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How to get a girlfriend over text

How to get a girlfriend over text

So, you’re texting this new hot babe and you feel like you want to take things to the next level, how do you handle it like a pro and get her to be your girlfriend?

Have you ever been in one of those texting situations where you are trying to text a girl but she suddenly ghosts? You probably need to read through this article so that I can provide you with sure tips that will get her interested in being more than just your friend.

It may seem as if women are very complicated to understand, but the truth of the matter is that you only need to know a few things to keep her interested and satiated.

We will look at ways to keep the conversation fiery and make her fall in love with you over text almost instantly. After you get her number, the way you proceed with texting her immediately lets her know whether you are a potential guy she wants to be with.

Texting is a special dating language, instituted to make sure that even the shy guys get a chance to gather their wits and impress a lady. It is the way people vibe to establish a connection, and it is through texting that you can establish inside jokes.

Another great thing you can establish through texting is a longing for you. That’s right fellas, you can use texting to make her yearn for you and want to spend more time with you.

Gentlemen, if you play your cards right, texting will be a highlight in the stories she tells your grandchildren. So in this blog, I’ll tell you all about how to get a girlfriend over text.

Flirt Playfully

Flirting is another great dating language that is essential to learn. Flirting over text gives you the perfect amount of time and opportunity to say something witty and highlight your best side dating coach for men.

How to get a girlfriend over text

Women love it when a guy becomes flirtatious with them in a creative manner, so kick out those cheesy pick-up lines and customize the lines that you throw her way. For example, if she has a quirky habit of biting her lip when she is nervous, flirting with her could go something like this;

You: “Uh-oh, I have some bad news, not sure how to break it down without risking you losing your lower lip.”

Her: “The lip has served me well James, I will be fine without it.”

You: “Okay, I looked in the mirror today and shuddered when I saw the beautiful man staring back. If I continue to grow more handsome, the world will surely be at risk.

During such an interaction, she will laugh at the cheesy lines you have come up with, but she will appreciate you noticing her quirks and teasing her about them.

A large part of flirting involves teasing; it is a great way to let her know you like being around her. It also lets her feel comfortable because she will not try to be perfect all the time with you.

Flirting playfully over texts makes her look forward to your texts because she knows a little complimenting and flirting will be thrown her way. This will get her hooked to your texts and in turn, she will want to spend more time with you.

You are one step closer to understanding how to get a girlfriend over text.

Keep it short and classy

Another great way to keep her interested in you via text is by learning the art of keeping it short and sweet. Too much texting or always being available when she is texting might actually do more harm than good.

A skillful texter knows when their audience has had enough, they also know how to keep their audience hooked intently the entire time they are texting.

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming a girl wants you to constantly be there answering her texts and filling up her inbox unnecessarily.

When you are constantly available to text her, it will seem as if you do not have a lot going on with your life. The danger in this is that she will start getting less attracted to you.

That’s right guys, women are attracted to a guy that seems like he has things going on in his life. If you feel as if you have to text her, try engaging in a hobby first, she might thank you later.

Not only do you have to know how much to text her, but you also need to figure out when to cut the conversation short. If you are constantly texting her, there is a risk of you falling into the friendzone. Here’s why:

She will get comfortable knowing you and she might start seeing you as a friend because she will start to share her problems with you.

Remember, texting is not the way to get to know each other. You will risk losing topics to speak about in person, and you might assume you know each other well enough and spoil the texting mood.

The texts should be used to try and figure her out without overdoing it.

Keep it funny and light

You do not have to be a regular old comedian to figure out that women want to spend time with a guy who makes them laugh. If you make her laugh, she will definitely text you more and want to spend more time with you.

Laughing a lot makes her feel like you always make her happy.

You cannot be a regular funny guy if you are talking about politics so keep things light. Try not to engage her in chat conversations that might lead to disagreements.

You will have plenty of time to disagree on politics and religion, but texting is not the place to bring it up. Remember to avoid the following hot topics:

  • Politics, you are not running for office so she doesn’t need to hear all that.
  • Religion may lead to unnecessary disagreements.
  • An ex; if you speak well about an ex you like them, if you speak ill, you’re not over them.
  • Your family background, she is not your shrink!
  • Sexual experiences, it will make her feel judged and scrutinized before you guys get in the sack.
  • Marriage; she is texting you because she likes you, take it slow.
  • Sex; it seems like you have a unilateral goal with her and you risk making her feel used.

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Texting is sort of like flirting in more ways than one. You let her get to know your personality through texting while making sure the things you are talking about are exciting to her. This is a subtle way to familiarize yourselves with each other and it is a great way to set boundaries easily.

How to get a girlfriend over text

Texting also allows both of you to say sensitive things without an awkward encounter, so always keep it light!

Like I told you, girls want a man that can make them laugh. This means that when she texts you about her day, she doesn’t want you to be her shrink and undo the day, she probably has friends for that. You would probably do better if you texted her something that made her laugh.

