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Why Women Date Players

Why Women Date Players

Why Women Date Players

This has always been an age-old question, why do woman date players. Sadly when we date a player we know it, that’s a fact. Most women would know a guy is a player even before they say “hi” to them. She entertains her even when she clearly knows the guy is a player and here are the reasons why:

She thinks she can change him

What most women want to accomplish when dating a player is taming them. She will stick by him no matter how he talks to her and treats her hoping that he will see loyal she is and how she has sacrificed for him. Some women take it as a challenge, I mean who doesn’t like a bit of challenge and be known for changing the player every woman was unable to change. Some may succeed, and some may fail miserably and end up heartbroken. This is just a risk most ladies want to take

Player population has increased

Well, this is sad but true. Since most guys have realized that women are really into players, they have changed and become players just to attract the women. This has made dating a nice guy tricky because they look like the nice guy, but they are real players. This makes it hard to know up until you date the guy.

Women prefer good sex than a good conversation.

Let us just be honest. Good sex matters a lot. A nice guy will want to be romantic and get to know you, but sometimes women just want good kinky sex and players offer that in plenty. Most players are good in bed that why they are players in the first place. Woman sometimes just like being treated roughly especially during sex and no nice guy will do it to you.

The sociopath aspect

Most players are sociopaths. They are charming and lovely. They have a way of turning everything about them, and you will come second, and whenever they feel like they are losing you, they will charm you back to them. This way they keep you hooked and tell you everything you want to hear making us want the more.

Sometimes women don’t even know that it is happening until it is too late and now it is hard for them to leave. That’s why you know that one girl who her boyfriend is a jerk but you still see them together, and she is still loyal to him.

Women enjoy the fling and lust.

Players will always flirt with you at all times; they know what we want to here at all times because they have been in this game for a while. Women enjoy the continuous flirting and the lust the player is always displaying. Women also like to experiment with temporary relationships too.

A woman will be ready to experiment with a player rather than a nice guy because they do not get too attached because two can play this game.