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Do you want to be friends with benefits?

Do you want to be friends with benefits?

Hi Guys it’s Iain here and so before we get started I just want to thank you for putting your suggestions for funny and interesting openers in my last infield video. In case you missed it the video’s called “Do you want to Netflix and chill?” and you can find it by scrolling down the uploads section. You know I have to admit when I was reading them out I was really amused as some of them were really creative and funny ! So thanks for that ! And I can’t wait to test them out when I go out next so I’ll keep you posted on that ! So guys today I thought I test out a slightly different opener – so let’s see how the ladies responded to this, stay tuned !

Guys that was so fun and it really goes to show that it doesn’t matter what you say ! but rather how you follow up the conversation with the girl after that point ! Also please do continue to put down your ideas for funny openers in the comments section below as I’m gonna be taking the top top openers and trying them out in the field. Please think of something original and funny as I want this to be as entertaining as possible 😉

I just want to point out that I run a 1-on-1 coaching programme at where I will personally take you out to the best bars and clubs in London and we’ll even hit the streets too and so I’ll show you how to approach , attract and date Gorgeous women. Guys this isn’t a bootcamp where you’re just another number in a large group of guys, NO. This is a personal one on one experience where I precisely pinpoint your weak points in order to get you that amazing success with hot women. So if this sounds like something you’d be interesting in checking out then feel free to get in touch with me at

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