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Good date ideas!

Good date ideas!

Hi guys this is Gabriella Ryan joined by Iain Myles from we receive loads of emails from guys who ask about good date ideas. Today, we decided to make a video to share our own personal experiences and get a female perspective on good date ideas.

Gents, coming up with good date ideas should not be hard especially since there are many ideas out there. Your job here is to get the appropriate setting so that you can have a successful date. This is the most important part…take time to organize and plan for your date. If you look disorganised and look like you don’t know what to do, I am telling you gents it is a turn off! You should take time to choose the appropriate clothing. Who goes for a hike in stilettos or a dress? These efforts save you the stress involved in a bad date something that you can actually avoid. Date ideas are easier to come up with if you are both involved. Take time to plan for the date together. This will ensure that none of you feels left out or less important in decision-making. Remember that you create or strengthen the bond when you are both involved. You can also mix your ideas. If each of you has a different opinion and want it in the date, you can incorporate both. Accommodate one another so that you may enjoy your time.

Good date ideas!

Choose ideas that are less stressful especially in planning or setting up. For example, picnics and outdoor activities are good date ideas. They are easy to set up and are quite cheap. You can choose to cook or have take-outs from restaurants. You can also choose to have snacks and enjoy a serene environment. Dates help to create the connection between those involved. It aims at you having a good time with that special person. My other date idea is include sporting activities. I know of some partners who take time to jog in the morning or evening. As they indulge in this sporting activity, they are able to talk to each other. It is a good way to relax together after a hard day or start a day together. It is a good way of connecting especially for those that are busy and have tight schedule. It is also favourable for those who are simply sporty.

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