Supreme Confidence Course

“Discover the Secrets and Techniques for Building Unstoppable Confidence”

What is confidence? I would have given you a dictionary definition, but we all know confidence is more than that. It is almost impossible to describe something that has so much power and control over your existence with two sentences in a book. Confidence and a happy, fulfilling dating life are like different sides of the same coin. They are inseparable. Before we go any further, ask yourself these questions and be truthful to yourself with the answers.

  • Do you want be a more confident dater?
  • Is a lack of confidence affecting your dating life?
  • Do you believe in yourself?
  • Can you easily walk in and out of your comfort zone when it comes to dating?
  • Are you given the respect and recognition you deserve in dating and relationships?
  • Are you with the woman you fantasize and dream about?

What most men don’t realize is that confidence is very attractive to women. Some men observe the importance of it but getting confident poses a problem. If confidence can attract one of the complex species like women, what won’t you attract if you possessed it?

You will become unstoppable and lead the life you desire. You will get a vocation instead of a job. You will get the women you want, not the available ones. People will want to be associated with you at all levels. I am talking about that supreme confidence that keeps your head high no matter what you face.

However, lack of confidence can be a real energy drainer in your life. It makes you go through life instead of living it. It will always force you to the shadows like vampires. You possess so much potential, yet you are invisible. No one notices how good-looking, smart, funny, creative, or authentic you are. Your voice will not be heard, and your ideas will not come to life. It is a miserable place to be.

Everyone has an energy that they emit, and this energy silently signals to others how they should treat us. That’s why you see people ready to submit to certain individuals but not to others. The path to gaining the real and lasting confidence that you desire is to know where you are. What kind of energy are you emitting? Once you know where you are and accept that you need to do something to get yourself out of it, that’s when your journey begins. However, the journey can be challenging and rough, but not when you have an experienced team of experts holding your hand and guiding you through it. One thing that you can bank on today is you have found a place to change how you feel about your confidence. You are in the hands of elites who will not give up on you and are determined to bring out that bright light that burns inside you.

Sometimes a series of questions cloud our minds, and we start doubting our abilities, worth, strengths, and uniqueness. Our weaknesses then become the masters of our fate. Yet, that brings us to our knees, our fears rule, and our confidence goes into hiding. If you are that person that feels all your confidence is gone and you are at the rock bottom, then start singing kumbaya because you are in a position to be the most confident person there can ever be. Kamalifestyles is tailored for exactly a special person like you, and the programs are designed to bring you above the surface.

Take the example of day and night and night. You will not appreciate the day if you didn’t know the night. You love the beauty that the night brings. Then you wouldn’t if you had not experienced what the day brings. You already know what it’s like to be the one in the shadows. Now that you are shooting for the light, your compelling force, and our desire to help you get there will make you unstoppable.

Let me introduce to you the program that will incite the development and growth of your confidence. Gentlemen, I give you The Supreme Confidence Program. Now, Kamalifestyles has been helping men achieve their ultimate desires in life for years. We have produced some of the best-selling eBooks and programs designed to help men. Our team involves experts who have remarkable personal achievement as dating coaches. Let’s say it takes the best to give the best.

Some of you might have gone through the program in the past as we have been running it over a decade with a lot of success. If you are new to our website, I will tell you briefly that our confidence course has been well tested, improved and perfected after over a decade of working with our clients. We make no mistake and you will benefit from our experience. As I mentioned The Supreme Confidence Program has been running with success and its success is unbelievable, and we believe every man deserves a chance to better themselves.

When it comes to dating, confidence is a vital pillar to be successful. You ability to overcome approach anxiety and approach the woman you like. It gives you the courage to express yourself fluently and naturally. Imagine giving a mechanical smile to cover up lack of confidence. It will strike the woman as you are being dishonest and phony. It is the red lights from conversation and body language that turn women off. Confident men are emotionally stable and women want men they can trust with their emotions. A man who knows how to make them feel better when they are rolling low.

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What is The Supreme Confidence Program?

