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Do girls prefer expensive gifts or cheap gifts?

Hey guys it’s Iain Myles here and I’m back at it today, with yet another question for our lovely ladies of the general public. So today’s question is a little less tongue- and- cheek than the usual, but don’t you worry as I’ve slipped in a few surprises in there, so it’s going to be fun no doubt! So today I’m going to be asking the ladies whether they prefer cheap gifts or expensive gifts. And you may think, wait a minute… that’s obvious,

Girls prefer expensive gifts?

they’re going to want expensive gifts! Well, not so fast, because they might want a greater number of cheap gifts rather than fewer expensive gifts, or perhaps they’re more focused on the guy rather than the material- side of things. It’s definitely going to be an interesting one, so let’s find out what the ladies think, so stay tuned!

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