Dating Tips

Why Doesn’t She Like Me

Many questions run through your mind when you try to approach a girl and the push you away or even reject your advance. OR this is a girl you have known a while but all of a sudden thing change, and she doesn’t need you anymore. As a writer and a lady, i can give a hundred reasons as to why this girl all of a sudden just don’t like you and lost her interest. If you have never met and you have a feeling that that girl doesn’t like you. It will be the best option to walk out you may not be the type that she is looking for. But remember she is not always the last option for you. Sometimes it may be about you may be the approach you used was wrong.

Character check

As a man and a gentleman that you may be, but you are always trying to get to hook up with a lady, and you end up being pushed away, try thinking of where you went wrong. You may still blame the ladies that you approach, but in reality, it may be you, evaluate yourself how do you behave in front of her. Most ladies do not like the superego kind of men rude. Being boring too will make a girl lose interest in you ending up not liking you. Build up a character that will match up with hers. Try as much as possible to be fun to hang with.


Every lady wants to roll with a handsome guy. Am not talking about how ugly or cute one can be. But the outlook of a person, how you present yourself, your smartness and being neat. Many ladies want a person that’s presentable, someone they can introduce to their friends too. Being smart does not necessarily have to be with the face but how you maintain your outlook.


Choice of words, not every lady wants to hear everything that comes out of your lips, you may be speaking carelessly in front of a girl, and this may end up disqualifying you from being with her or even get to hang with you. It is good to learn a person and understand the kind of a conversation that you can have with the lady you want to hang around with.

Lack of confidence

When you show that you don’t even like some aspects of yourself, it’s disappointing. Swallow your weaknesses and do not even show out that you have flaws to a girl that you want to go out with. No girl would want to associate let alone introducing a guy to her friends who are not confident about himself. You avoid eye contact act awkward in front of her. She is not going to like you.

Choice of the girl

You may be hanging out with the wrong type of girls or “a girl who is not your type”, hang out with a girl who appreciates you and is free to make a friend. If a specific girl shows no interest in talking to you can try another girl, it may be that the girl you want to hang around with is influenced by the friends and the group that she walks with therefore can’t give you a chance to talk to her. Try approaching her when she is alone and have a conversation maybe she does like you after all.

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