Do girls like anal?

Do girls like anal?

It is the million dollar question.

  • The answer to which continues to be shrouded with equal amounts of mystery, aversion and stigma.
  • Do girls choose to take part in acts involving anal sex to simply please their partner?
  • Or do they choose to partake in anal because they actually enjoy it themselves?

You’ve heard it, I’ve heard it, heck even extraterrestrial life forms in outer space might have gotten wind of it.

The narrative has been pushed for decades.

If a girl has anal sex with you, she is not a ‘good girl,’ or she is making up for something horrible she did, or that you pushed so much, she just caved in.

Unfortunately, that last one seems to pop up more often than not.

How many times have you heard it? How many women say that their first anal experience was because their boyfriend pushed too hard?

Most women have anal sex because they were just pushed too much, and they caved in.

Sadly, this causes the experience to be less than satisfactory for the involved teams. It could also create an experience that most parties would not want to repeat.

We have all asked ourselves the question.

Do girls really enjoy anal sex, or do they only do it for the male’s pleasure?

Unfortunately, the narrative that is pushed, one that still applies in these modern times, is that the statement is true.

For women who have tried anal sex, it has been reported that a significant percentage tried it out because they were coerced by their partner.

Fortunately, these golden times of information provide enough information to allow women to want to explore this nifty area without coercion.

In the past, anal sex was associated with all things pain, disgust, and discomfort.

Now, more women want to try anal sex out of their own volition. Why?

Some actual studies and interviews have been conducted that push the narrative that women enjoy anal sex.

Do girls like anal?

Of course, not all women are willing to jump into the anal waters (Sorry). However, many are more willing to dip their foot into the murky waters and test the temp.

Fortunately, there is plenty of information that points to women enjoying anal sex, sometimes reporting that they got stronger orgasms from anal sex.

This means that there is a way to have anal sex that can be interesting and enjoyable to both parties dating coaches for men.

When done correctly, anal sex can be that go-to for you and your partner to spice things up for those special occasions.

The most important thing for all and sundry to do is to find enough information on the subject to comfortably explore it.

When tried out in a safe and informed situation, anal sex can be enjoyable for both the receiver and the dipper.


Before embarking on a task that is laden with misconception and false information, it is essential to bear down and put in the research work.

It is a difficult topic to bring up, but it might benefit both you and your partner to bring it up.

Perhaps, they have also been toying with the idea themselves. You may want to start the conversation by hearing what her views on the matter are.

Trust me when I tell you it may not go how you think it will if you just decide to slip your way back there.

Not every sex scene you are in is an award-winning pornography scene.

You will need to get her consent for a matter like that. It is a delicate matter that she needs to be prepared mentally and physically.

Remember, if she is not comfortable with the conversation, or not okay with the suggestion, it is okay.

She may warm up to it later, or never, either way, forcing the issue could cost you time in jail.


Because of the myths, you will need to look up information on the nitty-gritty of things and what you will need for such an experience.

Most research indicates that a lot of anal play can be done before you can burry that snake in the hole.

There is plenty of information on anal toys for beginners, lube that is great for anal play, clean-up, and what positions are best suited for anal sex.

There are anal toys that are designed specifically for beginners, so if she is a newbie, she does not have to worry about the first experience being foreign and uncomfortable.

The more comfortable she is, the more enjoyable the experience will be for all.

She might also be in a more prepared state of mind if she has some experience with anal toys that lead to your member’s actual size.

There cannot be enough emphasis on the amount of lube necessary for anal penetration, some even state that the more the lube, the better the experience.

Without proper lubrication, you are both looking at an experience that you may not want to go through again.

The anal lining is a very thin tissue that is prone to fissures, tearing, and may aggravate hemorrhoids.

So, you need to take care of that queen by finding the right lube that will make the experience amazing.

Remember, putting it in the back does not exempt you from wrapping up the sausage.

There is still a great risk of getting STIs when you’re hitting it from the back. Your anaconda is your pride, what you want to do is treat it with respect and love.

Remember, when switching to the more common hole, you need to make sure you throw out the condom you used in the back to avoid spread of infections like UTI.

When switching to oral, you need to clean up your stick to avoid introducing bacteria and parasites to her mouth, which may then be introduced to yours through kissing (Urgh).

A great enema can be used to clean up before sex. However, if she cleans her pipes before sex, there shouldn’t be a need for an enema.

