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Quickly Create Amazing Scripts That Land Dates and Never Run Out of Things to Say


How important is mastering the art of conversation in increasing your success with women? Whether it’s a cold approach or meeting the woman you like online, a conversation is one of the crucial aspects of getting the woman you want.

However, most men just don’t know what women want to hear, and they end up losing the woman they like. I know it can sometimes be challenging to know what women are looking for in conversation or a man. But what if I told you that there are formulas and scripts that can help you become a master in talking to women.

Would you go or it? Let’s take a quick assessment, right?

  • Do you experience approach anxiety with women?
  • Do you run out of things to say when you are talking to a woman?
  • Do you fall into the conversation traps when talking to women?
  • Do you want to become eloquent and fascinating to women?

If any of your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. At the end of it, you will have a solution to how you can start your journey to become the master of conversation with women.

For years Kamalifestyles has always come up with new ways to help guys build themselves and get the women they want. We continuously do our research and develop fool-proof tools that will take you a step closer to becoming a women’s magnet. Well, we have another exciting product that will cut your work by more than half.

I am talking about the Kamalifestyles’ Script Builder. It is one of the tools that we use in in-house training’s, but with everything going on, we can use some good news.

That’s why we are releasing Kamalifestyles’ best-kept secret to the world. Its success in our in-house training is phenomenal, and that’s why we can’t keep it as a secret during a time that everyone needs someone.

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Most men who experience approach anxiety it’s usually because of a lack of things to say or confidence. It is a bad place to be because approach anxiety imprisons you to live on the sidelines while your peers and friends flourish in the dating scene.However, if you know what to say, you will be confident to approach a beautiful woman you like online and off line because you believe in your content and know exactly what to say.

It is a form of liberation isn’t it? We tested the Script Builder with guys who were experiencing approach anxiety, and the results were phenomenal.

After one to two tries, they were confident to approach beautiful women and engage them in an exciting conversation. Their success rate with women went up.

As it is a product that is targeted towards attracting females we decided that it would be a good idea to see if my own female friends would find it attractive and feel the seduction. So we began conducting social experiments where my old and new clients would approach my friends with our newly built scripts them without knowing. And I also got them approach other girls on dating apps, the streets, bars, coffee shops and clubs.

The experiments were very successful. Especially my friend was nearly going to fall in love with the client as our seduction scripts were very effective. My friend had a boyfriend so we had to stop the test as she felt little bit guilty.

So, the client ran the scripts on one of my other single friends and the result was even better and my friend said she would definitely date the client… later on we all went out and the client made out with my friend using the seduction scripts.

The same client was out on his own after practicing the openers and the attraction script builder template the following week and he got an instant date and seduced a woman by using the script builder seduction templates. Listen guys this is just a glimpse of what you can do with this script builder!

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You can easily build the dating and seduction scripts using the templates in Script Builder.

Yes you can honestly… there are many templates in it. The Script Builder comes in various formats depending on which topic you want to tackle. Let’s say you want to know how to approach a woman and start a conversation. Usually, when you approach a woman in the streets, bar, or anywhere, you have a short window to capture her attention and build her interest in you. We have developed a Script Builder that can help you capture the attention of the woman you’ve approached before your window expires.The Script Builder also includes different circumstances that you might find yourself approaching a woman and how to do it skillfully. For example, the Script Builder has a day game and street openers to help you know how to approach such a situation if you ever find yourself in it.

However, most men just don’t know what women want to hear, and they end up losing the woman they like. I know it can sometimes be challenging to know what women are looking for in conversation or a man. But what if I told you that there are formulas and scripts that can help you become a master in talking to women.

The trick to capturing her interest in you depends on how quickly you can assess her and now what she is into. Now, the Script Builder has a format that will help you be able to determine the kind of woman she is and what her interest is. That is just one of the Script Builders in Kamalifestyles treasure chest.

The Script Builder Gives You The Templates, Scripts And Strategies Which Will Help You Approach, Date, Text and Attract Women!

Yes, we have Script Builders for a wide array of topics that can help you advance to getting women. Some of them include;

  • Seduction
  • Flirting
  • Texting
  • Attraction
  • Creating conversation hooks
  • Bridging conversations
  • Overcoming dating objections
  • Conversation redirection
  • Keeping up with a boring conversation script builder among so many others.

Script Builders are tailored to be flexible so that you can customize the scripts to fit your personality, needs, and strengths. So, what are the benefits of using Kamalifestyles’ Script Builder? Well;

  • You’ll never run out of things to say. The Script Builder is designed to give you the hooks in conversation that most men overlook but have great importance in wowing the woman.
  • You will attract women easily. The Script builder will help you to form all the attraction routines and stories.
  • You will control the conversation. It’s also designed to help you redirect the conversation masterfully if a topic introduced does not favor you. Approach anxiety can be beaten with preparedness.
  • You will be more confident than ever before. The Script Builder helps you prepare your content so that you don’t freeze when you want to approach a woman.
  • You will forget the anxiety as it will never be an issue. The Script Builder gives you pointers on what to look for, thus reducing your anxiety levels.
  • You will overcome any dating objections effortlessly. The script builder will show you the way to encounter all the objections thus reducing flakes.
  • You will build trust and comfort. The Script Builder will help you masterfully craft your comfort and trust building routines.
  • You will take more action. It is easy to conquer what you understand. When you know what women want, it becomes easy to get the women you want. The Script Builders are designed to help you know what interests and fascinates the woman you have approached. There are sneaky techniques that can be used to get to understand a woman without asking her bluntly.
  • You will be more assertive. When you know the answer or a solution to something, you become assertive and confident when you approach the situation. The Script Builders are designed to blend with your personality and still be giving you the assertiveness and conversation mastery skill you need to get the woman you want.
  • You will be more successful with women. When it’s all said and done, you will always have the woman you desire. Women are attracted to men who challenge and intrigue them at the same time. The Script Builders are designed to give you that edge that most women look for in men.

