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Talk to women and get her to like you

Talk to women and get her to like you,Hi whats up KamaTV… this is the dating coach Emre from and I hope that you are all doing well. Guys today I am here with another exciting video and I will be showing you a clip of a girls i approached on the street… I will also breakdown the strategies and talk about how get her to like you while you are having good conversation with her. By the end of this video, you will have a clear strategy to get your dating game in to the next level and clearly visualize how you can take action. In this video you will also learn

  • How to attract her.
  • Creating a focus on her and get her to focus on you.
  • Get her to like you.
  • Reading her signs during the conversations.
  • Dealing with awkward silences.

Gentlemen as I said it before we are not one of the marketing gurus here and actually we teach the real stuff and show you how to do it. The insights and the skills that are taught by us are based on years of experience in the real world. When put into practice, they have worked for countless of our clients and other guys, and I know it will work for you too. So before we start let’s click that subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be many more videos will be coming to your way. So let’s watch the footage.

As I was wandering through the infamous Streets of London one night with my camera man I spotted a beautiful girl with an amazing figure waiting for someone. Instead of assuming she was waiting for her boyfriend or her tinder date without hesitation I approach. It is vitally important that you keep an open mind and that you do not engage in distorted thinking patterns before approaching. As you will never be able to tell what her situation is if you don’t approach. Pick-up lines can get you a woman’s attention quickly. However, we all know that maintaining that attention is the real deal here. The question therefore is, what are you doing to keep that conversation going and getting her to like you? I get a lot of emails from most of you asking how you can get a girl you like. The first question I usually ask each of them is why they want to date women. It is because, if they only focus on sex or numbers, then they are not going to get that many second dates.

However, I know how hard it can be to talk to a woman. I used to have challenges when approaching women and even getting myself dates. One thing you need to understand is that women are different and each will respond to a different approach. Once I understood that I went from being a loner to getting dates. I take the first few minutes to get to know the woman and I use it to get to her. I have learned a lot of approaches and there are some approaches that can be used to talk to any woman. The ten tips below will also come to your rescue if you feel stuck in the online dating world and cannot seem to get past the first face-to-face meet up. Plus get out of your house and approach as you will get way more success as online dating is too competitive with so many filters and so many guys. Here is how to go about it:

Talk to women and get her to like you

1. Focus on her and get her to focus on you.

First, do not allow your anxiety to get into your head. If a woman does not respond to you, she is probably dealing with her issues or not looking to meet someone. It has nothing to do with you. However, when you get a response, it is not the time to start planning what you are going to say next. It is time to give her your attention 100 per cent. Note that she can tell when she does not have your full attention. You will only be fooling yourself. You need to get her focused on you as well by using your body language and time constraint. Portray a confident body language do not telegraph anxiety as it will create fear. Your shoulders and face muscles should be completely relaxed during the interaction. Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart. Use time constraints; include her friend in the conversation. In this interaction it was a major state break when her friend arrives on the scene. I show consideration for the fact that they have plans and create a time constraint before asking for the girl’s number.

2. Cold Reading

Cold reading is an amazing tool that can be used to your advantage when talking to girls. In this interaction I make observations about her appearance and her accent which leads me into a very interesting conversation. This technique demonstrates confidence and that you are present to the moment. Girls put a lot of time and effort into their appearance and if you make a cold read based upon how she looks she will find it engaging. Drawing parallels between how she sounds and how she looks is always fun and creates an excitement during the interaction. It is a great way to find out if she is interested in you or not. As can be seen in this footage my cold reads lead to her giving me a lot more information about herself which is always a good indicator of interest.

3. Ask open-ended questions.

Asking close-ended questions will only put you at the risk of suffering an awkward silence and make the conversation feel like an interrogation due to the yes or no answers. However, when you use open-ended questions, you engage your date’s thoughts, feelings and opinions. It is hard to give you yes or no answers with open questions; naturally, she will expound on her answers, which can give you a clue for the next thing you can talk about.

4. Be yourself.

I have emphasised the importance of body language a lot on this platform. Women will look at and interpret your body language even before they pay attention to what you are saying to them. Being genuine and authentic is, therefore, vital. Projecting confidence and honesty while being genuinely interested in what she is saying will make her interested in knowing you as a person.

