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“A Gentleman’s Ultimate Guide and Cure for Approach Anxiety”

  • Do you find yourself foot heavy, heart beating fast, sweaty and tensed, when you see a beautiful girl you like?
  • Do you have a friend that you secretly love, but you can’t collect yourself to let her know how you feel?

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Well today is your lucky day, my friend, because today we will forge you into an alpha male of your pack. I’m pleased to introduce you to: Social Anxiety: A Gentleman’s Ultimate Guide and Cure for Approach Anxiety. This is an eBook that will help you to build the confidence you need to overcome approach anxiety and to get the girls or the girl you want.

Gentleman, you need to realise that us men fight a lot of secret battles, but in the end, we all want to be happy. We all want to live a life that is fulfilling. Approach anxiety is very real amongst many men, and that is not going to change anytime soon. You are here because you have decided that you will not let your fears or your insecurities define the life that you live. I used to live in the shadows for quite a long time too, and I lived to see the women I’d always wanted, rolling out with other guys. It made me think that something was wrong with me. I even thought, maybe I wasn’t good looking enough. It had crashed my self-worth and my confidence. You see no one ever dies in their nightmares, which means that you should live your life to the fullest when you’re awake. You are here because, deep down, you have a desire to live like and to become an alpha male. So I’ve designed this eBook in order to improve and to give you the confidence, charm, and understanding that you will need to have success with women and relationships.


“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.” ~ Joe Namath”


Social Anxiety: A Gentleman’s Ultimate Guide and Cure for Approach Anxiety was inspired by you! Most of my followers who emailed me or who talked to me through my social media handles, they told me they experienced approach anxiety in some shape or form and would like a way out. Bear in mind that some of these issues are tackled in our YouTube channel.
I wanted to help every guy out there who is struggling with approach anxiety.

So what is the objective of my new eBook Social Anxiety: A Gentleman’s Ultimate Guide and Cure for Approach Anxiety?

  • We want men to have the confidence they need to get the women they desire. Getting a woman that you desire gives you the pleasure you want in a relationship. It is also an indicator that you are on top of your game.
  • Build a positive self-image. The way in which you view yourself is so important because it reflects on what people see in you. Approach anxiety can be triggered by self-doubt. Do you ever think you can’t get the hottest woman in your social circle? Well think again, because I am not going to let your self-doubts come between you and your happiness any more.
  • Learn how to manage approach anxiety. I have an incredible team. They are the reason why we always manage to come up with great material. Approach anxiety can be handled using various techniques. This eBook gives you a systematic way to cope and to manage approach anxiety. It has worked on the guys who signed- up to our training programmes at Kamalifestyles, and that makes me confident that it will work on you too.
  • Nurture your mindset to foster a winning mentality. You need to realise that the self- development techniques that work on other people may not necessarily work on you. We are all different and so to be able to win, when we form a winning mentality, it has to agree with our own individuality. We have to appreciate the fact that we all have our unique strengths. In my eBook, I have focused on how you could use your strengths to get you what you want when approaching women.
  • Learn self-acceptance and love.Why would you give people around you a million chances when they are wrong, and you can’t give yourself a second chance? Your mind is one of the most powerful tools that you have. You need to accept yourself and embrace your imperfections because it makes you unique. Love yourself more, and that love is what will attract people to you. Remember that people will always treat you the way you treat yourself.
  • To make you understand that approach anxiety can be the reason you are unhappy. Approach anxiety doesn’t have to be the battle where you always end up as the casualty. I believe it is easy to know how to overcome something when you understand it more. I will tell you, in black and white terms, why approach anxiety is the reason you are single and not living the life that you desire to live.
  • Creating a comfort zone outside of your comfort zone.I believe that you have the strength and the courage to face something when you are in your comfort zone. Approach anxiety becomes stronger the further you are from your comfort zone. So in my book, I give a clear insight into the techniques to use to make approaching women stay within your comfort zone. These are techniques that will enable you to approach women comfortably, but also to enjoy the process without losing yourself.

Make her the mission

This is the Holy Grail for any guy who wants to increase his success with women. You don’t have to go on a wild goose chase when approaching women. We have figured out what it takes to make a lasting impression that will keep a woman interested in you. You see all women are different, but we also have different strengths ourselves. When you know what to look for and when you know what you’re doing, it becomes easy to get what you want. In this section of the eBook, we focus on the strengths and weaknesses of women. We learn how to use both to get what we want.

