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Why should you go down on a woman?

Why should you go down on a woman?

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from Today I will be talking about why should you go down on a woman?. Before we start please click that cheeky subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be many videos coming into your way!

Hey guys, welcome to yet another great video where you get to explore and become an alpha in everything you do or touch — speaking of touch. I know that today topic will make men crucify me in the comment section, but I’d love to hear your take. I have literally never met a guy who doesn’t like his magic wand blown. Every guy is eager to cast their spells down our throats.

Down on a woman

However, in the same energy, not so many guys want to kiss the cookie. When it comes to pleasuring a woman, there are things you need to know. You need to understand her and understand what she’s into before you go all 50 Shades on her.

Pleasuring a woman is like a painting. You have the canvas, what are you going to do with it? Today we will look at why should you go down on a woman?, She wants you to Gentlemen, the same way you like your magic wands blown is the same way we like to feel your breath on our cookie.

Women are shy, especially when it comes to sexual matters because we are not sure how you’ll perceive us. We get so judged if a man knows that you watch porn so you can imagine the sentence you’ll receive if you tell your man to go down on you.

Also, men like to feel their dominance during sex, so it becomes quite a slippery mission when you tell him what to do. In our fantasies, we see you greedily eating up the cookies but shy from telling you. So, don’t assume that your woman doesn’t like it when you go down on her because she hasn’t told you.

It shows you care about her pleasure

There is one thing about having good sex, and it’s another thing when sex is purposed for you. Oral sex is usually about giving your partner. Although some of us enjoy having your magic wands in our faces, it does not make us climax. So, when you go down on her, there is a silent message sent that you care about pleasuring her.

It is a sign that you appreciate us and want to explore the vast sex world with us. That makes a woman feel much closer to you at that moment. She will concentrate on what you are doing rather than how her hairdresser missed a spot on her.

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