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How Do You Stop Caring What Others Think Of You?

How Do You Stop Caring What Others Think Of You?

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from Today I will be talking about How Do You Stop Caring What Others Think Of You?
I love Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote “No one can make you inferior without your consent”. So I said to myself I will not allow anyone to make me inferior and started living my life based on the principle and it worked for me and I am sure it will work for you too. Let me explain more.

Occasionally we feel concerned and sometimes even depressed when we become conscious of other people’s opinions. We start worrying and stressing more and more, and little do we realize that this type of worries begin having an adverse effect on how we live our daily lives. From how we see ourselves to how we relate with others. Studies show some of the reason we worry about people’s opinions is due to guilt and shame. And that sometimes is healthy because we can create space to self-correct. However, when these boundaries are pushed, and we over think about what the world thinks we slowly kill our freedom to live the life we want to live and that is not a good way to live this life.
Here are some of the reasons you should stop caring about what others think of you;

1. People only care about themselves.

Out of sight out of mind, that is how most people work. Most of the time people think of what is good for them, what is stressing them and they don’t spend most of the time thinking about your problems or your perceptions. People are central to their world, and they feel on the first-person basis “I want” “My dreams are.” Unless you are affecting their life directly, the thought of you hardly comes up. So stop having a sleepless night about how they think of you and take charge of your life.

2. You Can’t Please Everyone.

We live in that reality. Everyone cannot like you, and that directly means that everyone will have different opinions about you and how you live your life. When you come to make peace with this fact (and you should), you will be able to adjust and worry less. You will be able to start focusing on how to be happy without having your good vibes ruined by idle minds who have no entitlement to you. Those who are important and the matter will be by your side and those who don’t well, they shouldn’t matter.

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