There is one secret rule for texting a girl that you are interested in. Does the text you are typing out make you smile? If it does not make you smile, then you probably shouldn’t send it out.

Your texts have to feel like a drug every time she sees them on the notification bar. The only way to do that is to give her immeasurable joy with every small nugget you deposit in her inbox.

Keep it positive

Have you ever been around a person that just takes the joy out of hanging out with them? Nobody likes to be around this guy because they dampen the mood for everybody around them.

Such people might not even know they are such a downer, but that does not stop you from thinking they are a bore. If your texts do not spark a smile from her, then you are that guy to her.

As you already know, she does not want a mood dampener for the company. That is why you should always keep things positive. Your texts shouldn’t be the only thing radiating positivity, you should too!

When you are really positive, she will be able to feed off of that energy and she will be positive as well.

Having a negative attitude all the time will reflect on the texts that you are sending her.

When you send her a text when you are in a bad mood, she will definitely sense it.

Also, when you are in a negative state of mind, you won’t be able to come up with a fun text to send her and you may come off as lazy. She may also think that you have lost interest in her.

You might start to get comfortable and feel as if you can text her even when you are in a bad mood to let her know what you are feeling. Whatever you do, don’t let that feeling take charge of you. You do not want her to feel as if you are the dampening guy in her inbox. She might also start to lose attraction to you and start to feel like you are making her play the role of a friend.

Be present and focus (one topic at a time)

Women love to get attention, and it is no different when you are texting her. When having a conversation with a girl, your best bet is to let her know that you are listening.

The same thing applies to texting. Try to remember things she said when she texted and use them relevantly in your texting future.

When you pay attention to a girl’s texting language and take note of little things that she says even indirectly, it will definitely give you points when you bring it up in a fun way in the future.

If she tells you that on Thursday, she is going to be up to something and she tells you about this information on Sunday, then make sure you ask about it on Thursday.

When you ask about relevant information like that, she will see that you are actually concerned about things that are going on in her life. This will make her feel comfortable around you and she will feel like she can count on you.

If she feels like she can count on you, it means that she is going to just as easily consider you as somebody she can have in the future.

While it is a good idea to be present in your texting relationship, it is probably better to be present in your life as well. You are probably wondering how being present in your life is going to make you a texting master, I will explain to you how that happens.

Being focused on your life and being present in everything you are doing cuts down on the levels of anxiety that you can handle. When you are at work, try to focus on work and getting the job done. Make sure you do not let go of any hobbies and that you participate in.

When you are engaged in a happy and healthy lifestyle beyond the girl you are interested in, it improves your interaction with the girl significantly. When you are busy with other things, you have no time to overthink what you are going to text her or obsess over an unanswered text. It will also put you at ease.

If a woman knows that you have other things going on in her life, she will be interested. This is because she knows you will not occupy a lot of her time and that your desperation levels are low.

Don’t overdo it, strike a balance

Balance is quite an important aspect even in our daily routines and our lives. However, balance during texting is considered essential.

Do not spend all of your time and charm while texting and forget to balance it out with physical meetings and phone calls. When you are constantly texting, there is a risk of losing a lot of things.

One such thing is the opportunity to get to know her. If you are constantly texting that hot babe, you are likely to become very personal in the chats. That means that you may reveal things to each other that needed to be revealed in person.

This makes you feel as if you know her too well and assumptions seep into your interactions. She might also do the same with you.

Another thing that gets lost in texting too much is your image in her eyes. If you are always available for texting, she creates two scenarios in her mind. In the first scenario, she might feel as if you are never up to something and that might cause her to lose interest very fast.

In the second scenario, if you are constantly texting her, she might think that you are desperate, and trust me, it will show! If you are always texting, not even giving her texts time to breathe in the inbox before you reply, buddy, she will smell the desperation.

You need to strike a balance between texting and your other interactions. Call her and know whether she is doing fine, and take her out on dates. If you do not interact with her in other ways, the relationship will simply fizzle out because the texting becomes old.

Asking her out on dates and making the effort to communicate with her using other mediums shows her that you are interested in being in a relationship with her. The more time you spend together, the more she will be interested in becoming your girlfriend.

So the question remains… how to get a girlfriend over text?

There are many ways you can capture a girl’s attention but none quite works its magic like texting. Once you are a texting expert, it will allow you to pace the relationship and showcase your personality in the process. Your texting tone will keep her hooked, so make sure you keep the tone light, classy and funny.

Texting is an art that few have mastered. By mastering the technique of a true master texter, no woman is going to be safe from the power of your charm.

Women like to be charmed which is why you have to constantly compliment and flirt with her so that she knows you think she is special. Who doesn’t want to spend time with someone that makes them feel special?

With the tips in this article, you can transform a simple interaction with a girl who doesn’t know you, into a rich blooming relationship with a lot of inside jokes.

So, stop texting like an obsessive maniac and take the cool road into texting women like a pro! Good Luck!