How To Get Girls To Chase you

“The Gentleman’s Ultimate Guide”

Master The Subtle Art Of Getting Girls Chase You

  • Are you always on the sidelines as people around you get the hottest girls in the room?
  • Have you ever wondered what other men do to get the women of their dreams that you don’t?
  • Have you dealt with more rejections than you can handle?
  • Is there an unspoken rule on how to attract women that you still have not grasp?

It can be frustrating to see the woman you want slipping by you. It is even more frustrating to be friend zoned by the women that you like.

Well, count yourself lucky because soon you will have the women you want chasing you. Not just like you but the Casanova type of chasing you. Are you ready to tell your farewells to the sleepless nights because of being lonely? How To Get Girls To Chase You: The Gentleman’s Ultimate Guide is the answer you have been longing for. A book that is tailored to make you a women’s magnet. Like we always say, all men have the same chance with a woman is just that some have mastered the art more. We take you through a series of reinventing your character and attitude towards women and the various techniques that will help you reach the highest heights of your potential with women.

Heart-to-heart with a woman

To win you first need to understand your challenge. Get a woman’s perspective on how women think. After lengthy research, experience and interview, I finally can take you through a woman’s perspective on men and what make them chase you and they find attractive. The finest men know what a lady wants and that makes the difference between an alpha male and a follower. Men struggle finding the spot that turns on women and turns the tables around. Getting a woman to chase you is easy but not for the faint-hearted. Most of you fail because you target the wrong places. Before you shoot for my heart, try and capture my mind. How To Get Girls To Chase You: TheGentleman’s Ultimate Guide opens up a whole new dimension that will put you at the top of your game.


Blossom from your shell

Break out of everything that you believe regarding dating and relationships. Research shows that the halo effect is enough for a woman to decide whether you are a friend, a lover, or a creep. We also know when you fake it which pretty much makes you look like a creep. How To Get Girls To Chase You: The Gentleman’s Ultimate Guide has detailed techniques on how you can rebrand yourself and became women’s magnet. Learn the tricks that will make you look sharp, attractive, and charismatic. That’s not all; we don’t shade off some skin without giving you a shiny new one. Get the hidden secrets that alpha males use to get their score; now you can dine with the kings.

Become the prey

I don’t know any man in this world who would not love it when women chase him. Most men are the hunters but what if there was a sure way to make a woman crave for you? What if all you did was stand there and look amazing and women fall for you? What if you had an abundance of opportunities with women? No more “what ifs” because I will show you every single step to get girls chase you and you will learn the techniques of how to increase your sex appeal and confidence when it comes to women.

What you get at the end of reading, How To Get Girls To Chase You: The Gentleman’s Ultimate Guide

  • How to make women chase you
  • You become more confident with women
  • You know the approach techniques of approaching different types of women
  • You will know what lures women to men
  • Get a wide scope on women’s psychology on dating and relationships
  • How to become an alpha male
  • Increase your success with women
  • What lures women to men? (Page 5)The question of ages is it not? To know why you have always been there for her, why you’ve always had her back, been nice to her and bought her things… why you’ve known her for years and she STILL isn’t attracted to you! But yet she’s attracted to a jerk who doesn’t even treat her right. So what is it? What lures women to men?We’re attracted to men with some special traits and I will break it down for you in the chapter 1 and you will quickly understand how to get girls to chase you.
  • Ways to make yourself unforgettable, (Page 35)Beautiful women are approached by different kinds of men all the time, everywhere. You won’t be the first and you may not be the last, which is why we need to ask the big question. How will I stand out and be unforgettable? What do those guys do that imbeds their memory in these women’s heads forever?After a detailed investigation and some in depth girl talk, I have found several things that will make you unforgettable when relating to women.
  • Techniques to get hooked to you, (Page 41) It’s one thing to get a girl’s attention but it’s another to get her mind blown by you. In this chapter, I want to equip you with skills that will make her think of nothing but your hands on her hips and your eyes on her. I want to make you the centre of her life and the man she wishes to ravish her like a lover of all lovers. Gents I am giving you every single detail will get her hooked to you.
  • Techniques to get her chase you, (Page 60) This information will allow you to tap into the psychology of attraction that doesn’t have you acting like a fool, chasing her, trying to prove you are better than all men and acting like someone else. I will look at how you can employ reverse psychology to win her heart, how you can manipulate situations and how you will use the ultimate ninja tool to get her to chase you blindly.
  • Play hard to get (Page 76)
  • Reasons Why You Will Always Land In the Friend Zone (Chapter 1)
  • How to Build Your Confidence and Esteem (Page 23)
  • Secrets on How to Stand Out From the Rest (Chapter 2)
  • How to Build Trust and Get Her to Open Up (Chapter 3)
  • Become the Irreparable Piece in the Chess Board (Page 64)
  • Attract Women and Get Them to Chase You (Chapter 4)

How To Get Girls To Chase You

(Book Price £27/€32/$36)


Client Testimonials

This book is best book I have read! It clearly explains how and why girls chase men and give you an insight how you can go about it. Annabella explains clearly in stages to help us understand how women think and what makes them tick and also explains strategies and the best way for a man to get them. I highly recommend this ebook!

Richard M, 28

Every single paragraph is mind blowing!!! Annabella is an excellent author. She really identifies how women’s mind works when it comes to dating and getting them to chase you. I recommend this to anyone looking to get girls to chase them as it gives clear strategies. Easy to read and understand honestly no jargon! This ebook will change your dating life forever.

Sean F, 33

The best ebook written on dating . I used the strategies and it works and it get girls chase you . I got the best insights and solid information. This ebook changes lives of men. If you are single, you should read this book. You will learn all the strategies and get girls chase you on a blink. It is truly and magnificently worth your time and money.

Thomas B, 36

This book is full of advice on getting girls to chase you… Learn about more women from Annabella as she clearly points what they’re looking for and what they chase. I am not a shy person and I strike a
conversation with the opposite sex easily! Learning how to get them chase you is a different level and I know it is effortless… They come to you and Annabella has the strategies. I recommend this book to every single guy out there who wants to take their game to the next level. You will want to memorize every single paragraph. Sound advice on making the girls chase you. Great ebook highly recommended.

Alan T, 25

How To Get Girls To Chase You

(Book Price £27/€32/$36)