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How to compliment a girl’s eyes

How to compliment a girl's eyes
How to compliment a girl’s eyes? The art of giving a compliment can be a delicate and challenging one especially when it involves a person’s physical attributes. Some women are sensitive to certain parts of their bodies being highlighted because of the undesirable emotions they trigger. However, telling a woman she’s beautiful without being precise doesn’t trigger the emotions that one would desire to connect with the woman. Mastering the art of complimenting can make you a very pleasant and attractive person. That’s because genuine compliments can trigger confidence, pride, and happiness in the recipient as much as the giver.

Compliment a girl’s eyes

I have always considered a woman’s eye a safe and one of the most attractive features to compliment. It appears simple yet the eyes have intricate details that can make a compliment very personal and compelling. It’s also easy to compliment the eyes without sounding like a perv or sexual hungry guy. The eyes magnify a woman’s beauty and tell a deeper story about the woman. Nonetheless, when a compliment is wrongly delivered, it can trigger the woman to withdraw and place emotional barriers that will make it almost impossible to connect. In this blog, I will explore how to compliment a girl’s eyes and trigger desirable emotions you can bond with.
Before we explore how to compliment a girl’s eyes, let’s look at what you should consider first: The timing When you are complimenting a woman because you are attracted to them, you desire a certain response that will keep the conversation going. Your timing plays a crucial role because most persuasive compliments are given off the bat. You might have a good and persuasive compliment but when the timing is off, you’ll have played against yourself. The rapport One of the downsides of complimenting the eyes is it rarely triggers sexual attraction when done in isolation. You have to accompany the compliment with something that will inspire sexual attraction. The existing rapport will determine how deep you go with what you attach to the compliment to inspire sexual attraction. If you have already broken the touch barrier, you can compliment her while touching her chin to bring her attention to you and her eyes focus on yours. The attention and interest The next thing you need to consider when giving eye compliments is the attention and interest of the girl. Eye contact is crucial when you want to compliment a woman about her eyes. It will be a vague compliment when you compliment a woman that shows no signs of interest in you. Let’s now look at how to compliment a girl’s eyes: Consider the genuine feeling it triggers We have already seen that telling a woman that they have beautiful eyes alone will not give it the power you desire the complement to have. You won’t make a lasting impression because she has probably been told that a thousand times before by other guys. A skilful technique of how to compliment a girl’s eyes is to consider the genuine feeling her eyes trigger in you. She knows that she has beautiful eyes. But what will make her feel confident, proud, and happy is the impact her eyes have on you. For example: You have crystal eyes. I feel like I’m looking through time just looking at them. I always feel visible when you look at me. You have very beautiful eyes. Your eyes make you glow every time I look at you. It’s like having a glimpse at the stars. The advantage of connecting a compliment to genuine emotions is that the woman will resonate with it even if it seems superficial because the emotions are genuine. Compliment the emotions her eyes communicate The next technique of how to compliment a girl’s eyes is to compliment the emotions her eyes communicate. Some women have sleepy eyes, sexy eyes, intense eyes, or happy eyes. The eyes give you a sneak peek at a woman’s emotional state. Complimenting the emotions a girl’s eyes radiate is a masterful technique of connecting to a woman’s inner emotions by introducing the emotions. For example, when you tell a woman she has seductive eyes, you’ll inspire romantic emotions in her. It’s a sneaky way of saying how you feel by placing the blame on her eyes. For example You have happy eyes. They give you such a contagious energy. I love your bedroom eyes. They are inspiring some ungodly feelings within me. Highlight your favourite part There’s so much that you can complement when you want to compliment a girl’s eyes. You’ll make your compliment more personal and intense when you highlight the favourite part of her eyes in the compliments. Most guy’s compliments about the eyes seem hyperbolic and highlighting your favourite part eliminates this aspect. For example, you can complement the colour of her eyes, the makeup around her eyes, the shape of her eyes, or anything that makes you attracted and inspired to compliment the girl’s eyes. Highlighting a specific thing that attracts you to the eyes makes you seem genuine and interested in the girl. It’s a subtle indicator that you have paid attention to detail. For example: Your hazel eyes make you look so bright. I could not help but notice you. You look like a peacock with those beautiful lashes. Glass mirror back in time When you are not sure about complimenting the girl’s eyes, attaching them to a desirable memory can be a sleek way to deliver the memory. It’s also a sneaky way to introduce emotions in the conversation. When you tell a woman her eyes remind you of a celebrity you have a crush on, the woman will start fantasizing about what you feel about her. It will also make her feel confident about herself because most celebrities are adored for their beauty. Or you can tell her that her eyes remind you of a nice person you met with a thrilling story behind it, she’ll be inspired to be nice to you. When you are complimenting a girl’s eyes using a glass mirror back in time technique, it’s masterful to come up with compelling emotions that will inspire the woman to give you the response you desire. For example Your eyes remind me of my childhood best friend. We were inseparable like I hope me and you will be once we get to know each other. Final Take Compliments can be useful to break the ice and inspire positive emotions when done right. Complimenting a girl’s eyes is a safe bet for complimenting a woman you have just met and want to strike an engaging conversation that’s not too sexual from the jump.

How to compliment a girl’s eyes

However, you have to believe what you are saying is true when complimenting a woman. That will make your nonverbal and verbal cues complement each other and give you the outcome you desire. Now that you know how to compliment a girl’s eyes, try with the girls close to you or girls in the service industry to master the confidence and articulation needed to make your compliment appealing, genuine, and persuasive dating coach for men. Reach out to me today if you’d like some highly effective 1-on-1 Dating Training: CONTACT US

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