There are so many benefits to using the Script Builders that we cannot exhaust all on a single page. Sometimes you might approach a woman that seems to like you, but you still lose her because the ambiance was not right.

You can create the type of conversation ambiance you want by following simple guides in the Script Builders. It’s also important to note that the Script Builders are blueprints that will help you architecture the type of conversation you want and come to the desired outcome.

Training yourself to talk to women can trigger a persuasive and influential effect on your personality. You’ll find yourself becoming persuasive to people around you.

There you have the secret. Now, the question is, what are you going to do with the secret? Are you going to sideline yourself and see the beautiful girls being taken by other guys, or are you going to step up and take your share of glory?

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Dating master

You can never go wrong with the script builder!! Wow, the Kamalifestyles’ script builder is one of the most amazing tools for any guy that wants to increase their success with women. I attended the Kamalifestyles training in 2018 when I was just fresh off college. I struggled to get women because I would freeze each time I wanted to approach a beautiful woman. I had dated before, but the relationship was not fulfilling because I was dating a girl that knew I would never go anywhere. The relationship got toxic, and I left. I was single for a long time until I was introduced to Kamalifestyles by my mate. I remember my coach giving me a script builder and telling me to make it my own before approaching women. I used it without changing much, and it worked wonders for me. Now I have it all packed in one! Thumbs up Kamalifestyles for sharing this with the world.
Lode, England

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The script builder is an excellent tool. I was an ex-pat, and my English was not that good. The cultural difference also made it hard for me to get women. In my country, approaching women was very different from the way things were done here. I learned about Kamalifestyles’ script builder on their YouTube channel, and I thought I would give it a try. I had researched so many ways on how to approach women, but nothing was working for me. When I first looked at the script builder for approaching women, I was impressed by the different approaches that they were using. The script builder has worked so well for me that I get women everywhere I go now. Thank you, guys. Keep up the fantastic job!
Jaheem, Canada

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Five-star rating for the Kamalifestyles script builder. I have been struggling with low self-esteem for a long time. It affected my dating life because I would experience approach anxiety each time I wanted to approach a woman. The feeling of wanting to have a date, but not being able to get one was frustrating for me. I bumped into Kamalifestyles when I was seeking for help to be able to get dates. I did my Kamalifestyles sessions online, and I was given the script builders to work on how I approach and talk to women. The script builders are the best thing that ever happened to me and my dating life. It works. I tailored them based on my own personality. On my first try, I got a girl, and we dated for two years before we got married. I always celebrate you Kamalifestyles for the incredible impact you’ve had on my life.
Tyler, New York

dating coaching for men

The script builder is the bomb! I was in the research group. After three months of using the script builder, I can say that it’s nothing short of genius. I am not a funny guy, and my sense of humor is below average. But I was amazed at how women would find me fascinating and entertaining when I talked to them after customizing my script. I say that the script builder is
nothing short of genius because it helped me get a chick that had proven to be a hard nut to crack even to my peers. The script builder motivates you to take on challenges because it prepares you well enough to counter anything that comes your way in a conversation. I loved the conversation redirection script builder because each time a woman would introduce or ask a question that does not go well with me, I would find a way to ditch it and introduce something fun that I am good at. And it always works. Haha, these guys are awesome. If you haven’t tried the script builder, then you don’t know what you are missing.
Bruno, German

Dating master

It’s a phenomenal tool. I have always thought that I am good with women because out of 20 women, I would get at least one. And I was okay with that. But continuous rejection can take a toll on you even if you are the most strong-willed person. When I heard about the script builder, I was curious, so I wanted to get the idea, and I got mine. Until you see the script builder is when you’ll understand why they say it’s Kamalifestyles’ best-kept secret. The tool helps you come up with your own script from learning from the script provided. The provided scripts are amazing and can help you get a woman with no sweat. When I started using the script builder, my success with women almost hit 80%. It’s crazy because I just changed a few things in the scripts to feel original. Guys, you should really try this tool. It can give your dating life a 180-degree turn in just a matter of weeks. Good job, guys, on the tool.
Jordan, Wales

Dating master

Wow! The script builder changed my life. I have been trying different tools from other dating companies to make myself better with women. Honestly didn’t get the result. I have been watching their youtube channel and when I heard about the script builder, I knew that they developed a tool that would work perfectly for me. My biggest challenge was talking to women because my head will be blank each time I faced a hurdle in the conversation. The script builder has helped me avoid conversation traps and taking the lead in the conversation while creating the illusion that she has control. I am now living life in the fast lane because ladies cannot get enough of me.
Lameck, Sweden

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