is understanding your woman.

Some women are kinky and the thought of safe sex bores them to death. She wants you to stroke her with a tender touch after a hard spank. Some women want to feel special like they are the only girl in the world. Here we have two types of women: one that is turned on physically and the other one that’s turned on psychologically. Truth is those are the only ways you can turn a woman on. Now the challenge is how do you do it? In my Book, I take you through a systematic unfolding of events that will help you change your sex life forever. Learn how to play with a woman senses to get her dancing to your tune. The truth is by the time you have mastered all the techniques I give you in the book; you will do it like you were born ready. They are natural and effective.

I also tackle what turns on women out of the bedroom and the small details in men that turn on women. You might not be the most good-looking man in the room, but you will be able to attract most women in the room. Women are attracted to confidence and power, men who seem to have everything in control even when things are falling apart.

The alpha male approach

It annoys me to see when one man is attracting multiple women and the others simply look on, as they cannot even seem to get the attention of one. Alpha Males dominate because they know what to say and when to say it, what to do and when to do it. Like I said, take your woman as a mission that you need to conquer. One thing that all alpha males have in common is that they will take the usual things and turn them into art to impress the woman they like. They will treat her as a poem, and each segment takes a different delicate turn not too far from the first one.

Alpha Males are initiators when it comes to women, but they never take the sole lead because they know it’s riding on a thin line. They will start a conversation that will spark imagination and create a fantasy world of pleasure in the woman’s head. Note that they will let the woman do all the imagining and since they ignited it they will be at the center of it all. So, literally, the woman will do all the work for them. In the book, I give you incites on how to create such artist conversation that will stir both imagination and lust.

Decoding her non-verbal cues

Once you learn these cues, understanding your woman will seem so much easier than it once was, but even then it’s not a walk in the park. It is an art for the daring because they can be easily misinterpreted. When you are on a quest to get her crazy in bed, you need to listen to her body. Just because the cookies jar is a little bit slippery does not mean it’s ready for your adventures. The eyes tell a lot, and even if we try to fake it, the eyes will always sell us out.

Learn the tell tell signs, what they imply and how to use them to your sexual advantage. The book gives you a full view of the female anatomy and how she will react when she feels a certain way. Read her body language and use it for your benefit.

Get Her Crazy in Bed’ is a book that is meant to level the playing field for all men. You don’t need Champagne on ice and bed full of roses every night to get her pouncing on you. This is a book written by a woman for the type of man who cares about exploring their women’s desires. Even the alpha males need to update their skills and improve on what they already know. This is not your usual book. ‘Get Her Crazy in Bed’ is about getting her drop all her barriers and unleash the darkest desires hidden behind them. Become the best in your sex game, redefine your expectations and open the door to new experiences by getting yourself a copy of ‘Get Her Crazy in Bed’.

Get Her Crazy In Bed

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I love reading about seduction and orgasms and I have a collection of ebook and I have read some other ebooks like this, without any doubt this one is the best. You will love the female perspective as Annabella is being very blunt and honest and giving you the insight. I recommend for those who wants to master the bed game as there are so many tips in it.

Liam M, 28

The ebook is very informative and easy to understand. I am in a relationship and I definitely recommend it if you want to take your relationship to another level. Now she is happier and I have to say this ebook saved my relationship. Thanks to Annabella

Daniel T, 32

It is very interesting and gave me some great tricks. I tend to be extremely hard on myself for being skinny and suffered from low self-esteem; however, this ebook taught me all the great tricks and gave me the confidence in bed. I know now it is all about what you know and what you can do with what you know. I am more confident than ever in bed. Thank you Annabella for the tips. I love your ebook, it is the best! Highly recommended.

Ismael A, 25

This ebook has good pointers! It is making things more interesting and exciting in the bedroom! I enjoyed how Annabella started with foreplays and worked her way towards orgasm. I like the structure as it is very easy to follow and understand. A lot guys fail from the beginning and foreplays are the key. Now I am taking my time and enjoying the process. I already used some of these ideas in the bedroom with my girlfriend. She loves my new approach in bed! Yes it makes her crazy in bed! The best ebook money well spent. In recommend the ebook any singles or couples out there.

Roger C, 39

This was an amazing guide on how to give her the best orgasms. Every single chapter teaches you something new. Very well written and the advice and tips spot on. This ebook should be in every man’s library. This book actually have me more confidence in bed. Thanks to Annabella.

William K, 44

I think that all men need to know the female perspective about sex and female orgasm. You learn so much when you listen other side and Annabella’s ebook is a great guide for us to take our bedroom game to the next level. She is telling everything you need to know about the female orgasm and satisfaction points. I think that this information would absolutely make her go crazy in bed. I am glad that I added this ebook in to my library. I one hundred percent recommend this ebook.

Peter G, 34

Great insight from Annabella. The female perspective on female orgasm is very valuable and I enjoyed reading every single word. She sure knows all the important points and lying down correctly. The ebook is very easy to read and informative. Definitely read this ebook and kick it up a notch in the bedroom. Recommended!

Anderson F, 40

Get Her Crazy In Bed

(Book Price £37/€43/$49)