Poop is not typically stored in the rectum, so if she isn’t backed up, you don’t have to worry about cake on your peen.

There is also the matter of clean up after you’re done.

Any toys used during the sheets that might have fecal matter and the lube used should be cleared away from the bedroom and put in the washer.

To make things easier, both of you should pop in the shower and make things sensual and steamy for round two while washing off the naughty sins of round one.

This makes for an easier transition into fun in the front.

Anal sex is pretty much, just like vaginal sex, when it comes to sexual positions.

It is not true that anal sex is limited to only missionary and the all so common doggy.

If both of you are flexible, it is easy to incorporate many positions.

Get creative, test out theories built up in both of your heads, and see where the winds take you.

Different positions give different results, and she may even discover a pleasure spot she didn’t know existed.

Do They Choose to Partake because They Actually Enjoy It?

You are probably curious as to whether women enjoy anal sex enough to want to do it out of their own volition.

There are women that are bold enough to ask if you are comfortable taking the party to the back.

This could probably mean that there is a percentage of women that enjoy anal sex. However, there is the risk of women offering anal sex or agreeing to it as a means of pleasing the male.

This may lead to some confusion on whether they actually enjoy it.

Such information also blurs the consent line and makes it difficult to determine whether the sex is going to be consensual or forced.

Of course, no one wants to be in that awkward situation.

Luckily, there is information that makes it less difficult to understand how the female anatomy responds to anal stimulation.

There are different levels of anal stimulation, and with that comes, women who have set the limit to what can be done back there.

Some settle on oral stimulation, others are comfortable with a finger up there, and others want to go the whole way.

In some, they may want to go the whole way until the size of your member comes into play.

If you are properly endowed, chances are, most women will not want to go through with it.

However, some of the braver women with a bit of experience may want to try it out, seeing as they can adjust their pleasure around the size of your Eiffel tower.

Anal Orgasms – Myth or Fact?

Luckily for women, they are not limited to one means of getting an orgasm.

They can achieve orgasm through many means of stimulation.

Luckily, anal stimulation is said to be one of the ways the female body can achieve an orgasm. In fact, some even claim that anal orgasms are the most powerful for them. Is this true?

There is a science behind the anal orgasms that can be achieved by the female.

It is entirely possible for women to orgasm when stimulated anally.

Women have a list of ways in which they can orgasm.

Aside from clitoral, vaginal, cervical, kissing orgasms, females can orgasm through anal stimulation. In fact, 31% of women who had anal sex, 94% of them had an orgasm, according to a 2010 study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Such impressive numbers make one wonder what that kind of stimulation does to the female anatomy.

Orgasms achieved anally can be attributed to the many nerve endings that are found in the rectal region.

This makes the experience of sex through the anal region more sensitive and fun.

There is also the question of the A-spot and the G-spot.

These elusive spots may not be easily accessible, always through vaginal penetration.

However, accessing these spots from the back could lead to a pleasant experience for the female.

Because of the thin lining separating the vagina and the rectum, these spots are open to proper stimulation.

Rubbing these spots through the back could lead to a proper back-breaking, leg shaking, head-spinning orgasm.

However, not everyone can orgasm through anal sex alone.

This is where toys come in.

Toys are your best friend when trying things from the back.

She may find more powerful orgasms if she can stimulate her clitoris with a vibrator.

In some cases, when she is still not ready to let you stick it in, you could leave the butt plug or anal beads in when having vaginal sex.

This may make the vaginal experience better.

There is a suggestion to leave in the anal beads until orgasm, only pulling them out as she climaxes.

She will thank you for it because it releases a sensation that is quite hard to beat.

Now you know most of what you need to know before you could jump into the exciting world of anal sex with your partner.

Of course, if she is enjoying it, then so will you.

This is why anal sex is best discussed directly with your partner because, sadly, women know as little about it as most men do.

I don’t know about you but I have always been determined to unlock the truth to this raging debate.

Perhaps driven by my life long curiosity of female psychology.

So I woke up one day, decided to roll- up my sleeves, and do the dirty work myself. Pun intended.😉

I went out to a busy district in London, along with my camera crew, asking a random sample of gorgeous ladies from the general public whether they like anal sex.

Of course, I didn’t stop there as I tried to be as creative with my questions as I could (when you watch the video you will know what I mean).

And I must say some of the answers were downright shocking to say the least!

Honestly, the video is a must watch, which is why you should click below to see the responses to settle this debate once and for all.

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