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How to fight depression without medication during covid

How to fight depression without medication during covid
Depression can steal someone’s light from their lives. It leaves you in a place where the one thing that’s supposed to be working for you is working against you, your brain. Depression can express itself as social isolation, lasting low mood, and hopelessness just to mention a few. The wide spectrum of depression that individuals can fall in from severe to mild depression makes it possible for different types of treatments to be effective. Depending on the severity of depression you are experiencing you can overcome it with the use of medication or use alternative methods that don’t involve medication. Your triggers have a significant influence on where you fall in the depression spectrum.

How to fight depression without medication during covid

This will not be a scientific article on depression. Nor can it be used in place of your doctor’s recommendation. But it offers an alternative way to fight depression without the use of medication. One of the mild depression remedies is a change of lifestyle. I find myself interacting with guys that want to attain mental and emotional peace and stability through lifestyle change and even dating patterns. The information I have used in this article comes from hundreds of cases that I have dealt with in my career as a dating and lifestyles coach. In this blog, I’ll explore how to fight depression without medication during covid. My main focus will be depression triggered by relationships issues such as a breakup or being stuck in a toxic relationship, and other social issues that can trigger depression.
We are social beings and that means that we nurture our emotional and mental health through social interactions. However, the world as we knew it is fast-changing, and what we once knew as normal social interaction is also undergoing its changes. The social adjustments that people have had to make to stay safe have had an impact on the support we can get from friends and family.

How to fight depression without medication during covid

Family, friends, and basic human social interactions can be therapeutic to someone experiencing mild or moderate depression. It’s easy to overcome hopelessness, feelings of being unloved, or giving up on life when you are around people that cherish and love you. Let’s take a deep dive into how to fight depression without medication during covid: 1.      Use meditation as a tool When you are depressed, you’ll discover that most of the time you ruminate on things that put you in a low mood zone. It can be a helpless place to be both mentally and emotionally. Meditation is an effective way of how to fight depression without medication during covid. You can effectively combat depression when you have mastery and control of your emotions and thoughts. Meditation can make you conscious of your feelings and help you alter how you react to undesirable emotions. You’ll catch negative thought patterns before they can do any damage to you. When you think about it, some things depress you when there’s nothing you can humanly do to change the situation. For example, if you’ve experienced a sudden breakup and your ex immediately hooked up with another guy. It can be a very stressful situation, but there’s nothing you can do to undo what’s already been done. Mediation allows you to understand the holistic situation surrounding the emotions that you are experiencing. Understanding negative emotions and healthily embracing them can reduce your stress and anxiety levels and ultimately reduce depression. Furthermore, the easiest way of dealing with depression is staying in the present and being grateful for the good life has given you. You’ll find that you are more in the present the more you practice and master different arts of meditation. 2.      Put your muscles to work. When you are depressed, nothing seems to bring you joy even the things you used to enjoy doing. The low mood that seems everlasting can gradually make you withdraw from everything and everyone. This is just another way that depression escalates and becomes more severe. One surefire technique of how to fight depression without medication during covid is exercising. It’s not an easy task to take up especially when you are not feeling like getting out of bed or doing anything. But exercising has been proven to lessen the impact of depression in some people. Regular exercise can boost your mood, improve the quality of sleep and its patterns, and increase your energy level. This will in turn improve your overall mood and you’ll feel motivated to start pursuing small things that make you happy and comfortable in life. Furthermore, depression becomes unbearable when you ruminate about the triggers. Exercising takes your mind off your current thought process and puts you in a different space. That can be instrumental in managing and ultimately overcoming depression. Tips  You don’t have to get out of the house when you don’t feel like it. Start slowly by doing these exercises:
    • 15-30 minutes of aerobic or yoga 3 to 4 days every week.
    • Take nature walks frequently. A healthy dose of sunlight can also do magic to your mood.
    • Lift some weight at home and gradually transition to the gym. Working out with other people can be motivating and it can also inspire you to stay committed to the course.
  • Go for morning or evening runs. Running puts different muscle blocks at work which can leave you with a sense of accomplishment after the workout.
3.      Give your body the right fuel One of the most extraordinary things in life is the human brain. It’s capable of handling some of the most complex situations. Nevertheless, you need the have the right tools for your brain to handle some of these complex situations. The chemical reactions in your brain can make you feel sad or happy. And that brings us to the next technique of how to fight depression without medication during covid which is diet and nutrition. Your body gives you back what you give it, and so does your brain. Unhealthy habits such as excessive alcohol intake and smoking can also make depression persistent. When you eat unhealthy foods and junk, your mood is likely to experience undesirable shifts because your body and mind are struggling to maintain a healthy balance. For some time now, the Mediterranean diet has been associated with a decrease in depression levels. Including foods like leafy green vegetables, nuts, berries, fish, seeds, whole grains, and fruits can help combat depression during covid. The fun fact about eating healthy is you can never overdo it. 4.      Practice self-love and gratitude You can fight depression during covid by practicing self-love and gratitude. When you are depressed your mindset and thought process always focus on what’s not going on well in your life. You have a mean boss at work. You don’t like the job you wake up every day to. Your girlfriend has walked away. A negative mindset sentences you to unhappiness. Your mood will always be low because you don’t see anything to smile about in your life. Practicing self-love and gratitude can change your mindset and make you a happier person. You’ll overcome depression because you’ll be cautious of how your thoughts affect your mood. You’ll start looking at all the great things happening in your life. Developing self-love can boost your confidence and sense of worth. You can easily overcome a depressive situation when you believe in your ability to do it. 5.      Get a goodnight sleep Another foolproof way of how to fight depression without medication during covid is getting good quality sleep. Most people experiencing depression suffer from sleep deprivation. However, some people might experience too much sleep that doesn’t amount to quality sleep. Sleep deprivation can reduce your productivity because of lower energy levels and reduced concentration span. You’ll be in a bad place when you are feeling low and also not accomplishing your goals. It sounds like adding fuel to the fire. Developing healthy sleeping habits can improve the quality of sleep you get. For example, going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time can create an internal clock that will help you maintain a healthy sleeping pattern. You’ll also find that you get good quality sleep when you have a consistent sleeping pattern. You can also employ other tools that can help you get the quality of sleep that would give you the mental and emotional stamina you need to fight depression. Some of these tools may include mood lights, white noise, a warm shower before bed, or reducing screen time a few hours before bed. 6.      Work on your social connections It’s challenging for most people experiencing depression to have a healthy social connection. However, social isolation has been scientifically proven to increase the risk of suffering major depression. When you are depressed and alone, your mind tends to take you on different trips that can sabotage your happiness and dim your hope. Working on your social connections is one of the best ways of how to fight depression without medication during covid. Interacting with new people gives you a different perspective of life. You might even come to find people that are happy even though they are in what you may consider a very unpleasant situation. That can give you the courage and confidence to deal with what you are experiencing. For example, if you are depressed because your girlfriend left and you meet someone whose girlfriend bailed on him on their wedding day and got married to another guy. You’ll feel that you are not so bad off as you thought and find your way out. Final Take It’s wise to understand your situation so that you’ll also know when you need to speak to someone or turn to medication. Depression is empowered by self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. Working to change your mood and mindset can give you the solution you seek without having to seek medical intervention. Also, try and understand the situation that breeds depression in your life. If you are depressed because your dating life (dating coach for men) seems to have the same pattern that always ends up with you heartbroken, master new skills that can make you better at dating or change the type of women you approach. Resolving the situation can help you overcome depression without meds. Reach out to me today if you’d like some highly effective 1-on-1 Dating Training: CONTACT US

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