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What girls think about skinny guys

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“What girls think about skinny guys”, I hear you asking.

Like men, girls are attracted to all sorts of builds in a guy. It is all down to a girl’s preference. There is no set answer that will cover what every girl thinks about a skinny guy as it varies.

Think about skinny guys

What girls think about skinny guys , Guys may think that girls only want that photoshopped, Ryan-Gosling inspired 8-pack look, but that is really not the case.

Physique does not usually concern girls very much. The first thing a girl will look at in a guy is their face. A guy’s face is what attracts a girl initially, then she looks at the body and the personality.

Most girls prefer skinny guys to overweight guys or guys that have the ‘dad’ body.

Girls do realise that guys are naturally on the skinny side and will always be a bit skinnier than the guys who workout.

Do not forget other factors come into place in getting a girl, if you are skinny but have a great personality and you are good looking a girl will overlook the fact you are skinny or skinnier than her usual preference.

Some girls just look for personality in a man.

That’s it!

Physique does not usually concern them as long as you are a little bit of her type.

Top tips on attracting a girl with your personality are:

    • Do you show you have good morals such as loyalty?
    • Are you reliable?
    • Are you a gentleman?
    • Do you have good characteristics?
    • Are you nice, sweet and kind?
    • Do you show enough interest in her and in the right way?
    • Do you bond?
  • Do you make her smile?

Do not forget some girls will be more chilled and not care as much, if you’re fat, skinny, medium weight or on the chubby side with a bit of meat on yourself, as long as you have all the other factors. Such as personality and looks.

Some girls tend to lean towards a skinny guy rather than a muscular one as the typical muscular guy tends to be more obsessed with the gym and their body rather than the girl’s body. All girls want a guy they are seeing to be more obsessed with their body rather than his.

To answer the question of what girls think about skinny guys, one must also appreciate that skinniness will turn some girls off more than others. What will affect this, is how skinny the guy actually is.

If you are stick skinny and skinnier than her, for some girls this will probably be a turn off. However, if you are an average skinny, not too skinny but not muscular this will not bother her that much.

You need to take into consideration if you are skinnier than her and by how much. If it is a lot then, yes, she will probably prefer a boy who is bigger than her. Naturally this will turn off the majority of girls. It is just like if you were shorter than her, no girl wants to be taller than their guy. It will make them feel like a giant.

There are many reasons why girls don’t like a skinnier guy:

    • She feels bigger than you, no girl wants to feel bigger/larger than her man.
    • The girl feels like she can protect you more than you can protect her. This is really a really big turn off. Girls want to feel secure and protected when they are around their man. They do not want to have to be your bodyguard. No girl wants to know that if anything happened you would not be able to protect her.
    • She feels you don’t take care of yourself. Some girls relate skinny guys to those who do not take care of themselves and this is a red flag because in a woman’s mind if you cannot take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of her.
    • She feels more masculine than you. Just like men do not like to feel demasculinised, no woman likes to feel the guy they are seeing is more feminine than they are.
    • They cannot fit into your clothes; this will make a girl think they are too fat for you. Girls are supposed to wear their man’s clothes and if she can’t fit into them this will play with her head a bit.
    • You cannot lift her up because she is heavier than you, this is embarrassing for the girl
  • If you eat less than her, no girl wants to eat more than her man. This will make her feel fat.

Do not forget, even if you are skinny but you are bigger than her, then you are in the clear and she cannot really complain.

Most girls like the balance of not being too muscular but not too skinny. Some girls like the right balance.

There are many good factors on being on the skinner side:

    • You could boost her confidence
    • Your clothes might actually be able to fit her
    • You won’t be gym obsessed and your conversations won’t revolve around how many reps you did that day, or if it is arm day.
    • Your being forced to rely on other skill sets to be attractive, not just popping your pecs and biceps. Being ripped can be overrated, skinny guys have to work on their game and personality and will most likely charm your pants off.
  • You will have natural abs.

It all comes down to each girl’s taste in a guy, no girl has a set type, it can change and vary with every guy. This is in essence what girls think about skinny guys.

Women are completely capable of feeling attraction to a skinny man. What will help him seem more attractive is if he has some other sexually dimorphic characteristics as well, such as a good personality.

Examples of sexually dimorphic characteristics:

    • Height
    • Brow bridge
    • Shoulder width
    • Facial features, jaw, cheek bones
    • Frame
    • Depth of voice
  • Body fat

However, building the right kind of physique can be helpful when attracting a girl.

When a man is tall, great face, personality and incredibly built he becomes a very lusted after object, as he hits all the certain boxes for some girls.

How you look will attract different women, if you are skinny you will attract a woman that likes skinny boys. If you are skinny but have other factors that a girl who likes muscular guys for example, you might be able to attract her.

Do not forget you are in control of your own body, if you love your image then let the right girl come to you. If you are unhappy, then only you can change this by going to the gym and eating right.

Looks and your body shape will only get you so far, especially in a relationship. Don’t forget it’s your character and personality that matters the most and will be the make and break in any relationship.

A relationship is much more than appearances, what holds a relationship together is trust, patience, love, similarities and much more. This comes from both people’s characters not just outer appearances. Your personality and characteristics are what will make a relationship strong, not just your image.

So, ensure you work on building your inner self as well as your outer appearance. You can always win over a girl with good chat, great confidence and by being smart.

Do not forget sexual chemistry is not all about looks, you need to be able to connect with that person and that is through both your personalities. Looks don’t carry a conversation or connect you both on a personal level, but your personality does.

If your personality matches with another person, you will have more of an understanding of one another, more empathy and similarities than you would have done from just your appearances. You will never get this type of chemistry through looks alone. Your personality will affect how compatible you are to another person.

Many girls prefer being with a guy who is kind, loving, loyal and has a great personality, which is the perfect match to theirs, rather than with a guy who is drop down dead gorgeous but has nothing else to offer them. Girls will very quickly get bored of a guy like that.

Just remember, the more compatible you are the less confrontational you will both be. If your personalities match and you have nothing to argue about, then there will be nothing to break you both apart.

Changing your personality to become the best person you can be, is much easier than changing your body, it takes a lot less work. All you have to do is change your actions and mindset.

As long as you are happy within yourself no one’s opinion should matter. You will always find someone who likes you just the way you are.

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