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why do women act catty

why do women act catty

Understanding women is an eternal mystery.

It is the impossibly difficult puzzle, the enigma, in every guy’s head that they can’t seem to unravel.

So today, I want to take a deep dive into a woman’s psychology, that will take you one step closer to understanding them.

I am going to talk to you about why women act catty.

Women acting in a catty way is a form of indirect aggression towards the people they are with.

Women Act Catty

Women have mastered the art of manipulation, and we use that to be catty sometimes.

We are not stronger than you, and we don’t want to hurt your ego, so we have to find ways to put you where you belong when we feel you’ve crossed the line.

Women can also be catty to eliminate sexual competitors.

I am hot, and I like you, but you do not give me the attention that I need.

So we use our cattiness to wake you up from that slumber.

Little comments like, “She is adorable, but for an average guy”. That makes you feel like you are above average, and you need to do better.

A woman can also be catty because she doesn’t like you but she does not want to be mean to you.

It is the same thing women do to other women they don’t like.

When you approach a woman, you put her in a position where she has to interact with you.

She might entertain you for a while, but if your agenda does not match what she’s looking for, she might decide to let you go smoothly.

However, most guys don’t read between the lines and think she’s making him put his mouth where his money is.

Now, that’s the moment when she stops being catty and becomes mean.

Generally speaking, society expects women to be submissive and less aggressive than men.

Most women conform to this gender programming, which is why they use cattiness to criticise guys.

When a guy is confronted directly by a woman about what the wrong he has done, they feel like their masculinity is challenged.

Most women know better than to put a guy you like in that position.

Therefore cattiness provides a subtle way to confront you without threatening your masculinity or ego.

Statements like,

“You are a smart guy, but sometimes you do stuff that makes me wonder if you were dropped and hit your head as a baby”.

You will not react in an aggressive way when confronted by this statement as you would have if you were asked directly what was wrong with you.

What about in relation to neediness?

No one likes a needy partner in a relationship.

It makes you feel like you are their therapist or parent.

Women are mostly associated with being needy in relationships, however some women are aware of this, and so refuse to be part of that herd.

As a result, they use cattiness as a way to express their dissatisfaction.

For example, most women are not open to speak about their sexual dissatisfaction.

She fears that you’ll have a negative perception of her if she opens up that you don’t hit it right in the bedroom.

Small comments like, “Take it slow. The cookie is yours, and it’s not going anywhere”.

It seems like a light statement, but it has a lot of meaning behind it.

That is how cattiness works. It’s clever, witty, and a little malicious sometimes.

The final reason why women act catty is to express their pain or hurt.

When you love a guy so much, you want to do everything to make the relationship work.

But some things that guys do cannot be easily forgiven or forgotten as one would like.

For example, let’s imagine you cheated on your girlfriend and she forgave you.

Small comments like, “I hope you are not confusing me with your other girl”, can be her way of dealing with the hurt and showing you her pain.

Cattiness can consequently grow into something bigger and more destructive in a relationship.

Listening, therefore, helps us read between the lines and understand the emotions behind her words.

If you think it’s something recurrent and inspires negative emotions, find a way to talk it out before it grows into a mean character.

I don’t have any more to add to that because I want you to digest what I have said.

So my final advice to you is..

Take a look at my latest video where I explain these points in much greater depth.

And do let me know your thoughts.

Lots of love,

Annabella 🥰