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Why some men can’t seduce a woman?

Why some men can’t seduce a woman

Why some men can’t seduce a woman? Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from Today I will be talking about Why some men can’t seduce a woman

Art of seduction as it is commonly referred to is no easy task. Seduction is carried out according to a strict order. However, some men fall way below the scale. Through some ‘research,’ I have managed to find out most men cannot seduce a woman. Sometimes you think you got us because your seduction game was on point but in the real sense, you got us because we just liked you. Men who can seduce a woman are the most dangerous to our species because they can get any girl they want. They can just James Bond themselves into your life and put you in the passenger seat of your own life. Here are some of the reasons why some men can’t seduce a woman:


Some men are just too shy. This can be annoying because you may actually like the guy and hope that he will make the first move, but he doesn’t. It is not fun when the girl does the chasing, and some of you do not seduce us because you expect us to do the seducing. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but not all of us are courageous enough to do that. We cannot engage in natural processes on your behalf. We want to be wooed, and you have the power. If only you work on your timid nature and gather enough confidence to converse with us and you may be surprised that we will give it up on the first attempt because we have been dreaming and thinking about you too.


Imagine if you were given a chance to meet Christian Grey, or you were Anastasia, what would you do? Well, there is an element of arrogance that he had. But at least he had other traits going for him that made him sexy still. Well, some men out here do not have other traits that can hide their arrogance. This arrogance comes in different forms: he could be a chauvinist, a control freak or he could be an abusive man. These traits make them believe that it is the woman who should come to him and hence he will not even consider seducing the girl.

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