Conversation Hacks

“Gentleman’s Guide to Keep a Conversation Going and Never Run out of Things to Say”

Gentlemen, it is finally here. The reason why sometimes it takes longer for us to give you the reads you want is because of the extensive research that goes into the Ebook. Kamalifestyles has a reputation, and we cannot provide you the phony half-baked information that is spread everywhere on the internet. You have been sending us emails to give useful conversation hacks to get the girls glued. Before we go far, I want you to self-analyze using the following questions.

  • Do you have that awkward silence when talking to women?
  • Have you ever run out of things to say?
  • Has a girl sidelined you because you didn’t know what to say?
  • Have you ever wondered what women want and look for in a conversation?
  • Do you want to improve the way you interact with women?
  • Is it a challenge for you to keep the conversation flowing when you are with a gorgeous girl?

Now gentlemen, if your answer is yes in any of the questions above, then I am speaking to you. I know the struggles that you have as men when having a conversation with a girl. It becomes more challenging when you are sexually attracted to that girl. You don’t want to say things that will upset her, yet you don’t know precisely what will bother her. So, you end up silent, and you go home wishing you had said more. Well, that feeling is a disease that we are getting rid of. I present to you the ultimate gentleman’s secret handbook, Conversation Hacks: Gentleman’s Guide to Keep a Conversation Going and Never Run out of Things to Say.

The Ebook Conversation Hacks: Gentleman’s Guide to Keep a Conversation Going and Never Run out of Things to Say is designed to help men find ways to keep the conversation flowing.The trick of this book is it will help you guide the conversation the way you want it without appearing like a control freak or creep. Players, you can also read this Ebook because it enables you to understand women better and sharpen your Casanova skills.

Apart from guys requesting me to write an ebook like this, I also felt that many men have a challenge when having a conversation with women. It is not about the confidence you have or how funny you can be. Having a conversation with a woman to wow her requires you to know what to say when to say it and still maintain your individuality and charm. This Ebook is tailored to help men start a conversation with women and also build it up for future encounters.

We have heard so many times that the brain is a woman’s most significant sexual organ. While men are impressed by what we see, women want more than that. However, women are as unique as they come. One trick can work on one and ultimately backfire on your face when you talk to another. Some will show a little interest then poof they disappear like a rabbit in the hat. So,

  • What do women want?
  • What keeps them glued in a conversation?
  • How do you build sexual attraction through the conversation?
  • How do you know if she’s losing interest?

Well, the Conversation Hacks: Gentleman’s Guide to Keep a Conversation Going and Never Run out of Things to Say gives you the hacks you need to get what you want. You don’t only get the sneaky tricks to keep the conversation going, but you also get an insight into what women look in a conversation. Most of the tools we need to make each conversation unique and exciting are right there. This Ebook is designed to help you pin point those tools you need and reverse the game to your favor. It is a guarantee that by the end of this Ebook;

  • You will know how to keep the conversation flowing.
  • You will never run out of things to say.
  • You’ll be an engaging and interesting conversationalist.
  • You will know when things are falling out of place and how to recover.
  • You’ll know what women want and look for in a conversation.

Wow, this is like going to sit for an exam that you know all the answers. Its design gives you a whole new perspective that will help you get what you want. We call it a guidebook, but men who have read it call it the ultimate dating scroll. There are various things that men, overlook or have no idea when it comes to talking to women. Once you understand what women are looking for in a conversation, then you are a step closer to driving the conversation in your favor.

Power of small talk: You need to create a pleasant environment for the conversation to flow. Most women get approached by men, and not all of them are gentlemen. So, the small talk is also to create that trust and freedom to express herself. In the book, we talk about the catchy ways to initiate small talk. Boring small talk like what do you think about the weather is something that an alpha male like you should not be doing.

