Online Dating Strategies

The Ultimate Online Dating Guide for Men

I’ll not spare your feelings but I’ll tell you the truth that you need to hear. Create the dating life you want by mastering your online game!!

How To Get Girls To Chase you

During one of my webinars, I asked the gentlemen how many of them will say they have independence and freedom in their dating lives.

It was an important question because relationships can feel like a prison when you are giving more than you get. But you’d not settle for less than what you want if you knew that you could get any woman you want.

Online dating is the new normal and more people are meeting their life-long partners, hookups, and friends online. However, not every gentleman is winning in this space that’s full of potential. And the main reason that guys are not winning is that they haven’t fully grasped the art of gaming women online.

Physical presence, nonverbal cues, and body language are some of the pillars of forging a strong relationship. These are crucial pillars that most guys fail to inspire when forging an online relationship with a woman they are attracted to.

That means that you’ll have problems solidifying trust and comfort that will make the transition to physical meeting easy.

When I was writing the Online Dating Strategies: The Ultimate Online Dating Guide for Men, I didn’t know it will be a bestseller. But I had an inspiration and motivation to help guys become good with women. It is heartbreaking when you see a man’s ego and masculinity crushed because of an inferior game with women.

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And it has been a humbling experience as I get reviews from all over the world about how the eBook has helped guys transform their online techniques and increase their success.

There’s a magic pill to make you successful in online dating… you are the magic!

I can tell you how much your dating life is missing life if you’re not presenting yourself in the online dating space.

But I’d rather give you solutions that will make you a master of your game. The Online Dating Strategies: The Ultimate Online Dating Guide for Men eBook is the guide that will keep you on the winners’ side.

Dating Strategies

Most guys have a signature move when they cold approach a woman. That means that they start from a place they are comfortable with and escalate slowly to the unknown. The signature move is also important when you want to attract women.

The eBook is tailored to bring out the magic in you on the smoke screens. However, your commitment and desire to be a master in your game is what will make the eBook a masterpiece or just another book you have in your collection.

One of the challenging things that you’ll experience in online dating is how to present yourself in a way that will attract beautiful women to you.

When you are approaching a woman physically, you’ll take some cold reading in mind before you approach. The clues you get from cold reading will help you know how to present yourself.

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On the other hand, most men approach women with very few clues about them. To overcome this shortcoming, there are a series of questions and analyses you have to do on yourself and the woman you want to approach. Deciding to approach a woman just because you’ve seen her sexy pic on your timeline is a beta move.

Online dating gives you everything you can dream of. However, with such opportunities, it’s easy to get confused and end up approaching women whom you have to do a lot to form a connection.

One way of approaching online dating is by harmonizing your personality and the women you want to attract.

When you know the type of women you want to approach online, already you have something they all share and that’s where you start the conversation. Now, I don’t tell you in the book the type of women that you should follow online. However, I inspire your curiosity to think like a master when it comes to dating.

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For example, a master will not go for a woman that they aren’t attracted to because of the fierce competition that they might experience gaming an extremely hot woman. A master never puts the woman on a pedestal and his conversation is different from what the woman is used to.

As a master, you’ll have to first understand yourself and what you value to inspire a decision that you’ll be glad you made afterwards.

Become unchallengeable by understanding the secrets of how to game women that are getting a lot of male attention!!

One characteristic about men is their desire and will to be at the top because any other place might look like you’re failing. We want to have the finest that life has to offer. And that inspires the competitive nature that’s cultivated in men from an early age.

While you are going to meet a lot of women online, you are also going to experience a more fierce competition than what you do in your block. Your taste in women might be a popular opinion among men. A woman, on the other hand, will go for a guy that stands out from the rest.

  • How do you stand out online?
  • What plays against you when approaching a woman with a lot of male attention?
  • How do you make a woman ignore all the other attention she’s getting from guys?
  • How do you attract that woman to you?

Women are still the same whether you are talking to them in person or online. You can trigger the same emotions that most women find irresistible. Women get obsessed with the source that triggers the feeling it’s like the crack of emotions.

Now, women will get obsessed with men for various reasons. However, one thing that’s constant in all women that chase after guys and get obsessed with them is that the women hold these men in very high regard. She willingly takes the submission role to inspire the man to choose her.

In the eBook, I talk about invoking deeper emotions in women that will make them feel closer to you (Chapter 3). You become valuable to the woman you are interacting with when they get personal with you. Now, you have to be careful because some women pretend to be personal with you as a catfishing technique (Page 46).

