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She cheated on me but I still love her What should I do?

She cheated on me but I still love her What should I do?

Okay, first off, thanks for sharing this and just relax everything will be okay.
Now, whilst any form of betrayal can inflict deep wounds and cause unbearable pain, in most relationships, women believe it or not, tend to be more forgiving and move on past the hurt when cheated on than men do when it is the woman who’s been cheated on.

She cheated on me but I still love her What should I do?

The fact that you are still in love with her even after the betrayal says that you’re truly invested and were serious about your relationship. It is, however, unfortunate that your girlfriend does not seem to be at the same commitment and trust level as you. Regardless of how it all played out,the circumstances surrounding her cheating, she needed to have exercised more self-control and restraint.

In such a situation, there is no right or wrong thing to do. It all depends on how the cheating affected you and what you want from there going forward. Regardless of what you want, there are things you, however, need to address with all the sincerity you can muster. First, ask yourself whether the both of you are on the same level or page as far as your relationship and feelings are concerned. Remember to be honest with yourself.

You cannot afford to lie about how you sincerely think about this or take this. If you’re somehow convinced that you’re on the same page and that what happened was in the heat of the moment and was never premeditated, then there’s more you need to ask yourself. On the other hand, if your sincere thoughts are that you’re not at the same level as far as everything is concerned, it would be a high time to end things here and allow yourself to process and heal before moving on onto the next big thing in your life.

She cheated on me but I still love her What should I do?

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