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Why Do Girls Fake Orgasms? Sad But True Reasons!

Girls Fake Orgasms

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from Today I will be talking about Why Do Girls Fake Orgasms.

Am certain that every time you think of fake orgasms you envision a friend who has been invited to a music concert and isn’t thrilled by the performance and has to lie to their friend that they actually did. Well, you will be surprised, but that usually isn’t the only reason why we females fake orgasms.

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Negative energy

Sex is emotional for women, and sometimes we just aren’t in the mood. There is too much negative energy around us that we are not in the right mind to engage in sexual relations, but for your benefit, we just have to fake it. Again, it is for your benefit. Sometimes, it is the hormonal changes we are experiencing due to PMS.

Other times it is the stress that we wear on our shoulders like a rucksack. Another time, we are super exhausted and do not want to break your heart by telling you no for the fifth time, and so we decide to play along. We are aware that it means so much to you and you will worry if we tell you that we are not in the mood and to avoid conflict, we just fake it until you make it.

You do it better than he does

Some women are so good at pleasuring themselves that no matter what the guy does, he just won’t take her to where she takes herself. Thus, if she is doing it with someone that is not herself, she has to fake it. Unknowingly the current society has advocated for women to discover who they are sexually before meeting their ‘Mr.

Right’ that it has played with our psyche. We are more focused on what we can do for ourselves that we forget that we need men as well and when it is their turn, we have to fake it so that we don’t hurt their feelings or expose that we have already known ourselves.

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