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Why Foreplay Matters in Bed?

Why Foreplay Matters in Bed?

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from Today I will be talking about Why Foreplay Matters in Bed

Foreplay is crucial for us. Since we relate with sex on an emotional level, we believe that foreplay isn’t just about the process before sex. To is it starts from the glances that led you to know that you would get laid all the way to those dirty texts sent to highlight what you will do later. Foreplay means more to us than what you think.

It’s our pre-game

For our male counterpart to out clubbing, they engage in what is called pre-game. Which actually means drinking before drinking. It seems silly, but this works for them. Well, Foreplay is like a pre-game to us. It’s sexing before sex. Does it make sense now? Warm up the engine first before driving and switching gears the way you think. The pre-game stimulates the brain which is our biggest sexual organ for those who still doubt it.

Why Foreplay Matters in Bed?

You have heard countless times that women have to be prepared before. This is because most of us don’t get wet immediately we have a sexual desire. You need to us wet and ready for you lest we get hurt. This is first grade physics on friction. We need lubrication, and you are the channel to our lubrication. Without that, we are bound to run dry and get hurt. Foreplay gives you a chance to show us your creativity and get us where you want us to be.


It is one of our many pleasures. For us, having an orgasm during foreplay is the ultimate satisfaction. Look at foreplay as another attempt to make us climax. It will be a thrill for both you and your partner to try and explore non-penetrative ways to climax. Once she has already had an orgasm it won’t matter how long you will last, she will have a great time.

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