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Why does she ignore me if she likes me

Why does she ignore me if she likes me
Why does she ignore me if she likes me I used to think that dating would have been so much fun and easy if all men had psychic powers. But where’s the fun if you have all the answers? The thrill and adrenaline rush of approaching and scoring girls wouldn’t have been the way we know it.
Girls communicate a bit differently from guys, which makes it challenging for most guys to understand girls. Most girls don’t make it too obvious that they are attracted to a guy if the guy has not made power moves. You are likely to lose a girl that likes you if you can’t read through her subtle cues of attraction.

She ignore me

However, the subtle cues that girls give when they are attracted to a guy can inspire mixed feelings. Does she mean hot when she says cold or yes when she says no? Why does she ignore me if she likes me?
In this blog, we are going to explore common reasons girls can ignore a guy they like.
You’ll also explore techniques of what to do if you find yourself in such a position. The blog is designed to help you understand the silent conversations women try to have with men.
1.    She’s establishing value.
I have highlighted before in my other blogs the silent trade and power struggle that occurs in romantic relationships. Imagine if you approached a girl and she said yes to everything, how much will you value her and the relationship?
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One common reason why a girl that likes you can ignore you is if she’s playing “hard to get” to establish her value. Every girl desires to be treated in a certain way in the relationship. To get what they desire in the relationship, girls have to establish their value from jump to maintain those guys that are up to the task.

Most guys put a high value on girls that were challenging to score because of how it also makes them feel. You’ll feel like the king of the dating coach for men world to score a girl that would have overwhelmed an average guy that desired her.
So, not any man can have her!
By the girl ignoring you, she’s silently trying to show you that she’s not desperate for the relationship. That can motivate a man to skillfully put more cards on the table to entice the girl to take a bite on his bait.
2.    It’s a self-preservation technique.
You become emotionally, mentally, and even physically vulnerable when you are in love. Most people argue that it’s challenging to have logic and love in the same room.
To answer the question of why does she ignore me if she likes me, you might have to understand a girl’s experiences in previous relationships. When a girl that likes you starts ignoring you, that can be a sign of last-minute withdrawal.
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Girls don’t take rejection well as guys do. It’s because before you notice that a girl likes you, she has full-blown emotions for you. Nevertheless, she’ll start pulling herself away from you if she feels that she might get hurt.
Building the girl’s confidence in you can bring down her emotional walls. The best way to build a girl’s confidence in you is by revealing your vulnerability to her. Show her that you don’t have a big ego when it comes to her.
3.    You are giving mixed signals.
A guy can give a girl mixed signals without even realizing it. When you approach a girl and she’s hot and cold, you can be confused if she’s playing hard to get or she’s not into you. It can have an impact on the consistency that you show the girl.
A girl that likes you can ignore you if she gets mixed signals from you. Trust is a crucial spice for any healthy relationship. However, it becomes challenging for a woman to trust you if she doubts your intentions for her.
Mixed signals inspire mixed feelings and most women are attracted to stability. There are two reasons a girl will ignore you if you are giving her mixed signals:
One is to give you time to decide what you want and be clear about it. The second is to protect herself from getting hurt.
Displaying consistency with how you approach and treat the girl can build trust and confidence. It makes it easy for the girl to understand your intention. Consistency in how you interact with her can also inspire consistency from her.
4.    There’s a disconnect
Human beings are social beings that inspire us to get attracted to people and form solid relationships. However, there’s an issue of what the heart wants and what’s the right thing to do?
For instance, you start interacting with a girl and you notice a little crush, but she’s your friend’s girlfriend. What do you do? We don’t choose who we fall in love with, but we have a responsibility to emotionally take care of the people close to us.

When a girl likes you, she can ignore you because she feels it’s not the right thing to do. Maybe she’s dating or you are dating someone else.
The girl will ignore you as a way to combat what she’s feeling for you. After all, out of sight can inspire selective amnesia.
5.    She’s unsure of her feelings.
One thing that inspires girls to commit to relationships is if they feel the sense of stability they desire. A girl will want to take her time to vet the situation and ensure that it’s emotionally safe for her.
A girl that likes you can ignore you because she’s not sure of what to make of her feelings or the situation. The uncertainty that the girl feels can create doubts which trigger fear of getting hurt or hurting a person that she loves.
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To overcome the feeling of uncertainty, sometimes the girl will disconnect herself from the situation and you. She’ll ignore you to give herself time to think and reflect on what she feels. The period of disconnect for self-searching might feel to you as if she’s ignoring you.
6.     She doesn’t see things the same way.
When most guys ask why does she ignore me if she likes me, most of them are not sure if the girl likes them. There’s a thin line when a girl is trying to let you down gently and she’s playing hard to get.
Sometimes when you are into a girl, you get blinded by your feelings and desire to score her. It prompts you to look for subtle signs that might indicate the girl also likes you.
For instance, when you interact with her, you’ll look for verbal and nonverbal cues that depict attraction. The deceiving part is your mind and interpretation will give you want to see. She’ll innocently brush her lips with her tongue and you’ll take it as a cue of attraction.
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When a girl ignores you, that can be a sign that she’s not interested in what you are trying to propagate. She might have given you the attention and interest before she realized your intentions. Nevertheless, she’ll ignore you if she’s trying to show you that she’s not interested and you are not getting the memo.
What to do when a girl that likes you ignores you
It’s important to understand when to pursue a girl and when to give things time to progress organically. What you do when a girl ignores you can determine if you’ll score the girl and which terms you enter the relationship with.
Don’t make yourself too available
Girls sometimes think they run your world and they can pull mind games just to see how you react. When a girl ignores you and immediately you start running after her, you silently give her more power in the relationship. It makes you predictable.
When you are not too available, it inspires the woman to also do her part to keep the relationship going. She’ll create time to spend with you and she’ll value it because she understands it doesn’t come often.
Make your intentions clear
Doubt can make a girl ignore you because no one wants to build a castle on the sand. We’ve seen in the blog how guys can unintentionally send mixed signals.
Making your intentions clear can create trust and comfort. You’ll have silently given a woman the option of accepting or rejecting you. If she accepts you, it will be challenging for her to ignore you.
Be patient
Building a relationship is a process and some commitments need time to think and accept. A girl ignoring you can be her way of asking for time to think.
Giving a girl space is crucial because it gives her room for clarity. If you are always on her case she might feel overwhelmed and clouded to make decisions.
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Let her decide what she wants. If she comes back, she’ll put more effort into making things work. But if she goes away, that’s better than chasing the wind.
Actively listen
A girl can ignore you even if she likes you when she feels she’s not being heard or unfairly treated. Actively listening to a girl can give you an insight into why she’s ignoring you. Once you know why a girl is ignoring you, it becomes easy to come up with a fool-proof solution.
Final Take
Why does she ignore me if she likes me is a question that you’ll inevitably encounter in dating. However, understanding your position and the girl’s position in the relationship is crucial as it can guide you on the approaches to take.
A girl that values your relationship will try to make things work from her end. But if she’s always ignoring you or only popping up when it’s convenient for her, then chances are she might not like you as you would have liked or thought. Trust what you see sometimes at face value.
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