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You are stronger than you think | Top 6 Signs

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Stronger than you think

Judging from the ups and downs you go through in life every day ranging from your relationships, social experiences and even career-wise, it is almost impossible to believe that you are stronger than you think you are. I mean, haven’t you had hard times strikes you back to back but still managed to tackle each of the life storms better than the last.

How do you gauge your strength? I am sure this is a question you feel like you should answer to decide whether you are strong or not. Unfortunately, the only way you can truly know how strong you are is by going some painful times and seeing how you emerge at the end of the tunnel. I do not like this part of the deal, but we cannot have it any other way. When you have gone through hell and back, you will realise that:

You have grown

  • One thing about going through tough times if that after all is said and done, you get out of it all a changed person. If you can point out that you have become resilient than you were before, it goes to show that you are a healthy person. Such people can emerge changed after going through tribulation.

    You are taking action.

    Probably you felt afraid and hesitated in making decisions in the past. You have probably been afraid to take action under certain circumstances. However, when you can get over that and can get things done efficiently with prompt responses and decision making, it is a clear indication that you are stronger than you think you are. This inner strength comes through for you in the most unexpected situations. For instance, when your relationship has been through too much and does not seem to have a future, you can walk away even if it hurts. Taking action, especially when it is not easy, is a sign of how much strength you have.

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