Durable Confidence for Men

“Gentleman’s Guide to Becoming More Durable and
Building Their Self Confidence”

  • What would you do if you had the power to get any woman you desire?
  • What will you say if your life long crush approached you now?
  • Are you in a position to get the girl you want or you fall under “just be confident and tell her how you feel?”

Durable Confidence For Men

“Gentleman’s Guide to Becoming more Durable and

Building their Self Confidence”

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Well, gentlemen, you don’t need superpowers or a genie in the bottle to get the woman of your dreams. I give you the Holy Grail that will not only increase your success with women but change your life. I give you Durable Confidence for Men: Gentleman’s Guide to Becoming more Durable and Building their Self Confidence.
We like to Provide Solutions
At Kamalifestyles, we like to provide solutions to tough topics that men do not open up to other people or topics that people never seem to find the right answers they are looking for. Before I give you the juice that this eBook brings, here are self-analysis

  • Are you comfortable with your level of confidence?
  • Do you feel like you always need approval for the things you do?
  • Are you afraid of expressing yourself to women?
  • Does other people’s opinion of you count more than your opinion about yourself?
  • Are you happy with your dating life?

Discretion is crucial, so you don’t have to say your answer out loud. But I will tell you one thing right now. The Durable Confidence for Men: Gentleman’s Guide to Becoming more Durable and Building their Self Confidence eBook will address how to tackle and overcome the issues that the above question raises and many more. As always, our eBooks have to be tested in-house to see the impact it has before being released. As we were testing the eBook in our programs, more issues were raised, and I am glad to say that you are getting an all-inclusive confidence guide and it is perfected so do not worry. Some of the solutions are drawn from professionals that we work closely with, but most of the techniques and solutions that the eBook gives are drawn from people who have had confidence issues, and we worked with them, and they overcame it all.

It is no lie that lack of confidence makes you live in the shadows. You watch other men get the finest ladies, and you wish it was you. You end up resenting your life and living an unhappy life. Gents, I believe that every man has that fire in them. The major challenge is most people don’t know how to bring that fire to the surface, and that’s where we come in.

Let’s get a preview of what you should expect in this fantastic eBook:

The self-destruct mode

Now, you know there are a lot of reasons why you do not have the women and life that you desire. I am not here to validate them but to give you the hard truth. Studies found that most people lack confidence because they beat down themselves. You are ready to forgive people around you that do you wrong, but you can’t forgive yourself for a simple mistake or failure. In the eBook Durable Confidence for Men: Gentleman’s Guide to Becoming more Durable and Building their Self Confidence, we look at various ways that we are our own enemies. We look at the power of your mind and how it determines your will power. Get incites on how we enter self-destruct mode without even realizing it.

Some indications will show you that you are suppressing your confidence. The first chapter of the eBook deals with the problem at home [self] before exploring the external factors that undermine your confidence. I find the ebook to be really helpful because knowing the problem is half solving the problem. I have explored various dimensions of self-destructing modes that if that’s where you lie, you are guaranteed to pinpoint your shortcoming. This section of the eBook does not only focus on problem identification but also functional techniques of how to overcome self-destruct mode. People deal with challenges they face differently, and that’s why the eBook has a universal touch of overcoming self-destruction. You have the freedom to customize the solutions to fit your current status.

The crippling fear

Your fears can be your friend, but they can also be your worst enemy. Fear is usually designed to be a technique of self-preservation. However, what happens when fear is the genesis of your extinction? What happens when you cannot control your fears, and they take over your life? The truth is fear is a very delicate zone to tackle if it’s the root cause of your lack of confidence because it’s psychological. But where there is a will, there is a way, and I focused on that will.

We look at procrastination and anxiety as a result of fear that might undermine your confidence. Get to know the 5 F’s of procrastination. Just a glimpse one of the F’s of procrastination is fear of failure and rejection. We think that most of the things that happen, we don’t have control over them, which is not true. Unconsciously, we put these things in motion without even knowing it, and they have the power to stop them. Now, the only thing that stands between you and that control that you desire is the eBook Durable Confidence for Men: Gentleman’s Guide to Becoming more Durable and Building their Self Confidence. This eBook incites the fire inside you that will grow your confidence and help you get back control of your life.

Would you still fear approaching women if you have an insight into female psychology and how they perceive dating and men? Well, I know I won’t. You also don’t have to fear. Why? Because it will help you to map the territory. Never forget unknown creates the fear and mapping the territory makes you feel more confident than ever as you know the road blocks and how to overcome them. The eBook gives you a once in a lifetime view of things from perspective to help you understand women and dating better. Most of the time, our clients say, but women are different. Yes, they are. But that’s also why we make our techniques very flexible and teach you how to bend them to suit the situation you are in. The eBook is designed to open your eyes to a new dimension of dating and confidence.

Durable Confidence For Men

“Gentleman’s Guide to Becoming more Durable and

Building their Self Confidence”

(Book Price  £32/€37/$41)

Building up a new confident identity

People indeed treat us the way we portray ourselves. However, you are going to face a challenge from people when you want to transform your personality to a strong and independent one. Alpha males are usually intimidating yet so persuasive, and that’s why they always get their way. This eBook gives you tools and techniques that will guide you through the process of building a new confident identity. The Neuro-linguistic programming techniques have worked over the years with our clients. We do tackle not only the present but also reframe past events and timeline. We appreciate the impact that our past may have on our confidence. That’s why we take such a delicate yet practical approach. Reframing your past to draw strength and lessons from them rather than pain and shame can go a long way in building your confidence.

