You Must Prepare For Seduction Before The Date Begins

You Must Prepare For Seduction Before The Date Begins

You Must Prepare For Seduction Before The Date Begins

You have a date set up with a beautiful woman and you connect with her on the date. After a few hours it is time to push for the close. You walk out to your car with her and open the door and get right in without explaining anything.

You naturally assume she will follow and if you are confident and you have a good connection with her then she will follow you. This is why it is important not to drink alcohol on your date. It is far easier to get a woman into your car than it is to get her to leave in a taxi.

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Always have your car parked as near as possible to the bar you invite her to on the date.

The next step is to have a CD in the car with 20 of the newest popular hits. You can tell her to flick through the songs and to pick her favorite. This will allow her to relax a little and make her more comfortable. It is absolutely vital that your house is prepared properly.

Nothing will kill the mood quicker than if your house is messy or if you have to root around looking for music etc. Have your house spotless and everything completely in order. When you leave to go on your date, leave the heating on. Thus, when you arrive, your house will be snug and warm.

The next step is to have music ready to play so when you open your front door, all it takes is a simple switch of your iPod and the tunes turn on.

So when you arrive what do you give your date to drink? How do you even know what beverage she enjoys? The answer is to have a wide range of drinks ready to pour at your house. Wine, vodka, beer and alcopops are all popular choices. Also have the proper glasses ready as it is a nice touch.

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For the wine have nice wine glasses and for the vodka have ice and short glasses. To set the mood you must also have proper lighting. It will kill the mood if you incredibly bright 150 watt bulbs. Instead opt for low lighting of perhaps 50 watts. Lava Lamps are especially good here and create a great vibe.

When you arrive take her coat, seat her and offer her a drink. Because you have no more driving to do, you can also pour yourself a drink and relax. It is important to have some interesting features around your house that she can look at.

You Must Prepare For Seduction Before The Date Begins

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My business partner, Ray De Marco, has some beautiful paintings in his house, which always draw fascination and compliments. You can also have some interesting clips to show her off YouTube. You must entertain her for at least 20 minutes before making a move as she needs to settle and feel comfortable.

Finally, if a woman has any desire to get intimate with you, she will always ask to your bathroom when she arrives at your house so make sure it is completely spotless. By taking these steps, you are now fully prepared for the seduction stage.

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