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Why women don’t like beta males top 5 reasons

Why women don’t like beta males (top 5 reasons)

Why women don’t like beta males top 5 reasons ,Being an alpha female, the biggest struggle I face is trying to find myself the right kind of man who is going to complement me. My issues lie primarily in the fact that my personal preferences in men are clashing with who I am as an individual. Being an alpha female, I need someone who can compliment my daily life by being comfortable enough in themselves to let me do my thing but be strong enough that when I need it, he can take control and dominate. Even though I am an alpha female, I still want someone who I can feel vulnerable around, and have faith that they can care for me when I need a rest from my independence women lifestyle. So who is the best type of Male for me? An Alpha, or a Beta?

Why women don’t like beta males top 5 reasons

There isn’t such a thing as a perfect person. Everyone, no matter who they are to you or what they are in your life, will have traits that irritate you. That is simply human nature. But when it comes to a personality type those irritating traits and imperfections can accumulate to result in a major clash of personalities. Essentially a ‘type’ of person is when a large amount of common traits come together to create a stereotype, such as Alphas and beta males.

So what type is more popular with women? It’s no surprise that alpha males are by far the most popular and most preferred category of men for a perspective suitor.

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