Understand how you can build a confident personality by dealing with your inner child. This is an exciting and a concept that will blow away your mind. When we first tested it with our clients, it took an emotional toll on all of us, but the results were astonishing. It is incredible how you have to go to that dark place in your life to come out strong and confident and shed some light on that dark place. With no black holes in your life, there is nothing you cannot achieve. This section of the eBook focuses on eliminating the energy and confident drainers in our lives. Trust me. Nothing will prepare you enough for the emotional roller-coaster that this section will take you through, but you are also not prepared of the confidence you’ll have after it. This section cuts on the hundreds of hours that you need to develop and grow your confidence. We cut to the chase and deal with the inhibitors that prevent you from living a fulfilling life.

Icing the cake

Initiating a life-changing process is not the issue. The issue comes with keeping up with the changes that occur and staying loyal to the course. We don’t believe in partial success; that’s why we stay strong until we hit the home run. We call the last section of the eBook the icing on the cake. It’s because this section helps reinforce the changes that you are making and giving you coping techniques that will help you overcome that challenges that come as a result of significant lifestyle changes. Learn about the 4 C’s of charisma and why they are essential in your journey. Women have relative psychology when it comes to men and dating. The 4 C’s of charisma also give you the chance to portray traits that are universally admirable and attractive.

Building confidence is a continual process. That means if you are not well-motivated, you might lose your grip somewhere in between. The icing the cake section of the eBook help you identify new motivation angles that will always keep you going. The fluidity of this section allows you to find new motivation for every phase of the confidence-building process.

What we have looked at here is just a tip of the iceberg. There is so much you’ll get from reading the eBook and following the guide religiously. The eBook Durable Confidence for Men: Gentleman’s Guide to Becoming more Durable and Building their Self Confidence, is designed as a tool to be used in building confidence and increasing your interaction with women. When you have increased interaction with women, chances of you doubling your success with them is also high. You can start the next decade in style by allowing yourself to build a more independent and robust personality. You have the power in your hands now. You have Durable Confidence for Men: Gentleman’s Guide to Becoming more Durable and Building their Self Confidence eBook.

So what are you going to get after reading Durable Confidence for Men?

  • Durable confidence and smooth vibe around women
  • You will gain others respect easily.
  • Solid and calm presence that will engage women from the moment you meet them.
  • Better decision making and more clarity in your life.
  • You will eliminate negative thinking and start thinking more positive.
  • You will develop self-worth.
  • You will become more charismatic and attract women easily
  • You will be more present and not buy into bad experiences you had in your life.
  • You will communicate with others more assertively.

And much more…

Client Testimonials

Hats off to you guys. I am 35 years, and for the longest time, I have been the other guy. Most of the times I felt invincible, especially when ladies are around. I went through Kamalifestyles residential training, and I remember reading this book, Durable Confidence for Men, but it wasn’t comprehensive then as it is now, and it still worked magic for me. I was told that my confidence-building is a continuous process, so when this new edition was out, I think I was among the first to purchase it. You can bet on it that this book will change your life by giving you the confidence you need. I am no longer the other guy. I am the guy to go to. I still read the ebook as it is my new bible. Well-done Emre amazing ebook.


I know its cliché, but my childhood had a huge negative toll on my confidence. My lack of confidence made me an easy target, and I could not get the things I yearned for. I had never been in a relationship before. My cousin who completed Kamalifestyles training introduced me to this eBook Durable Confidence for Men, and this ebook is just golden. I recall the section about Dealing with Your Inner Child, and it directly spoke to me. The guides are given to overcome it worked perfectly for me. I highly recommend this ebook for anyone who has been where I have been. I am now in a good relationship, and I can hear some wedding bells soon.


At what point does fear become the genesis of your extinction rather than survival? This statement from the eBook Durable Confidence for Men made me analyze a lot of things in my life. Emre gave me the ebook and ask me to put on test. Guys honestly it blew my mind. One thing about this ebook is that it gives you the feeling as if you are talking to the Emre while reading it, and Emre knows you more than you know yourself and gives you theoretical and practical ways to build your self-confidence. It showed me an alternative route that would build my confidence, and that has helped me so much. I can now get girls every time I have a night out with friends or any place that I see a gorgeous woman.


I follow Kamalifestyles religiously and always buy their ebooks. The reason is simple. These guys are the last realest people alive. They don’t focus on giving content to please you but content that will give you the painful truth and help you overcome the issue at hand. When I first read Durable Confidence for Men, I thought well this is such a good read. But the transformation that comes with reading the ebook is what is impressive. You can quickly build your confidence and increase your success with women by merely reading this ebook. It will take you less than a week to read it, but the impact it has will change your whole life. You haven’t read you don’t know what you are missing. Give it a go as you will grow more in one week than spending a lifetime listening to your friend or family.


I enjoyed reading Durable Confidence for Men. It’s incredible how much power we have but don’t even realize it. The Durable Confidence for Men opens doors to new dimensions of life that were always there, but we never noticed. Anyone looking to build their confidence should start with reading this book. It might be the only thing you need. Thank you, guys, for writing such a fantastic ebook. You are changing lives.


Durable Confidence For Men

“Gentleman’s Guide to Becoming more Durable and

Building their Self Confidence”

(Book Price  £32/€37/$41)