Dating Guide for Men

“Learn How to Meet, Attract and Date the kind of Woman you have
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Dating Guide for Men

Dear Friend!

In some ways, the drive for perfection is like a jealous lover that consumes your thoughts. The way to achieve excellence and perfection is through experience. Experience is usually filled with mistakes and painful lessons.

Unless you have a guide, you face a long hard path to really have success, consistently, with the strikingly gorgeous women out there in the real world. However, there is a quicker way…

This is just a Sample of What “Dating Guide for Men will Teach You”

bul_10Overcome the Fear of The Approach – The main reason most people are single is because of Approach Anxiety. Once you understand your emotions and how they are triggered, you can easily develop the mindset of success and approach any woman – anywhere and at any time!! (Page 20).

bul_10Mental Slideshow – Within seconds you can start using this concept to instantly transform your state and allow your alpha qualities to shine through. If you try this once, it will become a habit for life!

bul_10Female Psychology – We identify the 7 Crucial Mistakes Men make with Women and also delve into the 5 Attraction elements of Female Psychology. Once you understand the way a woman thinks, your approach will become calibrated. (Page 40)

bul_10Alpha Male – Every woman wants to be in a Relationship with an Alpha Male. We will teach you how to incorporate the most important Alpha Qualities and how to avoid the 6 Beta mistakes that will instantly kill the Attraction!! (Page 60)

bul_10The First Impression – There are 6 Keys to an Amazing First Impression and once you master them, you will be able to create Attraction and Respect with everybody you meet and immediately create a positive, likeable vibe and aura (Page 90)

bul_10Creating Attraction – We show you exactly how to create maximum attraction in minimum time. We highlight in detail the very best ways to escalate the conversation and the art of switching roles so you are the one being pursued as well as showing you how to create within the group a knee-jerk reaction to win you over. (Page 120)

bul_10Story-Telling – This is perhaps the most advanced and in-depth section of the book. You will learn how to completely captivate your listener and by the end of your story they will see you in a completely different light. We show you the 5 Keys to Master Story-Telling as well as 4 vital Tips for Learning your Story. (Page 140)

bul_10Double Conversation – This section will show you 12 simple ways to initiate touch during conversation with her to create an instant, unbreakable bond with her, sending a flood of amazing emotions throughout her body. (Pages 160-180)


Making a connection – The key to creating an unbreakable bond with somebody is to explore and share their values and share your own. This book contains the exact questions to ask that will make you stand out from any other guy she has met as well as the most important principle to remember to ensure that she is comfortable sharing her life with you!!

bul_10Forming a Relationship – This section covers the absolute best ways to bring the interaction to the next level. We describe in detail the top 3 ways to get the number every-time and how to set up a future date. We also cover kissing in detail and changing venues. This is the area that most guys mess up so it is vital to know exactly what to do.

Also Included as Bonus Material
bul_10Wingman Rules – Your Wingman is your most important asset when you socialising – provided you have a correct understanding of each other’s roles. We review the 6 main qualities of an excellent wingman as well as the 10 Rules every wing must follow. We also show you exactly how to correct any communication problems between you to achieve maximum success. (Page 200-211)

bul_10Signs of Attraction – One of the most common mistakes is that guys don’t realize when a woman is attracted to them. Discover the Top 15 signs of Attraction now and easily recover from this potential pitfall and save the interaction. Once you perfect this, you will know exactly when to escalate the interaction and if you master this you will never get rejected!!! (Page 75-83)

bul_10Situational Awareness – Some of the most important points from this section are listed below:

  • The Power of Connections
  • The Value of Connectors
  • The Friendship Zone Explained
  • How to Give Her a Range of Emotions
  • Social Interrupts
  • Signs of Disinterest and How To Quickly Change Them

And that’s just a taste of what’s in store for you . . .

Allow us to show you what works. The insights and skills that are taught in this book are unequalled anywhere, and are based on years of experience in the real world. When put into practice, they have worked for countless other guys, and we know they will work for you as well.

To achieve this, you must read and learn from the teachings contained in the book

Meeting, approaching, and attracting beautiful women is one of the most important areas in your life and necessary attention should be taken to increase your success.

This book will show you how to make quantum leaps in your social skills and relationships

Throughout our careers in coaching, coaching, management and training, we have trained many, many people to succeed. The practical, proven methods and techniques in this book are presented very much like a professional dating seminar, starting with the “inner beliefs of the Alpha Male” and moving through the key skills you need to improve your results, complete with specific dating ideals and a summary at the end of every chapter.

