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How to be an alpha male in the bedroom?

How to be an alpha male in the bedroom?

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from Today I will be talking about How to be an alpha male in the bedroom

It is a well-known fact that us women naturally want to have sex with alpha males (strong men and leaders in their own right) I do anyway. Well guys now it is time for you to be that guy under the sheets. However, even if you do not feel like an alpha male, you can be one under the sheets. You can get a chance to redeem yourself. Here’s how:

Always aim to please

Make sure that your goal is that she orgasms. Think two way not one way. If I don’t get an orgasm and I don’t honestly guys it is a problem. I will be even more blunt. Guys believe me she won’t tell you! You know her, you know her body, and you can tell when she is faking one. Thus, seek to please her to the point that she has no control of her body reacting to you. Seek to thrill her physically, emotionally and even intellectually inside the sheet or wherever you had planned to do the nasty. Remember that we are always simple creatures and the box is the main source of orgasms. Go crazy with it. You can do the dirty DJ for all we care. We need you to focus on our needs as well and just your own. An Alpha male in the sheets is one who knows that it is not just about his needs.

Kinky is minty

Who doesn’t like mint? It is the herb that adds pomp and flares to a smoothie, to chewing gum and even to green tea. Kinky sex is like mint. It just adds flavor and makes the entire dish worthwhile. How far you make the sex kinky totally depends on your girl. Does she want it bound or not? Will she mind if you are rough? Will you have to employ the use of toys in the playroom? Well, an alpha male reads his woman and knows exactly what she needs and how far is too far as far as minty kinky sex is concerned.
Also, look at kinky sex as changing things up. You don’t have to be into BDSM to get her off but don’t be the boring guy who always does it in missionary and the bedroom. Take it to the kitchen one time and in the shower another time. Have her slowly and another time, eat her out like a hungry man. Another time, try a sex style that you have both been curious about for a while. Spice things up.

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