Identification of hooks in a conversation: You have heard more than a billion times that women are different, and one trick may not work to the next girl. This book is designed to give you a general approach that will work on all women. Remember, you want to have a meaningful and stimulating conversation. Knowing the hook points during the conversation is what makes it flow and never run out of things to say. It also helps you play around the woman’s interest and still be in line with your agenda.

Building trust and forming a connection: It is important to ensure that you have the trust of the woman you are talking to. Your body language and how you express yourself will determine if she builds her trust in you. Even with parallel interests, you can still have a connection, and that’s what the Ebook aims at achieving. In that section, you will get an insight into how to get a woman’s interest and use it to your advantage.

Overcoming conversation huddles: It is common for everyone to hit huddles a couple of times during a conversation. What will make you exceptional from other men that she has encountered how you overcome the huddle. When you ignore it, you’ll easily pass as dishonest. The best of men are tested when there is a challenge to be solved. The Ebook is tailored to help you get sneaky ways to overcome the hurdles that you may encounter during conversations.

The secret power of flirtation: Now gentlemen, if you aren’t sure of your flirtation game, don’t do it. It will ruin your chances of getting her. Flirting is like stairs; you take one step at a time. The Conversation Hacks: Gentleman’s Guide to Keep a Conversation Going and Never Run out of Things to Say brings out flirtation as a way to keep the conversation going, creating a relaxed environment, and build a sexual connection.

Perfect conversation starters: You want to strike when the wall is not high up. Most women will give a guy the benefit of the doubt, and the more she feels you are not worth it, the high the wall goes. Other women work in reverse and have a high wall and bring it down slowly as you speak. Having a perfect conversation starter starts the conversation with a high note. Don’t worry that you will initiate the conversation with a note that you cannot maintain. The Ebook is designed to help you start a conversation on a high note and maintain it or go higher.

Conversation Hacks: “Gentleman’s Guide To Keep A Conversation Going And Never Run Out Of Things To Say”

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Client Testimonials

After my divorce, it has been pretty hard for me to get a date. Dating has changed, and I needed something to boost back my confidence and help me express myself better. I was introduced to Kamalifestyles channel and web page by a friend. The content in the ebook is amazing. I have a love of my life now, thanks to how the book taught me.


 You will not know the mistakes you make in a conversation until you read this book. I can say that my interaction with women was okay before reading the book, but I was either friend-zoned or brushed off with time. After reading the first chapter of Conversation Hacks, I realized I was doing everything wrong. Talking to women is easy, but having a conversation with women and get what you want is where you’ll need this ebook. Awesome content!


I stammer when I am nervous, especially around women. It gave me insecurity, and I stayed away from women. It is a sad place to be because you want to have that emotional connection, but it is difficult. This is the second ebook I have read written by Annabella Rose. Each ebook builds me in a new light and gives me confidence. I have a girl now, but the Conversation Hacks ebook makes it easy for me to talk with my girl and other women. Annabella is great!


Listen, if you have challenges having a conversation with women, I have one piece of advice for you. Read the Conversation Hacks It has challenged my dating life and my life in general. You get new respect when you learn how to express yourself while interpreting other people’s reactions. I totally love this ebook, and I wish there were a part 2 coming. Thank you Annabella your advice is priceless.


I am always skeptical about the online material, especially in regards to dating. Annabella have never disappointed. I read all her ebooks. Her content is unique, authentic, and it actually works. I am your big fan Annabella. The Conversation Hacks: Gentleman’s Guide to Keep a Conversation Going and Never Ran out of Things to Say is a fantastic read. You will be grateful that you read it, whether you have or don’t have challenges talking to women.


This ebook is a hidden gem. Gentlemen, you need to get a hold of this ebook. It opens you up to a whole new world. Stop complaining that women are complicated because this book is our leakage; it just cracked the dating mystery. I love how the ebook was written, and it’s very informative. I am definitely waiting for the next ebook you publish.


Conversation Hacks: “Gentleman’s Guide To Keep A Conversation Going And Never Run Out Of Things To Say”

(Book Price  £26/€31/$34)