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social circle determines your success in dating

social circle determines your success in dating

social circle determines your success in dating

When you decide that you want to get an important part of your life such as dating handled it usually means that you have to make big changes in your life.

Not only do you have to change your mind set and get rid of bad habits like negative thinking, you will also have to deal with changes in your social circle as well. It is important to realise this so you can make your social circle work for you in order to engineer the results with dating that you want.

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Poisonous friends

When you start to change an aspect of yourself for the better, you will come across resistance and conflict within yourself because part of you will not want to change. The same can most likely happen with some of your friends. It is very true when they say that you can judge a person based on the friends that they have.

Think about it logically, people will hang around with other people that have the same interests, hobbies and personality. Some of your friends will not like this new change in you and they will try to stop you from changing and they may do everything that they can to stop you.

If some of your friends act accordingly like maybe ignoring you or chastising you it is important that you see this behaviour for what it is and not to buy into it. You are changing your life for the better and if they really are your friends then they will support you.

I am not saying that you should cut them off but you should cut down the time that you spend with them. You should only make time for your friends that support you, otherwise they will only make you doubt your resolve and hamper your progress.

Positive friends

It is important that you go out of your way to find and make positive friends that will support you. It is especially important that you find guys that will wing you when you are approaching and meeting women both during the day and at night when you are out.

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Being friends with someone like this that has the same goals will make it far easier for you to achieve your goals in the long run as both of you will benefit from each other’s feedback and support.

High level

It would also help to know a few guys that are already at a very high level when it comes to attracting and dating women. I would not recommend that you go out of your way to find guys like this when you are just starting out as depending on the type of person that you are you may get overwhelmed by them in what they can do and find yourself comparing yourself against them.

But when you get to a good level, they can help to push you to do feats that are out of your comfort zone and their positive mentality and traits will eventually rub off on you.

social circle determines your success in dating

Women friends

Again this is something that you should not concern yourself too much with when you are first starting out with dating but when you get more confident and comfortable within yourself I would recommend that you also go out of your way to make friends with beautiful women.

Not only will you find out and get to understand what women want in a man but you will also get more comfortable around beautiful women and you will start to see them as normal people with their own insecurities and faults and your dating and attraction skills will improve as a result as you will find it harder to give them importance based on how attractive they are.

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