Careers Opportunities at Kamalifestyles

Welcome to the Careers Page of Kamalifestyles. This is where you will find out about our various job opportunities we currently have across the business. We love developing people. So go ahead and apply to Kamalifestyles right now! Please send a cover letter and resume to

Why Choose Kamalifestyles?

Quite simply, we want to empower our people to feel valued, motivated, limitless and inspired.

Whether you decide to go upwards or to move sideways in the company, you’ll always be progressing at Kamalifestyles.

Most importantly – due to the fact that we’re not an ‘opaque’ blue chip corporation; the shape, direction and purpose of your development is entirely up to you!

Nevertheless, we will certainly give you the support, coaching, feedback, mentoring and the training in order to achieve your long- term aspirations.

All you need is the drive to move on.

We will make it together!

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Working at Kamalifestyles

  • You will periodically sit down with your line manager for a performance review. This is designed to help you perform at your best, as we take the time and care to understand you – from your passions to your challenges.
  • We will also explain each of our products and services to you. And we’ll give you the practical experience you need to get to grips with Kamalifestyles’ various systems and tools.
  • Whatever your role, whether you’re working in Marketing or even training as a Dating Coach, you will always be evolving and looking to the future. Just like our business.
  • There will also be a host of benefits, e.g. travel opportunities, in order to reward you for being amazing!


Please send us your CV @