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How to meet women

How to meet women

Meeting a woman that you naturally build chemistry with is not purely by luck. You can improve your chances of meeting a woman you’ll naturally blend with. However, how to meet women is the burning question.

In this blog, you’ll explore different ways you can meet the woman you desire and improve your chances of scoring her. To get the woman you want, sometimes all you need is to be in the right place at the right time.

How to meet women

Most women have their emotional guards up especially when they are in an environment they don’t feel safe. This changes when a girl is in an environment that she feels safe in. She’ll give you an audience with her guard not high up in the sky.

So, the thing to consider when you are thinking of a place to meet women, is how safe do the women feel in that environment.

Let’s explore various ways of how to meet women and score them:

1.    Private parties

How to meet women is much easier when you are a guy that gets invited to private parties. It provides a perfect environment to build an emotional connection with a woman you desire. Our desire to have a good time is what makes parties fun.

A woman will come with her guard around guys a bit lower. A girl subconsciously feels safer when there’s a shared interest. A girl will be more comfortable at a private party talking to you, which can make it simpler to build a solid rapport.

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Another aspect that makes meeting girls at a private party interesting, is the image it portrays of you. There’s something exclusive about guys that are invited to a private party that impresses women in the party. Women are attracted to guys that seem to be the leaders in their fields, the alphas.

2.    Your comfort zone.

You’ll naturally impress a girl when she sees you in your element. Going to events that you like is a great place to meet women. For example, you are good at dancing.

Joining a dance class will display your skill and creativity. You can even go to an event where you can show your dance moves. You’ll attract women that share the same interest with you.

It’s much simpler to score a girl that you have a lot in common with. Furthermore, when you are extremely good at something, it triggers curiosity in people about your ability.

You’ll attract women’s attention by sparking curiosity in them. That also gives you a perfect opportunity to build their interest in you.

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3.    Go grocery shopping.

It feels good to order groceries from your phone and get them delivered. But you need to step out of the house if you want to meet women you can score.

A grocery store is a sneaky place you can meet women and potentially attract the one you desire. Mastering different ways of approaching women can be instrumental when going for this technique.

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Most women don’t expect to get hit on while doing their grocery shopping. That makes them flexible with their emotional guards. However, your approach can play in your favor or trigger her defenses.

Asking for help is one of the sneaky approaches you can use to start a friendly conversation and build a rapport. Select an item that can spark an engaging conversation and use it as a prop.

4.    Take a yoga class.

The best thing about taking a class is you don’t always have to have an idea of what you are doing. That’s why you are joining the class! Also, women are attracted to men that focus on self-growth and development.

A lot of women are embracing fitness, especially yoga as compared to men. That reduces the competition you’ll face as compared to going to a weight-lifting gym.

Yoga is an activity that relaxes you and most women you’ll interact with will be in a good mood. You have a better chance of building a good rapport and scoring a woman when you approach her when she’s in a good mood.

5.    Volunteer for something.

The fun fact is people feel happy when they are doing something to help others. That makes volunteering events a good place to meet women. Whether you are targeting girls directly from the team or girls that you’ll meet as a result, you are in a good place.

Women find a sense of selflessness and purpose to be very sexy traits in a guy. Volunteering also shows that you are passionate about something. You’ll have your first impression playing to your favor but you also have to showcase the silver tongue.

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Getting a woman you just met to talk about their intimate values can be a challenge. However, when you are volunteering you can start a deep conversation because volunteering can touch on your core principles or passions in life.

Jumping the small talk hurdle gives you a better chance to forge a meaningful connection.

6.    Understand how to spot an opportunity

Girls are everywhere and the truth is you meet them all the time. However, meeting a woman might not necessarily make it a good idea to approach her. Being aware of your environment and knowing how to spot an opportunity to engage a woman is the best way to meet women.

How to meet women

Simple acts of kindness like opening the door for a woman, or holding the elevator for her can give you a perfect opportunity to have a progressive conversation. When a woman considers your deed as kind or sweet, she becomes friendly to you.

You can even find yourself seated next to a gorgeous woman and start a conversation that will get her hooked to you. However, don’t force yourself to be in a situation to approach a girl. Look out for the seamless times when you don’t have to overthink anything.

7.    Attend your friend’s wedding or a funeral.

It might seem insensitive to try and approach girls during a funeral. Funerals are sad and everyone seems to be in a dull mood. However, funerals are surprisingly one of the best places to meet women.

During funerals or weddings, people experience deep emotions. It makes people emotionally vulnerable and it’s not okay to take advantage of people during these events. Nevertheless, you’ll find it easy to emotionally make a connection with a woman when she’s experiencing overwhelming emotions.

You can be her comfort if the emotions are dull, then find ways to cheer her up. On the other hand, weddings sprinkle the air with love. That gives you a good window to attract a woman looking for love.

Another aspect is most people look their best when going to these events. You’ll make a good first impression because of your grooming.

8.    Meet women online

Since the pandemic hit, we can no longer move the way we used to. You may be working from home and the number of people you meet every day is very limited. Trying the online dating world can help you meet women.

Building a good online profile is the first step in creating a captivating first impression. Women want to have an idea of the guy they are engaging. However, your profile needs enough information to eliminate doubt and enough to trigger curiosity.

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Some dating apps (dating coaches for men) match you with girls with similar interests. When you have something in common, it creates the base for you to explore more about the girl and score her.

You have a few minutes to impress the girl you want when you finally meet her. A sleek approach and a smooth buildup can help you score the girl. Here are some tips to hack it when you meet a girl you want:

Work on the conversation.

The only lethal arsenal you have in your packs when you approach a new girl is your mastery of the art of conversation. Conversations can help you trigger curiosity and build crucial sexual tension.

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Work on your conversation openers so that you don’t get caught off-guard when the opportunity arises. During conversations, find hooks that you can refer to know about the girl.

Build your confidence

Confidence has a way of inspiring comfort and that can illuminate your masculinity to a girl. It’s easy for a girl to believe you when you display confidence. Trust is a crucial pillar when it comes to scoring a girl.

Perfect your timing

Your timing when approaching a woman is crucial. We’ve seen you can score a woman in a funeral. Your timing will determine some of the resistance you face.

The best time to approach a woman is when she seems comfortable and happy. Mastering the art of reading body language can be instrumental to make your timing impeccable.

Smooth exit.

When you approach a woman, I always say keep it short and sweet. You’ll tell her what she’s been told before. But how you play your game is what makes you memorable.

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The best time to exit is when you’ve captured the woman’s interest and curiosity. The sense of mystery that surrounds you can act as a compelling force to make a woman want you.

Final Take

How to meet women is easy when you have mastered how to approach women. You can approach any woman from all the girls you meet.

Women are attracted to men they feel are out of their league. Focusing on building yourself can attract women to you. Sometimes when you are too focused on finding and chasing women, you start giving off a desperate vibe which is a turn-off to most girls.

Take your time and hit with the precision of a surgeon when you meet the woman you like!

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