There are times when we tell ourselves, reassure ourselves, to make us feel better about our inferior position. In Social Anxiety: A Gentleman’s Ultimate Guide and Cure for Approach Anxiety, I bring you to the hard truths and I give you workable solutions to make your dating life much more fun. Below is a little preview of the hidden gems that you will find in the eBook.

Approach Anxiety Is Illogical

We have approach anxiety because we think that things will not go our way. You don’t need things to go your way to be an alpha male or to be the best in the game. The truth is, things mostly will not go your way because of a wide array of variables, which don’t revolve around you. Rejection is part and parcel of the journey, but what you silently gain when you approach women is what matters. You gain self-confidence, you leave an impression that might make the girl call you back even after saying no to you the first time. You also live free, without regrets of what could have happened if you had approached the girl you desired.

This eBook gives you the reasons that you will need, in order to realise approach anxiety is mental fiction. You can easily overcome it if you focus on what matters to you.

Cold approach

Why do you lose your confidence because a woman you don’t know said no? She might be in a relationship with the guy who donated his lungs to her, and to whom she owes him her life. Cold- approach doesn’t typically work as people tend to think. The higher chances of rejection that come with cold- approach directly tie in to the factors that trigger approach anxiety.

This eBook explains why you shouldn’t let cold- approach bring you down. The moment you have fun with cold approach, that’s when you have it figured out. This book talks about the bold steps you need in order to prepare yourself for whatever cold approach brings your way.


Social Anxiety: A Gentleman’s Ultimate Guide And Cure For Approach Anxiety

(Book Price  £31/€36/$39)

The power of authenticity

You have great potential that lies within you. I am not going to give you the cliche motivational speech to wake you up for a day, then find you’re back to your old ways. Women are not looking for perfection, and that is what we talk about in the book. You should therefore not be anxious if someone is going to like you or not. The reality is is that you have to be yourself and you have to attract those who see the greatness in you.

There are certain things that a woman will look for, immediately, when you approach her. It’s actually in the first few seconds that will make her decide if you are worth her time or not. It’s in the first few seconds where she decides whether you’re just another thirsty creep in the streets. So in this section of the book, we focus on your strengths and we focus on using your imperfections to your advantage. The eBook gives you the hook points to focus on and it tells you how to gauge her response.

I’m not going to spoil it all for you right here! Just remember that approach anxiety makes you feel empty and living by it is what makes you feel lonely. I know this so well because I have been there before myself. And so by having an expert dating coach by your side, this can certainly help you to overcome the obstacles in your mission to get beautiful women. The truth is is that some things can appear to be impossible to overcome, until we make a conscious effort to tackle them ourselves.

I hope you enjoy reading my new eBook, and I hope it inspires you in your journey of self- development and in overcoming your fear of approaching women!

Iain Myles
Executive Dating Coach


Iain Myles, this time, you spoke directly to me. Thank you. I have been battling with approach anxiety since I was a teen. I once walked up to a girl I liked when I was in 6th grade. Let’s just say it did not end up well for me, and it gave me anxiety each time I thought about approaching a girl. The book has given me a new perspective and the hard truth I needed to hear. Awesome read.

Jim Nguyen

Dating Men

Wow!! I have read a lot of articles and books to help me get my game right. But this book is just a whole new thing. My man you have no chills and I love it. Approach anxiety can ruin your happiness if you let. If you want to get over approach anxiety or just looking for something to boost your game, I suggest you read this book.

Earl Kevin

dating coach for men

What can I say? I have been a fan of Kama TV for years, and I owe my success to these guys. I always read the articles and books, and I just had to leave a comment for this book. I do not have problems approaching women now though I did. It is books like this that make me stick with these guys. The book is genuine, informative, and entertaining. Thumbs up guys. Great job.

King David

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Finally, it is out. I was in Kama Lifestyles Residential Training, and we used this book in some of our sessions. It was not published then. I remember our coaches introducing us to this book and diving us according to what chapter applied most to us. I can personally say that the book and the training made me a Casanova. I never thought I would be irresistible to women. You better get your copy if you want to join the big boy’s league.

Justine Lee

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I had a crush on my neighbor for a long time. I was afraid to tell her how I feel because I did not want things to turn weird. After reading a bunch of mediocre pieces online, my friend introduced me to this book. What I got after were confidence and self-value. I won’t lose by opening up, but I will be taking the back seat. I wish every man who feels they are not good enough or they cannot get beautiful women could read this book. The script is simple and to the point. You will come to thank me later after reading it.

Lenon Joel


Social Anxiety: A Gentleman’s Ultimate Guide And Cure For Approach Anxiety

(Book Price  £31/€36/$39)