Well, it is a program designed to help you understand what confidence is and guide you through the path of acquiring lasting and supreme confidence. Its design involves giving you the dating and relationship confidence to pursue love and lust. You have to realize that confidence is as personal as love or lust. Confidence is the trust that you put in yourself to give nothing but the best possible outcomes in anything you put your time and effort into. Confidence is what helps you to know your self-worth, strengths, overcome fears and anxiety, and so much more. These are the objectives of the program. To help you gain that supreme confidence that will change how you view life, relationships, and become the best version of yourself.

One of the interesting facts about The Supreme Confidence Program is the time you take to complete it and the span in which the results start manifesting itself. The Supreme Confidence Program is a 14-hours course that’s spread over a period of 8 weeks. Yes, you read it right. You only need 8 weeks to gain that confidence that maybe you have been fighting with for years. It involves exercises and visualizations that are designed to bring your confidence to the surface.

We like taking the infant approach when we are giving out exercises. They start simple and easy but significantly challenging to build-up, then they become more intense and demanding, just like the real-life of an adult is. However, you never walk alone on this journey because you have unlimited support during this period. We also change some things to personalize the course for you. So, our Supreme Confidence Program is fluid and varies according to what our experts believe you need to attain supreme confidence.

Here is a brief structure of the course and what to expect.

Week 1

Identifying and eliminating negative thinking

We have established that the root of confidence is self. Your perception of yourself is what builds or destroys your confidence. In the first week of the course, we deal with the root of confidence. Our thoughts become actions; our actions become habits and ultimately describe who we are. We have proved with the program that if you change the root, you can achieve the definitive levels of confidence.

This is also the period where we customize your course because we get to also learn about you. What scares you?

  • How do you perceive yourself?
  • What do you really want?

It is like an enlightenment phase. Most people get to also learn about their subconscious barriers to confidence. First week opens up doors and you can see clearly the amazing things that life has to offer in dating and life in general. It’s a period where your mind meets the guy in the mirror ready to unlock his own potential. The structure of week one’s program will enable you to:

  • Identify and eliminate mental barriers.
  • Take control of your thoughts and especially negative thoughts.
  • Make conscious decisions to be better.
  • Start adopting new habits that promote the growth of your confidence.
  • Redirect your focus on self rather than stimuli around you.

Week 2

Empowering Beliefs

To create the self-trust that you need to build confidence, you have to believe in yourself. This step is vital in the course because the lack of confidence is an indication of demeaning beliefs. One thing that most people overlook is how we cultivate a lack of confidence. You have to work for it. The demeaning beliefs are our way of growing lack of confidence. In this week’s sessions, we look at eliminating these demeaning beliefs that are underlined with “I can’t.” I’m not good enough.” “I don’t deserve better.” “It’s my fault.” These beliefs are replaced with empowering beliefs that will build your confidence. By the end of week two, you will be able to:

  • Eliminate the demeaning and toxic beliefs in your life.
  • Have the ability to find lessons in the mistakes you make and not blame.
  • Understand the power of your thoughts and how to take responsibility.
  • Learn to love yourself more.
  • Cultivate beliefs that will help you try new things and identify opportunities.
  • Form a better perception in dating and in life.

Week 3

Stop self-sabotage

When people are praised for making an effort, they try harder next time. That’s the kind of culture that the program instils. You need to praise yourself for the efforts you make, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. In this phase, we are identifying and eliminating the real enemy, which is a lack of confidence. Most people fight against themselves, and they end up losing the battle, and their lack of confidence grows. This phase aims to give you the power to:

  • Identify and eliminate the root cause of self-sabotage.
  • Heal and learn how to forgive yourself.
  • Silence the vicious inner critic that brings you down.
  • Learn how to control regret and guilt.
  • Understand and take control of your fears.
  • Understand the power of acceptance and flexibility.

