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Why Don’t Single Women Check Men Out?

Why Don’t Single Women Check Men Out?

Hi guys this is Gabriella Ryan from Guys Today, I am going to talk about Why Don’t Single Women Check Men Out?

For centuries men have been chasing and checking out women. Most men wonder why most women won’t do the same even in this modern age. There is a thin line between looking and checking out a guy and women know this. We can look at a guy but we cannot check out a guy because that’s sending a signal that you are interested in them. So I will give you an insight into the female psychology why we don’t check out men even if we are single.

We don’t make it obvious

What men don’t know is that we check them out all the time. We are also human and married or not, we sometimes check out what we like even if we cannot have it. The difference between men and women is that we don’t make it too obvious to the person we are checking out. We are comfortable checking out and admitting hot guys on TV but when we meet them in person we will be discreet about it. The problem for us making it obvious when checking out a guy is how the guy will react to it. Others may like it and others will see you as a slut and that’s not a gamble we like to take.

We are naturally shy

I have already told you that checking out someone sends a signal that you like them. We worry so much about what men will think of us when we pursue them. Most men assume that women who pursue men are desperate and that’s a tag no woman wants. So sometimes you would see a man that you really like but you will avoid checking them out because it will give a negative perception of you. Women are more scared of rejection than men because we have more insecurities than men. This is also an aspect that prevents us from checking out men.

are not interested

Sometimes men are too full of themselves. They walk around and expect every woman to check them out and when they encounter a woman who doesn’t he wonders why. There are some of us who like our own space and independence and that’s why we don’t check out men. Women who have been in bad relationships see men as bad news and they will avoid any signals that can make a man interested in her including checking him out.

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