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Do girls want multiple partners?

Do girls want multiple partners?

Hi guys Iain Myles here from Having multiple partners for women is still controversy as you know western society founded on the principles of monogamy. So should women have multiple partners or do they want multiple partners? Social programming says that all men want to have hundreds of partners and all women just want one! Gents i dont think so it is the truth as i know a few girls as they see different guys and they dont want to go in to a committed relationship. Guys things are so much changed since 50s-60s and in my experience, women who are open about sex and having multiple partners are very normal and we are no one to judge… it is a choice and it should be respected at all cost. So what women think of having multiple partners? do women want multiple partners? Lets go and ask the girls and find out what they really think.

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Iain Myles is an executive dating coach of Kamalifestyles. He specializes in coaching men who have been looking for dating success and chronically unlucky with women. He publishes regular infield dating videos, street interviews and social experiments in KamaTV. He’s highly experienced in live training of our clients on streets, coffee shops, in bars and clubs. Iain teaches the core principles of the approach that every guy needs to know to become successful in dating including confidence, conversational skills, connection and mind sets.

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