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How to Seduce a Woman

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When you watch two chess masters play it’s like a dance of the angels. Each step complements the next. Seduction has the same nature.

A guy that has mastered the art of seduction is every guy’s nightmare and every woman’s dream. He makes attracting women look so easy.

However, seduction has something about it that makes it addictive.

Seduce a Woman

When you are seducing a woman, you go back to your natural instincts. You become a hunter once more and the woman you want is the catch.

Like natural-born hunters, seduction requires a high sense of patience and precision.

When you go in too fast, you’ll scare the woman. When you wait for too long, the woman will walk away.

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In this blog, you’ll explore ways that will build your seduction skills. We’ll look at how to seduce a woman.

Why is it crucial to master seduction skills? Women feel attraction different from us. Guys mostly get attracted to any woman that fits their physical fantasy.

However, women are attracted to how men make them feel.

Seduction inspires a lot of emotions in a woman.

The seduction at its best creates intense mystery which triggers a woman’s curiosity. If you play your seduction cards right, her curiosity grows to interest.

At this point, a woman fights within herself. Her need to self-preserve fights her growth of interest in you.
Seduction is the force that makes it hard for a woman to say no to you.

There is a difference between how you seduce a woman you just met and the way you seduce a woman to bed. First, let’s look at how to seduce a woman you’ve just met.

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1.     Dress to impress

A woman’s first impression of you can play to your advantage or disadvantage when you approach her.

Women are very sensitive about the guys they allow in their personal space. Dressing well makes you social proof.

That makes a lot of people feel comfortable around you even if they’ve never met you.

You need to inspire a sense of comfort and trust with the first impression you make which is mostly how you are dressed and groomed.

When a woman is impressed by your dressing, seduction comes in smoothly because you have her attention.

  • Dress clothes that fit because they illuminate your masculinity.
  • Create a style that defines your personality.
  • Dress in something that does not attract too much attention.

2.     Display confidence

Seduction can be an epic failure when you are not confident in yourself or your skills. You’ll seem desperate to get what you desire and that can be a mood killer.

Confidence is a complimentary touch to a guy that’s well dressed. Women are attracted to confident guys because of how they make them feel.

Confidence is addictive. Your confidence will inspire confidence in a woman and she’ll do things you would not do on a usual day.

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When you have a woman feeling like a daredevil, you are almost hitting the bull’s eye.

3.     Make your intentions clear

You need to be on the same page with a woman for seduction to be successful. Women will play coy even if they are interested in you.

But most women fear rejection and that’s why they wait for a guy to make the first move. Make your intentions clear that you want her.

When a woman senses your desire, she’ll start thinking if she can get freaky with you.

Once a woman understands your intentions, she’ll adjust her boundaries for you if she’s interested.

The more boundaries she adjusts for you, the wider your scope of seduction grows. Flirting is a sneaky way to make your intentions clear.

4.     Take advantage of nonverbal cues & body language

Telling a woman you just met that you want to hit it, is bold, but it rarely works.

Nonverbal cues and body language are great tools of seduction. It’s the only safe way to test if things are going your way.

When you see a woman biting the side of her lower lips with a soft stare at you, you immediately know it’s going down.

Body language is a great tool for seduction because it builds sexual tension. You know something is coming, you just don’t see it coming.

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That’s the power that body language adds to your seduction adventure.

  • Use your eyes to invoke emotions in her. Eyes can be very seductive even in guys. Display confident eye contact but lighten it up with a smile. It makes it playful. The trick is how you use your eyes to draw her attention to your advances.
  • Using touch is the best way to escalate. Start slow with touch in not too sensitive areas like her hand. Slowly continue pushing the limits until you have her where you want her. A woman that lets you touch her thighs, is showing you if you play right you might just bite.
  • Assume a confident posture. Let your shoulders relax and lean them a little back to push out your chest. Let your chest face her. Your posture will inspire comfort and confidence in the woman. It will also illuminate your masculinity.
  • Manipulate your tone to create an ample environment for seduction. Slow down your tempo and deepen your voice a little bit, just enough to still seem natural. Systematically combining the seductive nonverbal cues and with body language make you irresistible.

5.     Observe the woman’s reactions

Mastering the art of conversation is crucial because you understand how to interpret verbal and nonverbal communications.

To seduce a woman, you need to understand her. But since you don’t have weeks to talk to her to understand her.

Listening and observing her reactions can give you an idea of what she doesn’t like and what she likes.

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Seduction at its peak blends both emotional and physical aspects. Maintain eye contact each time you are advancing seduction intensity.

For example, you are going to touch a woman’s hand and she fidgets. That’s an indication that she is not all in yet.

Going through with touch even after the red flag will jeopardize your seduction.

When a woman likes you, she’ll also start flirting with you. It’s important to note the signs of interest and attraction that the woman displays.

It will give you momentum and also guide you not to move too fast.

You’ll face a lot of objections at the start because most of the woman’s boundaries are still in place. However, the objections are supposed to be lesser as you seduce her.

Lack of objections is also a reaction and a good one. It shows that the woman is all in.

How to seduce a woman to bed

What we’ve seen is seduction with parental guidance. But when you want to take a woman to bed, you have to bring in the big guns.

If you are not getting her from red street, she needs to feel safe before going home with you. Let’s see how you can seduce a woman to bed.

1.     Create a chilled environment.

It’s challenging to seduce a woman when her mind is somewhere else.

There are so many ways you can create a chilled environment which ranges from giving her attention to things around you.

You can even offer her a shoulder massage to make her relax and be in the moment. Seduction is more intense when there are just the two of you in existence.

Paying attention to her can calm her mind and make her pay attention to you.

Clean up your place to reduce distractions. Remove items that might raise doubt and trigger last-minute withdrawal (Guys, you know the items I’m talking about).

When the mood is right, anything is possible.

2.     Build sexual tension

Building sexual tension can make a woman crave for you. You can turn the tables around and make her chase you if you build the right intensity of sexual tension.

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Women are more in touch with their emotions as compared to men. Seduction is a slow heat that raises her emotional temperatures to levels she can’t control.

Touch is an excellent way to build intense sexual tension with any woman you desire. First, touch is intimate and can make a woman more submissive to your seduction advances.

Her sexual desires towards you intensify the more her anticipation grows.

3.     Pull out of the game.

The power of seduction lies within understanding when to dive in and when to pull out. Most women distrust men.

A woman might be reluctant when it’s you convincing her to go to bed with you. But you don’t have to do anything when she thinks she wants it.

Slowly reducing your seduction momentum when it has hit the peak, will make the woman want to take up the load.

She’ll want the energy to stay the same. And so, as you pull out, she draws. That’s something I call reverse seduction.

However, don’t pull out too much as it might be a buzzkill or indicate a lack of interest.

Seduction will depend on how well you’ll explore a woman’s sexual side and understand her.

However, you have to build inner confidence that will motivate you to get what you desire.

When you aren’t sure about escalating, and you’ve started, it might put off the woman. Developing your conversation skills can build your seduction skills too.

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Women are not complex when you know which buttons to press.