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Why Flirting Matters

I KNOW I’m not the best looking guy out there.

I just know it.

And I don’t need anyone to convince me otherwise.

Am I totally sure?

Well, you tell me… I’ve certainly been alerted to it on a number of occasions.

From the people I’ve been acquainted with in life, to the various trolls online, and even certain women I’ve dated too!

Cruel isn’t it.

I could sit at home, and spend my day in front of a mirror, and find a million faults with myself…

But I choose not to.

I choose not to engage in such a fruitless activity.


Despite my cosmetic faults (which, by the way, we all have) I still manage to score with the chicks.

And I score BIG TIME.

So the moral of the story is:

(How to make female friends? Check this out: How to make female friends).

It’s really NOT the looks that women go for, but rather, your ability to flirt!

It’s time to get used to flirting.

Be casual and don’t make a big deal about it.

Flirting is a social activity by one person to another suggesting interest on a deeper level.

Flirting involves speaking and behaving in ways that suggest intimacy.

There are many many ways you can flirt… some subtle some not.

Nowadays, it seems like everybody’s flirting through messaging.

This has actually become the most common avenue of flirting.

Mastering the art of flirting through texting requires both a casual and relaxed approach.

Make the conversation as open as possible and restrain from talking too much about yourself.

I suggest starting with an opening line such as, “Hey stranger”, as it’s lighthearted and fun.

Try not to be overly direct as women get it all the time.

It gets boring.

Flirting should be exciting!

So throw a few facts about yourself. She will definitely ask more about you if she likes to flirt.

You also need to create a conversation that gets her interested in things relevant to you.

What else is there?

I don’t I know how many times I have said this, but I will say it again…

Girls like CONFIDENCE and they are drawn to confident men.

So be bold and confident in showing interest in her.

Portray confidence when talking to her.

It is okay to be nervous but she will like the fact that you are trying to put on a confident face.

Women value courage!

Also, don’t forget to tease her a bit too, as they love it when you are playful with them.

Teasing in texts is simple, i.e. you can do a cheeky cold read about her.

This sub communicates a message that you are not saying directly.

How about when you meet up with her?

Be sure to maintain eye contact when you meet as she can tell EVERYTHING by the eyes.

Throw some glances at her.

But please, PLEASE, avoid staring! It is creepy as hell.

(How to make female friends? Check this out: How to make female friends).

You can also socially touch her.

She will get the hint and if she likes you she will respond immediately.

Be careful here I said socially!!

So I suggest you touch her arms, hands, shoulders, and her upper back ONLY.

She will love your confidence.

And then, my friend, you are in.

And it’s GAME ON.

Take care and speak soon.