Week 4

Fears & Anxiety (Bust dating procrastination)

Fear and anxiety are some of the significant inhibitors of confidence growth. In our in-house sessions, we learned that overcoming one’s fear and anxiety is a significant boost to confidence growth. That’s why we dedicated week four to face and conquer the fears and anxiety that bring you down. The exercises in this phase are a bit intense because of the measures we have to take to face and conquer our fears. This is the phase that brings juice to the course. By the end of the week, you will be able to:

  • Face and conquer your fears and anxiety through practice.
  • Become persuasive and confident when you approach women.
  • Find your strongholds that will help with controlling your fears and anxiety.
  • Techniques to calm yourself down if you are in a situation of fear and anxiety.
  • Start dating and approaching women.
  • Challenge your own limitations.
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Week 5

Identity and timeline

I have already told you that we all emit this energy that silently acts as our identity. That’s why you’ll find people treating you the same way no matter where you go. Since this course is designed to transform you and bring out the hidden gem in you, recreating your identity within a particular timeline is very important. Also, you need to be prepared with your new identity because the transformation will be massive. I described it with the contrast of day and night. So, by the end of this week’s sessions, you will be able to:

  • Identify and eliminate parts of your identity that produce inferior energy.
  • Recreate a new alpha identity.
  • Learn how to assert your new-found confidence.
  • Let go of the past
  • Start forging and creating new oppotunies in dating and life in general.

Week 6

Alpha confidence and assertiveness

I like to call this phase the core of the course. Those who have taken this course know what I mean. It’s a phase that you and everyone around you can notice the remarkable change in your confidence. Alpha confidence can be intimidating to people who are not very confident or lack confidence. So, most people face both interior and exterior resistance to this personality change. It’s like a war zone, and you are in the middle of it. This phase is designed to give you strength and guide you through that battle in one piece. It’s a shield course and also equips you with more techniques to grow and develop your confidence. By the end of this week’s session, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to handle and overcome any form of resistance smoothly. /li>
  • Become an assertive male and attract more women in your life.
  • Accept that you are no longer a sheep but a wolf.
  • Understand how to deal with different personalities while asserting your confidence.
  • Learn techniques to be in the lead naturally.
  • Learn how to speak your mind and feelings confidently.

Week 7

Develop Charisma

Confidence goes hand in hand with charisma. To some people, they come naturally, but most have to learn to achieve their highest levels. Developing charm is one of the exciting phases of the course. You will find with our exercises that you easily convince people with your ideas, people are attracted to you, and you are given the platform each time you want to speak. This is the phase of the course that you see yourself coming out of the cocoon that you’ve been in. Charisma lies within all of us, and most charismatic people have the ability to switch it on and off when they want. This is the power that this part of the course gives you. So, by the end of the seventh week, you will be able to:

  • Master the art of basic conversations and how to skilfully overcome the barriers.
  • Learn and enjoy the power of presence.
  • Learn nonverbal body language cues that keep you ahead in a social situation.
  • Learn how to read and gauge your audience.
  • Learn how to inspire others.

Week 8

Dating Success and Goal Setting

Now the icing of the course. How would you feel if you could date any woman you want? You have the confidence and charisma, what would stop you? However, there are silent rules when it comes to dating and approaching women. In this phase, we go in-depth on how to attract the right women and goal setting. I am not talking about your 5-year plan. It’s about setting realistic expectations with the people you meet. You don’t have to lower your expectations to get the right person. Learn more about what women want and look for in men. So, in this week’s course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the types of goals you should set when with someone new.
  • Understand female dating and relationship psychology.
  • Develop a dominant positive attitude towards dating.
  • How to use nonverbal cues to attract and communicate with women

Life throws both sweet and bitter stuff your way. However, when you are confident, you will be able to maneuverer around anything that comes your way. The Supreme Confidence Program is tailored to help you live a fulfilling life by helping you achieve the ultimate confidence. Confidence is a silent pillar to a happy and purposeful life. Dating beautiful women and maintaining healthy relationships will become so easy. Confident men don’t have problems picking up beautiful women because women are already attracted to them. We believe that if you can conquer the dating world then you can take life heads on.

All it takes is 14 hours spread over duration of 8 weeks to gain supreme confidence. For those who don’t live in the UK, you can still be part of the program. We will schedule skype face-to-face sessions, and you will have 24/7 email and voice call assistance whenever you need it. When you face a barrier, our experienced experts help you overcome it because it’s what we have been doing for years. Soon your confidence will come as natural as the day.

