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Why Do Girls Cheat On Guys?

A guy gets cheated on…

Who do you think is to blame when something like this happens?!

Certain guys who fall victim to this unfortunate turn of events seem to think it’s their fault.

It’s purely because of him that lead to his girlfriend committing this act of infidelity.

I don’t know how they can conclude they did anything wrong because it is a woman’s choice!

Blaming yourself can be detrimental to your value in the relationship.

You might start overcompensating for something that’s not your fault.

It can also mess with your bedroom confidence because you think you are not good enough for her.

So let’s delve into the reasons why a woman can have other sexual relations with other guys even though she likes you.

That will give you some perspective of where you lie, to tackle the situation like a pro.

She’s not looking for commitment

Relationship dynamics are diverse.

A woman can like you, but that does not form a solid basis for a committed relationship.

Commitment is what helps you set boundaries in a relationship.

When you are in a situation-ship, you keep your options open because you are not sure how things will turn out.

We use casual sex arrangements such as FWBs to explore what we want and understand what we need in a partner.

It’s a journey that also involves sexual exploration and discovery.

During this period, she might like you but still see other people.

There are tell-tale signs that a woman will exhibit when they are not looking for commitment.

Look out for the telltale signs before you start exploring what you are not doing right.

Apart from sleeping with other guys, which is a clear sign she’s not looking for commitment, signs like avoiding to commit to plans or only interested in sex can indicate that she’s not ready for commitment.

Defining your relationship will help you get clarity and help you understand how much feelings you can invest in it.

Your bedroom game is wanting

Another reason she might be sleeping with other guys is if your bedroom game is average or below average.

There are many reasons that people are attracted to each other.

However, sometimes the person you like has all the qualities that you are looking for except one thing.

When you think of it, the quality that the person lacks is not worth giving up on them.

A woman might like you and entertain other guys sexually because she’s not sexually satisfied around you but doesn’t want to give up on you.

It doesn’t sound fair, but it’s the dating world we live in.

Also, sexual frustration can have a diverse impact on a woman’s personality.

She might become disrespectful and rebellious as a way of expressing her dissatisfaction.

However, when the situation persists, she will want to look for alternative ways to reach cloud nine.

You can tell if your bedroom game is wanting by how your woman expresses herself sexually.

Women equally love sex, just like guys.

When sex is incredible, she’ll be open to explore her desires and fantasies with you.

If she’s sleeping with other men because she’s sexually dissatisfied, the only solution is to improve your bedroom game.

Find clever ways to keep her sexually satisfied.

You’ve not made your intentions clear

Nowadays, you have to make your intentions very clear to a woman you want.

We live in a time of fast food, posh cars, fast cash, and instant dating.

Guys have casual sex with no strings attached.

I have already said that defining your relationship can make you understand what you ought to invest in making it work.

A woman can be sleeping with other guys because she’s not clear about your intentions.

She might like you, but her need to self-preserve will supersede her feelings for you if she’s not clear how you feel about her.

Her entertaining other guys help her dilute what she feels for you and keep her options open in case you decide to walk away.

She likes you, which is a good sign.

Sit her down and tell her what your concerns are and see how she reacts.

Define how you feel about her and what you want out of the relationship.

Let her choose what she thinks is best for her and see if you can live with it.

However, when addressing the issue, don’t make it sound like an ultimatum, where she only has two opposing choices.

Approach it to express your feelings and desires.

That way, she will make a choice she won’t feel she was coerced into making.

Stay safe & I’ll speak to you soon!


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