“Best Personal Decision I’ve Ever Made”

Deciding to sign up to Kama Lifestyles was a really great move for me. The first thing I did was to buy “Dating Guide For Men” and after reading it, I began to finally see the barriers that were holding me back. My fear of approaching and chatting up women, especially beautiful women, had held me back for years but, once I understood the reasons why this was happening I began to eliminate any negative beliefs I had. I finally realize that you can create attraction with any women you choose simply by following a few guidelines and steps.

I’d highly recommended this book for anyone who wants to improve how they project themselves in public, and basically how to sort out their dating life. Going out without drinking is now actually something I look forward to, especially on the weekends. Thanks for making a huge difference in my love life and, indeed in my life in general. This book can and will change your life!

Brian Dowling, 29 Years

I really liked this book. It explains step by step what to do, how to approach and attract women. It is helpful to men who are worried about what to say and how to say. The book is comprehensive and strategies explained clearly. it is very easy to read and mazing insights on approaching women. Storytelling, body language and creating attraction sections are my favourite. One must read as the authors explaining the theories with examples. Highly recommend.

Paul S, 33, United Kingdom

This book simply teaches men to become a confident male and approach women any time anywhere. I got over my shyness, learned how to be more present, and attract women in an interaction that builds relationships. The book also teaches amazing conversation lines that work and engage girls. Don’t waste another day on reading stuff which doesn’t get you result. I definitely recommend the book for guys who want to secure dates with beautiful girls.

John W, 29, Ireland

To benefit the most, you should read this book in full, from beginning to end, exactly as it is written. You can then return to your selected area that you wish to work on. Most people have never been professionally trained in their approach to dating. It is a fact that 100% of people can increase their success in relationships with additional knowledge and skill.
You may be only one skill away from becoming a superstar with women. This book is the key to helping you to identify that skill and begin the process of mastering it.
Your entire life is a continuous process of relationships and communicating with other people. The only question is…

Your System Works 100% . . . It’s Unbelievable!

This book was amazing! I can only speak for myself but it seemed like it was tailored to fit my personality and the principles were very clear and concise. After only the first chapter, I noticed a huge change in my outlook and the way I looked at women and nights out in bars. I now have an idea of what’s possible with a little practice. My aim is to get a girlfriend, somebody that I really like and really want to spend time with. I’m 25 and I have never been in a relationship before.

Since reading the book, I have been out 3 times and have got 5 phone numbers and 2 dates. For somebody who has only been on 1 date in the last 3 years, this is huge progress. The bottom line is that this program works, plain and simple! It’s a recessionary time and people in general don’t have much money, but, even so, you can never spend money on anyone better than yourself. Rather than giving the money to Kama Lifestyles, I felt I was paying them to work on me and build up my confidence and dating skills; in essence I was investing it in me! Like I said, I’ve noticed immediate results and I feel like a new man. I can’t thank you guys enough!!

Barry Byrne, 25 Years

I highly enjoyed reading this book. I was quite shy and had unhelpful habits. This book helped me think positively, approach confidently and attract women and allowed me to change in a very positive way. The lines and techniques spot on and easy to practise. This book will also help you confidently approach the women you want and give you strategies to get the dates easily. I recommend for all gentlemen to read.

Tim G, 36, Canada

Amazing book. If you are looking for methods and strategies to approach women, this book has plenty of them. Using their theories and strategies, you can go out tonight and approach any beautiful woman and take the interaction to the next level. I used the strategies and go out 3 times a week and I got incredible results in a very short period of time. It is better than reading hundreds book! Simply it covers every single corner from meeting to dating. Now I can confidently approach any time I want. I highly recommend this book.

David S, 25, Australia

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Your ability to successfully establish relationships with others will determine your success in your life and your success with establishing relationships with women will determine your happiness.

If the thought of approaching beautiful women makes your stomach churn, this book will help you break those barriers and bring out the absolute best and most attractive side of you that you never knew existed.

If you are already successful with women but feel you need a boost or an extra push in the right direction, this book will also help to increase your ability to attract beautiful women and enhance the quality of your life. What you will learn in the pages to follow can and will change your life.

Small differences in your social skills can lead to enormous differences in results. Small improvements in important skills, such as approaching, initial presentation and conveying your attractive qualities, can lead to huge increases in your results with women.

This book is designed to give you practical insights that will enable you to make those jumps in performance and help you to become the alpha male that women desire.

The exact methods involved in approaching and attracting women are presented in this book. What to say, what mindsets to have and what approach works best is shown in conjunction with real life experiences.

This book is designed to give you specific tools you can use to overcome any critical weaknesses you may have and really bring your social skills to the next level.

Once you learn and apply our teachings, you are well on your way to becoming a superstar with women and, you will quickly move to the top of your field. Your future success with women will become unlimited.

“We Want YOU to master your dating life for forever!”

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