Course Supreme Confidence
Duration 8 weeks
Frequency Weekly basis meeting
Sessions Length 60 minutes to 90 minutes/ Some sessions 2 hours
How it’s done? Skype/ Video chat /Face to face meeting
Total 14 hours
Email support Unlimited, 24/7
Phone support Unlimited, 24/7
Analysis and Feedback Weekly basis
Reading and Course material Included in price. PDF ’ed and emailed to the client after each session
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My coach told me to write about myself before we began the course. I did it three times, at the beginning, when we were halfway, and after completing the course. You never know when you are in the dark until you see the light. My perception about myself was terrible, but after completing the course, I knew who I was. I realized that I had always been living a mediocre lifestyle. I was always stressed and depressed. I never believed a beautiful woman would fall in love with a guy like me. I watched without control the women I like being taken away by other men. Thank you, Kamalifestyles, for helping me get control of my life. The Supreme Confidence course was worth more than I had given. You cannot put value on the happiness, success, and fulfillment that confidence brings. I recently started to date a lovely girl just after finishing my course. I highly recommend the supreme confidence course. It has changed my life for the good.

Dan, US

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I did my course via Skype. I have been bullied all my life from school to my workplace, and that made my existence miserable. I was 36 years and still single living with my mom. Living with my mom is not a bad thing; it’s the reason behind it that was disturbing. I could not protect myself or didn’t believe in myself, and so I hide behind my mom throughout my life. I signed up for the Supreme Confidence course in 2018, and that was my turning point. Words cannot tell you about the misery of my life before, but I am glad because I am here today. I am confident about myself and my abilities. I have started my own firm, and I live in my place with my beautiful girlfriend and our dog. I believe that signing up for the course
was the best 15 hours of my life. Emre is an extraordinary confidence coach and his colleagues are very knowledgeable. They are there for you and make sure that your confidence grows every week. If you want to increase your level of confidence, definitely invest into our supreme confidence course.

Cruz, Australia

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I wish the Supreme Confidence Course was a lesson in high school because then, some of us would never have gone through what we went through. Lack of confidence sucks all the juice from your life and leaves you with the bitter residue. I never thought someone could help me gain confidence, but these guys are good! I took more time than it was stated in the course. These guys were determined to make it work for me and moved with me at my pace, and for that, I will always have gratitude for Kamalifestyles. It’s like a rebirth. The Hernández you meet now is nothing like the beat-up Hernández people used to know. I say this with all authenticity in my heart. If you haven’t tried the Supreme Confidence course, give it a try. It will change your life for the best. I am now confident and overcame my fears.

Hernández, Canada

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I have known about Kamalifestyles for a long time now, but I had never tried their programs before. I met my high school mate, who we had lost touch for a long time, and how he had transformed was terrific. The secret was the Supreme Confidence course he took at Kamalifestyles years back. So, since I was so much like him growing up, I decided also to take the class because I admired his transformation. Trust me. Your looks mean nothing when you lack or have low confidence. It has been one success after another since I completed the course. I don’t have approach anxiety when it comes to women. I’m no longer going with the flow. I have my life where I want it to be. I can easily approach people and am now very comfortable in any social situation.

Gary, Ireland

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When you think all is lost, turn and let your confidence lead. It will make you navigate through situations that you will look back and won’t be able to explain how you did it. I have always been the guy who absorbs all the cruelty and mistreatment from others. I had a permissive personality. I strived for people to like me, and that makes me take the beating from them politely. I wanted to change that after something traumatic happened. I watched Kamalifestyles videos on youtube, and I made the contact. We talked and I told them the position I am in, and they recommended I try out the Supreme Confidence Course that they offer. I believe the universe led me to you guys because everything has changed so much for the best. I also did the course via Skype and got some excellent material emailed to me. I’m still learning, but I am 100 times better than I was before this course. Thumbs up, guys. You are heaven-sent.

Tyrel, Norway

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