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Why Don’t Girls Talk To Me?

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from Today I will be talking about Why Don’t Girls Talk To Me

Girls are attracted to mystery, authenticity, machismo, and confidence. These simple qualities will spark an interest in them that will make them start saying Hi to you when you least expect it. The practical example is the James Bond kind of character, a silent man sitting at the corner of the bar, drinking his beer slowly and minding his damn business.

Girls Talk To Me

Any woman in the bar would want to know what he’s thinking about and whether he has seen her. Here are reasons why girls aren’t talking to you.

You talk a lot

Girls want a masculine character just like the one they read in a book, and if you talk a lot, then you are no different from them. Talking a lot makes you say so much about yourself and your life, and in this case, most girls will fail to have any interest in a man who talks more than a woman. Talking a lot also makes you say things that are unnecessary and even embarrassing. It makes you the joke and no the creator of the joke.

You are an open book

Everyone in the office knows where you live, where you hang out, how your childhood was, who you have dated, whether you are currently single or not and everything there is to know about you. This kind of personality will leave no trace of mystery and aspects that will intrigue girls to want to talk to you. If they want to know anything about you they ask someone else. Be the guy someone asks about you, and the answer they get is “he’s a complete mystery. I wish I could know more about him.”

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Girls Talk To Me

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