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Why Girls Do Not Date Nice Guys

Why Girls Do Not Date Nice Guys

Why Girls Do Not Date Nice Guys

When it comes to dating women say one thing and do the opposite, we know what we want, but we say the opposite just to sound like we know what we want. Some say they want a sensitive, understanding and polite guy but what we end up chasing is a sociopathic bad boy who treats us like a second option. Then why do ladies like that instead of dating a nice guy? Here are some of the reasons why girls do not date nice guy:

Girls want a challenge

Every girl wants a challenge in a relationship to work on and what better challenge than a player. The nice guy perspective is that they are already made and are perfect. That tends to be boring to a lady. We need the thrill to discover things about our man and nice guys are reserved and boring who just want to have intellectual conversations. That a turn off sometimes.

Nice guys forget women have sexual desires.

Some nice guys pay too much attention to the emotional needs of the girl and forget that we have sexual desires that need to be fulfilled. Sex is really important in a relationship with any lady. Sometimes sex is even more important than emotional support that’s why you will find a man is a jerk, but a lady will still stay with her.

Boring in bed

Most girls who have been with nice guys mostly complain about one thing, which is that nice guys are boring in bed. They are very rigid and are reluctant to try new things in the bedroom. This is also a huge turn off because most women are freaks in the sheets. They want someone who can take charge whereas most nice guys are “yes” men. Players know their way around the bedroom and are very adventurous and playful this makes nice guys look bad in the bedroom, and if a girl has tried both, you will find that she prefers the player.

It is easy to lose interest in a nice guy

Since they come off as perfect it and already focused on what they want they don’t hold any mystery in their lives hence they become boring really fast. You do not have anything new to learn about them since they tell you everything about their life just to get you hooked on them and dated them. This gets boring after some time.

Not so nice guy

Most of this nice guys are not so nice, they just say that and pretend to be so that they can date a girl but once you get to know them you feel cheated. They start revealing their true colors after the honeymoon phase is over and they’re not so nice. Some are just players who pretend to be nice just to have sex with us. So that why most ladies are reluctant to have started a relationship or even consider them.
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