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Do girls like virgin guys?

Do girls like virgin guys?

If you’re worried about girls not liking virgins, rest assured that only a small percentage of women dislike virgins. If you’re about to embark on your first sexual encounter, don’t worry—everything you need to know may be found right here. There aren’t nearly as many taboos among men as there are among women.

Do girls like virgin guys?

However, there appears to be no information when it comes to the subject of male virginity. Indeed, for most guys, even admitting to being a virgin is far beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior, which is a problem.

Virginity is a socially acceptable state of being for women, and they have access to a variety of sources of counsel, ranging from friends to thousands of lifestyle publications to a limitless supply of internet resources. For men, however, the converse is true, with any good counsel buried deep under the surface.

It’s okay to feel nervous about your first actual sexual experience, and it’s perfectly OK to seek advice from a third-party. That’s where we come in, dear readers. So, don’t waste any more time avoiding the inevitable.

Do girls like virgin guys?

So, do girls like virgin guys? Many women are willing to date and have sex with a virgin. To be honest, it is dependent on the girl.

If she’s a virgin, she’ll almost certainly prefer a virgin man. Many people have a tendency to like who they are most of the time. The first time two virgins have sex with each other is a lovely experience.

Most girls would welcome a relationship with a virgin man because they have no idea how it feels and nothing to compare it to. If you’re religious, you’ll have an easier time finding this type of lady because many Christians and other religious females regard virginity as a sign of purity, which is a plus for you.

Most experienced women, I believe, will seek out an experimented man because they believe that “experience is the teacher.”

However, for the vast majority of women, other considerations are far more essential than whether or not you are a virgin. Any adult women you date will have no objections to it, and she may even enjoy it because she feels honored to be your first. Sure, you’re a newbie, but everyone has to begin somewhere.

1.      It isn’t everything, though.

That may appear to be a bit of a contradiction, yet it is totally correct. Sex is very important but it is by no means the entire picture of a relationship. You’re going to have sex with a woman who likes you for who you are. If things don’t go as planned, she’s not going to dump you. And if she does, it’s best if you just move on.

2.      Be wary of urban legends.

There are a lot of urban legends to the questions do girls like virgin guys. Some men consider sex as a currency of their masculinity over other men. And these are the creators of the ubarn legends about male virginity that triggers a lot of self-limiting thoughts and anxiety in men that haven’t had sex.

Guys enjoy making fun of virgins by telling them a variety of stupid sex myths. Simply be wary of whom you seek advise from, and make sure you can filter all the bullshit to the greatest level possible.

3.      Don’t bother with the math.

Numbers alone aren’t enough to make a great lover. Men will boast about how they’re the best lovers since Casanova, all because they’ve slept with more women than a politician has lied to. So, when you’re asking if do girls like virgin guys because you feel the number of women you’ve slept with gives you extra credit, you couldn’t be far from the truth.

Staying with and exploring the same lady, on the other hand, teaches you about wonderful sex. When serial sharks move on to a new victim, they effectively restart from the beginning. After only three or four times, you’ll know more about what makes a woman.

4.      It doesn’t matter how huge it is.

Do girls like virgin guys can be only the surface question to a deeper underlying self-doubt. It’s a good question to ponder on but not one that has to trigger distress and unpleasant feeling towards self.

The size of the penis is a prevalent issue among male virgins, but it isn’t as essential to most women. Even if your grades are below average, there are many alternative ways to compensate. Explore other types of orgasms that you can give a woman.

5.      Your heart should be on your sleeve.

Inform her that you are a virgin. Most women will think that that is very nice and honorable, and will be delighted to assist you throughout your first time.

6.      Performance.

If you have concerns about your performance, don’t be shocked. Premature ejaculation Is normal the first time. This is due to overexcitement or anxiousness. But don’t worry, these troubles will usually go away after a few more encounters.

7.      Maintain your composure.

The key to a satisfying experience is to take it slowly and steadily. You won’t be rewarded for being the first to cross the finish line, and you’d be depriving yourself of a more rewarding experience.

8.      The more foreplay there is, the better.

Women normally can’t just rush right into the act without a little warm-up, which is where foreplay comes in. Hands, tongues, and lips all have a role to play in sexual intercourse, and should take up more time than the act itself as a rule of thumb.

9.      Role models are important.

Make sure your role models aren’t the guys in porn movies. Most women would be horrified if you tried any of those moves on them in real life, despite what a lot of males would tell you. So hold off on the money shots and instead pay attention to what her body is telling you.

10.  Simply inquire.

Seriously, if you’re unsure what to do or if what you’re doing is correct, simply ask. Women are very receptive to such requests and would gladly show you around their bodies.

11.  Don’t try to force it.

If you try to penetrate her and it doesn’t seem to be going in easily, don’t force it. Keep going gently and deliberately, maybe try a bit extra foreplay first.

12.  Which position do you want to try? 

Try a few various sexual positions to determine which one suits you best, but don’t overdo it or get too worked up about it. You aren’t a page from a Kama Sutra book. If you’re having fun, go with the flow and let your body look after themselves.

13.  The Orgasm

The big O will happen at some point, and it will be spectacular. Just make an effort to wait as long as possible so that she can benefit as well. But if you manage to finish ahead of her, don’t worry about it. Just make sure you assist her in crossing the finish line.

14.  It may not be ideal.

No matter how well you prepare, the first time isn’t always the best. But don’t be stressed because it is normal.

It is going to get a lot better I promise!


If you’re worried about girls not liking virgins, rest assured that only a small percentage of women dislike virgins. Those who are truly looking for the proper man are unconcerned.

They’d appreciate it if you saved your virginity for the love of your life. It’s also fortunate that you didn’t lose your virginity.

Sexual intercourse, especially with a loved partner, is a beautiful experience. If you’re a virgin and worried about things going wrong, just remember the advice above and learn to appreciate one of nature’s most beautiful acts.

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