“A System To Pick Up Girls During The Day

Meeting women during the night time is completely different to meeting them during the day time. Day time seduction really separates the boys from the men because most wouldn’t dare conquer their desires in broad daylight. Most of us men have trouble approaching the girls we like during the day. We might have the guts to approach a woman in the dark but approaching her in the streets during the day might be a challenge.

However, some of us are not about the nightlife, and we would prefer to meet those desirable women during the day. Are you tired of wishing you could fast forward time and meet that beautiful girl you see during the day, at night? If you feel like you have no idea of where to start when you meet a beautiful woman during the day then you need this masterpiece as it will give you a step- by- step guide on How to Pick up Girls during the Day and actually succeeding in your endeavors.

We believe in leveling the playing field for everyone, and that’s why we have this great read to help you boost and improve your game in the dating field. In this book, you will master the various techniques on how to approach a woman during the day and seal the deal. More often approaching is not the problem but it’s what comes next; the moment she stops and listens to what you have to say.
So here’s a sneak peek on what to expect when you get this book:


The game is very different during the day and it may be even tougher for the faint- hearted. Women are ready to have fun at night and they may be open to guys who meet their energy levels however during the day they have their minds fixated to the hustles and bustles of the day. The challenge comes when you have to convince the girl you like to give you a few minutes of her time. During the day time you have to compress your A-game and deliver it in the shortest time possible. So in this book I will show you step- by- step techniques on how to up your day time game and unleash the beast within you. There are a lot of things that people overlook when approaching women during the day time which are absolutely essential. So get this book and get comprehensive illustrations on how to change your day game mindset forever.

Body Language

Now you’re probably wondering how body language can help you get the woman you want during the day when you only have a few minutes with her. Women are very observant and the few minutes that you interact with her will decide if you are worth her time or just another creep. The alpha males have mastered how to let their body language suggest more than they’re spilling. Learn how to incorporate those 007 Bond moves and sweep the girl you like right off from her feet. It is not as easy as it sounds but this book will make it possible.

How to Break Ice

What do you say? How do you approach her? How do you tell her your intentions without appearing live a pervert or a creep? There are sneaky ways on how you can approach a woman you like during the day and leave her wanting more of you. Have you ever wondered why other men pick up women during the day faster than others? They have mastered how to break the ice without leaving crumbs around it. Women want to feel special and that’s a weakness that alpha males maximize on. In the book, I’ll give you a detailed way on how to break the ice with conversation and body language that will leave the girl you like wanting more of you. Also during the day you meet girls in a different setting, and each setting has it’s own trick.

Instant Date

We live in a generation of fast food, fast cash, quick deliveries, and even fast dating. So who are the winners and the losers in this new generation game? Well the guys who can convince girls to go on instant dates with them have a major advantage over their peers – instant dates are for those gentlemen who have mastered the game, who know all the angles on which way to approach women in different settings. My book Carpe Diem: How to Pick up Girls during the Day levels the playing field by giving you the secrets of how to become a Casanova and get the girl you like instantly. There are tricks that work for almost all women and the book reveals the details and the clever techniques to use.

Success Stories

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After reading this book you should be able to:

  • Boost your confidence and reduce your approach anxiety: The day time comes with its set of anxieties and doubts and the rejection rate is likely to be higher compared to the night time. This book helps you to build up the guts you need to conquer the day.
  • Storytelling techniques: You need to be smooth in what you say and how you say it because you have limited time. There is limited room for error and that’s what we help you minimize in your daily quest.
  • Blend to the day time mindset: You already know that day game is different but how do you make yourself come on top of the league. Carpe Diem gets you to a whole new dimension of dating and brings your day game to the high league table.
  • How to vibe: You want to make a lasting impression that will make her chase you. Carpe Diem gives you the techniques on how to vibe with women during the day even if they are in a hurry to reach their destination.
  • Absorb the daytime mindset: You already know that day game is different but how do you make yourself rise to the top of the league? Carpe Diem gets you to a whole new dimension of dating and bring your day game to the highest ranks.

CARPE DIEM: A System To Pick Up Girls During The Day

(Book Price  £32/€38/$43)


Client Testimonials

Only one word describes this book: Fantastic! I like the way Iain breaks down every single aspect of day time approach with women and how he compares and contrasts it with the night time. I also like the way he makes it sound as effortless as a sport or an activity, far less daunting than it actually is, which really helped me conquer my fear

Christian Vale

I’ve been following Iain Myles and KamaTV for many years now and I just love how they take a different angle towards dating. When I heard he was releasing a book I couldn’t help myself so I decided to purchase Carpe Diem to add to my KamaTV collection! I was pleasantly surprised in Iain’s writing style as he thoroughly explains the steps to attract a girl all the way to taking her home. It’s 5 stars from me!

Jeffrey Goodman

I originally come from Beijing in China and I came to the UK for a better life. Since I came I’ve struggled to find a girlfriend in London as the environment is so difficult as everyone is busy and unfriendly. So I’ve been reading a lot of articles online about how to meet a girl and I eventually came across KamaTV and then Carpe Diem which Iain Myles wrote. I think he’s a really nice guy and I can really connect with his style of pick up which is more relaxed, genuine and realistic than other dating coaches out there. His book is really down to earth and has really given me the hope and inspiration that I just needed to meet that girl of my dreams. So thank you Iain

Adam Yu

This book is best book I have read! It clearly explains how and why girls chase men and give you an
insight how you can go about it. Iain Myles explains clearly in stages to help us understand how women
think and what makes them tick and also explains strategies and the best way for a man to get them.
I highly recommend this ebook!

Richard M

A+++ this book is just awesome and it has exceeded my expectations ! Iain gives so much value from his own physical experiences. And I have to say after having taking a few courses with Kamalifestyles I really like how Iain has stayed humble and really is a nice guy who doesn’t have an ego about him and so I can really connect with him on so many levels and share my failures with him. So thank you Iain for all your support over the past few years!

Connor McFadden

CARPE DIEM: A System To Pick Up Girls During The Day

(Book Price  £32/€38/$43)