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Why women prefer to earn your attention

Why women prefer to earn your attention

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Every woman has several things that goes through their mind when they first feel an attraction towards someone. Once the attraction is established, plenty of things run through the woman’s mind in a bid to establish whether the attraction is worth the chase. This is when a woman decides to do several tests to determine attraction and to earn the attention of the man. This is why she prefers to earn attention;

How attracted is he to me?

Once the woman scouts the room and spots you and there is definitely an attraction, the race is on to determine just how attracted to them you are. Matching the attraction of the woman usually works in favor of the man and sometimes just establishing that you see her subtly could work to your advantage. This is because women prefer the thrill of the chase. Not being able to determine how much a man is attracted to them,

Why women prefer to earn your attention

or a man that seems to act elusive will definitely get more points. It takes away from the power of the woman once you exert yourself and give her a little too much attention. In some cases, the attention is even deemed unwarranted and some would go as far as to say needy or pathetic. The important thing is to establish the connection, and trying to match it without going overboard.

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