Setting yourself up for success in the online dating world is more simple than most people think!!

We told 100 guys to set up their profiles and observed how they engaged and interacted with women online. Only a handful of guys were able to navigate the conversation traps and keep the interaction engaging for the woman to want to keep it going.

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Conversation mastery and finesse

Bouncing back from a boring conversation or conversation barriers and challenges is a crucial skill because women depend on the conversation mostly to judge your character. When you get stuck in a conversation, it introduces room for doubt and withdrawal (Page 27).

One way that the eBook Online Dating Strategies: The Ultimate Online Dating Guide for Men is going to set you up for success is by shedding light on how to be skillful at having a conversation with a woman you just met online.

  • What do you need to know about the woman that increases your value in the interaction?
  • How do you inspire mystery in online dating without raising doubt?
  • How do you set up your conversation to guarantee you explore what you desire?

You’ll find answers and tips that will inspire you to think beyond the limiting beliefs that most guys have about the online dating game.

Select your playground

The online dating scene is structured to cater to every taste and desire that you may have. When you are in the wrong place, you’ll find it challenging to create meaningful connections and score beautiful women. Understanding where to get the women you are attracted to and a place that fits your personality and individuality is key when preparing yourself for success.

For example, if you are married and you are in a single people dating space, chances are you might not get what you are looking for unless you are planning to be deceptive. However, there are dating spaces that can accommodate your current situation and still cater to your desires.

In the eBook, I analyze the mistakes guys make when they are signing up for online dating. It critically looks at areas in your dating life and personality that can act as a guide to help you find the best online dating space for yourself.

You have a unique set of strengths and weaknesses (Page 38). A suitable dating site or app for you is one that encourages you to utilizeyour strengths more than it exposes your weaknesses.

Understanding the assignment

You have an advantage that most women you meet in the online dating space are ready to look for guys. However, the reason that women looking for men turn some men down is that their approach was a cliché.

Gorgeous women are likely approached by guys that first confess their outstanding beauty. However, unless she’s looking for a hookup, most beautiful women will ignore the guy. It’s crucial to have an idea of the woman you’ve approached before initiating the conversation.

You’ll get a lot of sneaky techniques of how to understand a woman you desire before you approach her.This information is critical in the buildup of your game. You can get out of conversation traps or transition topics when you know what the woman wants and what you have to offer.

You have a unique set of strengths and weaknesses (Page 38). A suitable dating site or app for you is one that encourages you to utilizeyour strengths more than it exposes your weaknesses.

Handling online dating burnout

Online dating is a competitive space and you need to have the right energy to be successful. Most guys in online dating even those with notable success with women experience online dating fatigue. The mental and emotional impact that dating burnout can trigger can throw you off your game.

The first step to curbing the online fatigue menace is to know the signs to look out for. The next is to understand the proper ways to handle burnout. Guys who experience dating burnout from little to no success with women might feel like giving up on the whole process or keep pushing when things aren’t working which triggers more frustration and unhappiness.

In the eBook, we explore how to identify and overcome online dating burnout (Page 91). The feeling that you’ve hit every inbox of the woman you were attracted to and none of them seem interested in you can creates a lot more internal instability than most people think at first.

There are techniques that you can use to avoid self-loathing that might be triggered by the feeling of insufficiency. There’s a segment in the eBook about handling rejection which is an important build-up to handling burnout.

When you can distinguish how people define you from how you define yourself, it becomes easy to handle things like rejection. It doesn’t make it any easier, but you’ll not go down a negative rabbit hole that will trap you in an undesirable space.

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Get the woman coming back for more until she’s addicted to you!!

Online dating is fun because you have a lot of room for creativity. You can explore more about a woman before you have a physical meeting. The questions you ask a woman when you are interacting with her silently show her why you are interested in her.

You’d know what most women are doing if you are keen on their social media. However, the trick is in finding a balance between knowing enough to be impressive and knowing enough to look like a stalker.

There’s so much information out there about people but you have to be skilled at how you filter the information to become the master of your game. You’ll realize as you read the eBook the crucial areas to know about a woman that will make it easy for you to game her. For example, you can know from her social media if she’s a dog or a cat person.

Showing off your cold reading skills and telling her something she hasn’t told you will seem impressive because it displays deep interest. But when you mention the name of her pet that’s when it becomes awkward and you look like a stalker.

I have provided you with the tools to build your online dating strategy and it will give you what you desire. However, the power to make a difference lies on your will to achieve it. Grab yourself a copy right now and start working on the dating life you want to have.

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