5. Focus on attracting her.

One thing that doesn’t come across to women well is a man who is interested in them, but willing to pursue friendship first before going for attraction and intimacy. It allows you to know each other without pressure but it doesn’t create attraction. So she is not your friend and don’t fall in to this trap. Think about it… you are not being honest about how you feel about her and hiding your true intentions and she is not stupid and she knows your intention. Guys guys get this! this is creepy and sleezy to hide your true intentions. You like her more than friends and she knows and never fake this. Don’t listen these marketing gurus saying you gotta be her friend first it is big bs. Aim to attract her. To have a great time, this is the best way to get her comfortable and start opening up after the attraction phase. You can do this by telling her good stories, dressing well, being witty and funny and looking good. After the attraction; you get time to know each other, create rapport, develop a relationship and see where everything leads. So this is actually bringing me to my next point.

6. Story Telling.

The art of storytelling creates attraction and comfort with the girl and keeps the conversation interesting in this interaction I tell her about my recent trip to Spain. Bring in conversation threads that demonstrate those alpha male traits that all the girls will be attracted to instantaneously. Story telling is a fantastic way to increase your social value. When you approach a girl on the street for the first time she does not have any idea who you are. Be authentic and genuine when you are telling your stories. Guys get blown out when they create confusion and storytelling will help you to relate to the girl without creating confusion. You need to get used to talking about your life when meeting new people and with practice this does get easier.

7. Avoid controversial topics.

Nothing makes a woman lose interest fast than getting on opposing sides way too soon. I mean, you are trying to get to know your date, but you already disagree yet you barely know each other. At this point in your relationship, avoid topics that are likely to bring a rift between the two of you. Pay attention to how she thinks and her thoughts about particular things to know the right direction to steer your conversation too. Focusing on the kind of talk, she seems to like will guide you to the right topics. At some point; probably on your tenth date if all goes well, you can disagree, but you cannot afford to do it on your very first date.

Talk to women and get her to like you

8. Be alert for signs of disinterest.

It is vital that during your conversation, you be alert enough to notice body cues that show disinterest, especially you are asking her about something. If she is involuntarily projecting that she is uncomfortable with a particular topic, discontinue and move on. You can also let her take the lead so she can guide the conversation to take the direction she wants. Doing this shows her that you are a considerate guy who is sensitive to her needs. It is also good to have working knowledge of your City as you want to show her that you are the kind of guy that can take her to see interesting places. Observe her body language for example does she cross her legs? Does she maintain eye contact with you when you are talking?

9. Sense of humor.

Being witty and funny is a great tool you can use to get her to like you during conversation. During this footage I use humor when executing the number close. It goes down really well and makes you so much more attractive as she sees her friend perceiving you in a positive light. It also shows that you have a carefree attitude and that you are not desperately seeking her approval. Never be needy you can always approach another girl. Take yourself lightly and don’t make it look like you are doing a homework assignment or pulling teeth.

10. Don’t let awkward silences take over.

It is important that you do not filter everything that you say during the interaction let the conversation flow naturally. Do not try to control the conversation just keep going, persistence is the key. Not every cold approach is like that which you see in the movies control your anxiety and push through the natural resistance that exists when getting to know someone for the first time. e.g. you can cover the awkward silence by talking about yourself, your holidays, your day to day interactions/activities etc. It is much easier than you might imagine you already know what to say. You have so many things that you can talk about. With these ten tips, you can be able to approach any woman you have your sights on, strike your conversation and get her to like you. How you communicate and contact her either makes or breaks the deal. With practice, you will be fine.

Listen guys as can be seen from the footage there is a strategy behind interaction and you can do it too. If you want to learn the secrets of the attraction and talking to women you like please click the link below and view our residential training as my team and I are covering every single strategy to get you from a to b and turn you into a master dater. Also go to and check out all our services and ebooks that have been written and developed by Kamalifestyles team members. Each product will help you to overcome your sticking point and help you to become better in dating. I hope you enjoyed the content and of course guys if you enjoy my video please like, share, comment and subscribe. I am Emre and I see you soon.

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